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Open the Play Store appArt coveropen the cameraMark syncRated for 3+Organized at 189,153Incorporating memories of desireThere are adsThis application is compatible with all your devices.Screenshot image screenshot image screenshot image screenshot imageOpen Camera Marrow is a full-featured and completely free marrow application. Features: Auto-cent freeze option so that your images are complete no matter what… Read More »

My Zong

3 steps for natural summer makeup # Claim for free makeup. A naturally beautiful look that will stretch when you don’t sweat. Something less caring and something that looks great on the beach. The problem is carelessness, nude makeup is harder to draw than face. How do you use makeup and feel like you were… Read More »

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Someone who has traveled to a couple countries throughout Asia, I have been able to witness the Asian skin whitening craze first hand. Throughout many Asian countries, light skin is highly prized. Having a lighter complexion is considered more attractive, especially in South East Asian countries. In the already light skinned people of North and… Read More »

Wifi Catcher

Completely free, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is a powerful, convenient and free-to-use tool designed to monitor Wi-Fi status and protect your Internet mobility. It can scan all the devices connected to your personal Wi-Fi hotspot and speed up the network connection by closing the application running in the background. Feature: Wi-Fi security checkCheck that the connected WiFi… Read More »

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The most important thing about fall/winter foundation is realizing that you skin is different colors at different times of the year, self-tanner or not. Make adjustments accordingly! As soon as you feel like your summer foundation is getting a bit too dark for your fading tan, switch to a lighter color. There is nothing worse… Read More »

Data Watcher

Don’t spend extra – monitor your data usage The data counter widget monitors how much network traffic is used on your mobile. Find out if an application is stealing your data. Smart and simple widget that can be placed on your home screen to monitor your mobile data usage You can customize the user interface… Read More »

Ehsas Emergency Complaints Registration

Faber Labor Portal and Faber Labor Program Application Guide 2020 All programs under Favorite Program, such as Favorite Labor and Justice Assistance Program The “Labor Benefit” initiative is a pillar of the government’s priority social security and poverty alleviation programs. Promoting social security for workers in the informal sector for labor welfare. In favor, various… Read More »


While sharing your daily beauty tips and tricks with other women and friends, remember what may work for you, may not work for others as everyone’s skin types are unique. Another good thing to remember is that as you grow older your skin has different needs such as more moisture and protection from the outside… Read More »

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2 Weird Skin Care Tips to Look 10 Years Younger in Just a Few Days # Most middle aged women find themselves with growing wrinkles around eyes and facial skin that looks older than you might want. Fortunately these are issues that can be relatively easily reversed because of the very nature of our skin,… Read More »


Get a Fantastic Look Using An Appropriate Type of Wig # Nowadays, wearing wigs are becoming more and more popular. Ladies wear for several reasons like compensating the hair loss and to make the hair more voluminous and attractive. Celebrities all over the world also wear wigs in parties to get a stunning look. They… Read More »