Ultimate Blogger SEO Optimization Tips for SEO Beginners

By | December 25, 2019

Ultimate Blogger SEO Optimization Tips for SEO Beginners

It become very difficult to beginner who wants to get more traffic doing Blogger SEO Optimization but they cannot do this. Today in this lesson I will illustrate that Blogger SEO tips for BlogSpot. Very one can follow these tips and techniques to get SEO website rank. If you are working on WordPress then it is very easy to Latest WordPress SEO Optimization Guide for Beginners due a lot of Plugins which hare available on wp official website.


You don’t need to worry because there are a lots of major factors, you can follow to do BlogSpot properly SEO.

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As we know that blogger website creating platform is the Google product. It allows many feature to their users. We can create amazing and profitable blog when we properly optimized its SEO setting.

This question is very common when beginners put to expert. But its answer is very simple. Its answer is that when you follow these tips which I share to you, there are more techniques you can find on internet, then all these techniques and tips you have to follow, after doing this your SEO for BlogSpot blog will be optimized.

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Blogger SEO Optimization Ranking Checklist for Optimization

Here is complete list which I am going to share with you to do completely Blogger SEO . Today in this section of search engine optimization I will help to that bloggers who want to get best techniques and tips to high rank in search engine. If you are serious then this complete checklist is only for you.

So, let’s start to get knowledge.

Little Think Before Creating Blog

Before create a blog, it is recommend to me and other expert developer that you have to give time in thinking that which kind of blog you want to create. If you have goal to target biggest popular keywords and want compete famous blogger. Then you need to make plane before making BlogSpot blog.

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No#1 Tips for Blogger SEO Optimization Niche Blog

It is major way to do blogger SEO but you don’t know. Why it is important to target niche topic or sub topic. If you want to success in blogging then you have to work on niche blog. If your blog is about technology.

So keep in mind technology is wide field you have to select only one sub topic then sub topic then sub topic, when you go to bottom you will get more positive result.

Blog which contain multiple topic as laptop, mobile, TV, computer science etc such kind of blog is devalued by Google. You have to select one topic or its sub topic.

Don’t worry, I am sharing example.

For example SEO is largest field, its scoop is very high, we cannot understand in one class. You can write blog on SEO.

It is topic but if you want to select its sub topic then, that is Gold Good. If your blog is about only OnPage or Off page is more effective then complete SEO.

No#2 Proper SEO Optimized Title and Description

Main and major points which are mostly recommended by Google SEO. I have read a book about Google SEO in which they told that, title and description are very necessary parts of site for website ranking. These two things have ability to inform search engine bots that which about this web page.

But it is also recommend that use title and description with inclusion of SEO focus keyword. Focus keyword are those which describe your website pages, article or content.

BlogSpot home title should have 50 characters length in which you have to add target keyword.

In description, you have to define website content in 2 to 3 lines. These 2 to 3 lines should have 130 characters. There will be keyword on which you want to work, that keyword include in description part to get better result.

Have you any question about BlogSpot title and description? Mention in comment!

No#3 SEO Friendly Design and Layout

Theme is the main parts of any website. When you create BlogSpot blog on blogger. Your new blog created with default theme which is not friendly. You need to find best SEO friendly theme which will be friendly to users and to search engine.

Guide on SEO friendly Website Design

Today , every one use internet by mobile phone, therefore, you need to focus on mobile friendly theme also. It is so simple, because I shared a link below this paragraph, you can visit that links to get propel mobile friendly and desktop friendly themes.

We use a term in web designing responsive. It means your website should be adjust properly in all devices like mobile phone, desktop, tablet etc. so where you will find such kind of theme?

Here is link you can download free Blogger SEO themes for BlogSpot ranking.

Download Theme

No#4 SEO Keyword Researching using Tools

If you want to do Blogger SEO for life time then spent time in researching top keywords. If you cannot research keywords then you cannot take part in optimization of blog. Every blogger have their own techniques to do Blogger SEO because they know that how to use keyword in post.

First of all your job is to find best keywords which are related to your blog niche.

For this purpose, you can use Google keyword planner tool which give bundles of suggestion of keywords.

Then select top keywords which average monthly search should be high.

So, write post while targeting that keywords, surely, you will get more real effect of doing this.

Any question?

No#5 Create High Quality Blog Post for Blogger SEO Optimization

This factor is not limited to do proper Blogger SEO Optimization but also every one blogger who work on creating content.

We are learning to doing SEO for blogger BlogSpot which quite easy to everyone. You have to follow these instructions which I am sharing to you. You can find more Blogger SEO tips and tricks on internet you will get more knowledge about this.

