Google SEO Meta Description Guidelines 2020

By | December 25, 2019

Google SEO Meta Description Guidelines to improve Website Ranking 

Meta tags are used in web documents to define web page content. In Meta tags we also use SEO Meta description. Meta description is the collection of some lines or sentence which is short paragraph used as snippet. Would you like to get more clicks from search engine then write user friendly SEO Meta description?

For better result on search engine result page (SERPs) then be sure you have defined your web page content in user friendly way. Google spider checks SEO Meta description when calculating relevancy to display result on SERP.

 SEO Meta Description Examples

SEO Meta description tag in HTML

Basically Meta tags are used in HTML to define web page and use to give information about website author, keywords, description etc. So, in order to write SEO friendly description we use this format.

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<meta name=”description” content=”Free guidelines about search engine optimization “>

This above line is use when you want to define your website in some lines. Keep in mind these Meta tag did not display on browser screen. It works backend of website content.

Another point!

You have to mention Meta tag in head part of HTML structure.

Why need SEO Meta description

In order to confirm Google search engine spider and other Google search we need to write SEO Meta description. Google spider counts it as ranking factor. It is very important to describe your all pages or post content properly. When search engine spider comes to crawl your website page, it checks Meta title tag and Meta description. So be attentive because it display on SERP (search engine result page).

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What should be included in Meta Description?

First of all make your mind it apparel on SERP. User can read and understand your website or web page description on result page. Users can make description that they click on your page or not. If you have written properly description then there will be more chance to click.

These are some points which you have to notice while writing Meta description.


Keywords are major ranking factors in the eyes of Google spider. Be care full when including keyword in description. You can include sometime primary keyword and also mention secondary keyword.

Don’t try to keyword stuffing which is bed practice.


Same sentences can complicate to spider because spider wan to crawl different content to index in database.

You have to think when you writing Meta description because it is main part of your page or post which can help in search engine ranking. Don’t try to copy from your page content and paste into description box which is not legal way. You need to create unique and exclusive description for every page.

SEO Meta description length 2018

Last of November Google announced to increase snippet, which means we can increase description length because Google spider can accept more than 100 characters also.

Now according to Google, we can use 100 to 300 characters for search engine snippet but according to Moz it is recommend using 50 to 300 characters also.

Did not matter about this length but Google count relevancy in your web page description. If you write 300 characters but did not target any keyword and you include irrelevant keyword then that description is best which contain 100 character containing target keyword as well as relevancy.

Google count Meta description in ranking factor

When Google rank website in search using using its algorithm so there are 200 factors which are checked by Google. In that 200 factors Google also give really importance to SEO Meta description. Google spider try to show some things to snippet on search engine result page, of them description is also appeared which is very necessary. If you did not want to write description then Google will take some relevant sentence from your website to fill description box in snippet.

SEO Meta description tool or Plugins

If you are using CMS WordPress, it is very easy to control Meta tags. Because there are a lots of Plugins which are very help full for every webmaster. Beginners can you that Plugins easily. These Plugins can save you’re a lot of time. You have to focus on you topic and website niche while writing Meta tags.

So, as there are bundles of Plugins which are totally free and paid available on internet market, you can download easily. Some of them I wan tot share here!


We have discussed on Google SEO Meta description topic. I hope that you have learnt more about SEO techniques that how to create good snippet for search engine result page which can increase more chances of links.

After reading this article, if you have question about this topic then don’t hesitate and mention your good question in comment bx.

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