Now, in this section we have to talk about high quality content. If you create high quality content then you don’t need to do online marketing for your blog because your audience own self search your content. It is magic one to increase real and organic traffic.

Learn That How To Write SEO Friendly Content 

What is high quality content? When audience gives importance to your content that is quality content.

When users give importance to your content? When you help to your audience.

If you want to develop high quality content then keep in mind some techniques.

  • First of all helps to helpless
  • Give proper answer when users put question to you
  • Always share real tips

So, your Blogger SEO gradually increases day by day.

Any Quesiton?

No#6 Inserting images and Relative videos

Are you wanted to improve Blogger SEO then use relative images and videos in your blog post? It is extra signal of optimization from Google. Google recommend using images, info graphics and videos etc to make help full content.

Image Optimization Guides in Detailed

When you need to insert image in your blogs post then try to use high quality image.

During inserting image, you have to change it’s properly. There are many properties for images like its position, size, alternative title etc.

All these are important but alt (alternative) is more power full to rank blog post. Basically alt is the HTML attribute in which we include target keyword. It affects directly on post SEO.

Video is also matter when you insert relative video. It is very inserting while inserting video because when you copy any video from YouTube you will not get any copyright issues from Google.

So you can copy HTML embed code for any videos from YouTube and paste where you want to display.

No#7 Fonts (style, color, family, size)

Directly it does not depends upon SEO but it can depends indirectly because when your article fonts are so small and strange kind of font then users will not be able to read your article.

Fonts are very important to insert. Because this things help to users to read your article properly. When your post written in awkward fonts and styling then users will not be able to understand properly your article.

Some of them I would like to share with you.

Comic Sans, Arial, Verdana , Comic Sans

So try to use these fonts to make better readability for blog content.

No#8 Create robots.txt file for spider /bots

What is robots.txt file?

It is simple text file which is written in notepad. In this file we communicate with web crawler of search engine. Because we want that some website area should be indexed and some not.

Learn Complete About Robots File

How Blogger SEO increase with robots.txt file?

Yes, it increase blogger SEO, because there will be some sensitive pages and awkward page which you did not want to show on Google result page.

How to write this file

It is so simple to write robots.txt file for Blogger purposes. In this post I did not teach because this lesson is about to another topic and we are learning just Blogger SEO ranking factors. So I share a lesson which I have published post already for beginner. So join that lesson.

Here is lesson.

Is it necessary to write such file?

Yes it is more necessary because it is recommended by Google.

No#9 Check to Expert Before Publish

Why you did not want to make a relationship with Expert? It is very necessary to make a good relation with that person who expert in your field. If you are creating blog on web designing, so you need to find expert web designer who help you.

You will get more effectively result when you follow this tip.

I have experienced in this tip.

Any question?

Share Blog Post to Social Networks

Central point which have more effect if you want to do proper SEO for BlogSpot blogger blog. There are billion users use social networks. They search things from social sites like facebook twitter etc.

How you can target your audience and get more benefits of social sites.

You need to join groups which are relative to your blog niche.

Then daily share your blog post to those groups.

If you want to work professional then create facebook page. There are many ways to get facebook likes you can do paid advertisement to increase facebook likes.

After creating page you need to share your post to that page, day by day your traffic will be increase. Hence your website ranks also increase.

No#10 Hire SEO Expert for Blogger SEO optimization properly

If you cannot do all steps then you need to Hire SEO expert who do all these activities for you. it is my personal experience which I am sharing with you, if you want to success in any field or want to compete your competitor then you must hire expert in that field. So if you are beginner in SEO and you cannot do BlogSpot SEO properly then hire Expert.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Is Blogger SEO friendly?

Yes, it is true. Basically it depends upon your working that how you attempt this platform. It is true that its environment and facility which Google give us are SEO friendly but next is, it depends upon you that how you do work. It depends on your content quality, website layout, back linking support etc.

Where I can find Blogger SEO tools?

If you are doing Blogging, then here, i am shearing useful tools which are very necessary to know for any Blogger. Tools can save your time and improve Blogger ranking. So lets start!

Free Tools for Blogger

How much time take for Blogger SEO ?

It is the search engine optimization. Its work with search engine to give result. So it is the slow process, you have to wait for some time when you completed SEO for BlogSpot or any other Website or Blog. After some days you will check your working result.

Thanks to take interest to read my article which is useful for beginner to get more knowledge. 

Now, you have to apply all thees guides on your Blog. After some days, surely your Blog will be rank properly.

Are you wanted to ask More question? Then mention in comment section. I will add to FAQ section for beginner students to get more knowledge.

Note: It is very important to Create SiteMap for Blogger and to submit on Webmaster tool to get HIGH RANK.

Complete guide about Google SiteMap

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