Google SEO Title Tag Guidelines 2020

Complete Guidelines to Google SEO Title for Page, Post and Homage 2020

Title is the major part for ranking in search engine so we have to understand seriously that what is Google SEO title and how to implement on our blog pages. We will discuss about SEO page title which describe page content or article.   


Basically it is the HTML element which is used to give a name to your web page. It describes your website page content which is about. When any user comes to your website from search engine, it is the first line which shows on search engine result pages that is title tag.

< html> < head> <title> Here is SE0 page title < /title> < /head> < body> < /body> < /html>

How to write Google SEO title?

First of all think that why we add word Google? It is showing we will write Meta tag title according to Google SEO guidelines. We did not violate SEO rules and regulations therefore we add Google.

Title tag is the Meta tag in HTML element which can be write as

Example of Google SEO title

Here is some example you can understand more about SEO page title which is important part of website.

Why need to write Google SEO title

Think a while, when you write any book about any things, you must give a specific title which fully describes your book content. It should not lengthy, but it should be collection of some words. Now we have to discuss why it is important to give SEO title to pages or websites.

Display in search engine result:

Title is the first thing of web page which display on search engine result page ( SERPs).  According to Google guidelines, title display on search result because they want to display result properly according to query which user give in search box.

Google _SEO_title

Display in social sites when sharing

When we share any post or page to social network work site then SEO title page display as headlines as you can see in screen short. So it gives impression to users to click if page title is catchy and attractive one.

Display on window bar

Mostly browser display page title in window bar which give idea about page content.  When you save your web page or any website page then it saved with name of title. So reverence is very important with your web page content

SEO page title is the ranking factors

We researched on the internet and reached to conclusion that title is the main part of ranking algorithm of Google. Google spider also count title text relevancy to query when calculating relevancy to display result on SERP.

Remember some things when writing Google SEO title

There are some points which you have notice. As it is major part for ranking, so you have to give fully attention when writing SEO page title for best result.

So let’s start to learn

Too much short SEO title

It should not be very short one like this “guide to web”, “free tutorial” you have to define your content in 50 to 60 characters.

Full of keyword

When you target any keyword which define your website niche then don’t need to include keyword more than one time. Google dislike this way.

Not SEO friendly page title

Very important one point, often beginners did not attention. Title tag is the text which read by users and search engine so it should be user friendly.  For example:

Not recommended


“Untitled document”

Don’t use stepping words

Stopping word are not recommended to use because title is the one text line, it should not be collection of sentence. For example

A, an, all, and, after, about, by, but etc

Check list of stopping words

Same tile for every page

Very bed habit to write same title for very we pages. It confuse to users when come to your website to read article. It seems to same article entire website. it also confuse to search engine when indexing to database.

Including name of company or name of website to every title

You can include company name or website name in home page title but you did not need to include every page. It may spam!

Include target keyword

You have to mention main keyword of page in title tag, because Google spider comes to page title first when it crawling page. it is better practices to do therefore mostly reader check first title of the page

Don’t keyword stuffing

Yes, you can include main keyword but remember! Don’t try to keyword stuffing which can down your website ranking. So be attentive!

Google SEO title max length

Basically Google display approximately 50 to 55 title characters in search result page. Online tools or Plugins suggest using 60 characters but some time your title last words will be hidden to users.

So use title in particular limit which is 45 to 50 characters including primary keyword and secondary keyword also.

 How to write optimized title tag

Include primary keyword or main keyword | secondary keyword | mention Brand

HTML tutorials | HTML video tutorials| HTML Master

Use action word  

These words can impress to user to click on title. There are some action words which I shared with you.  So let’s start to get action words.

  • Now
  • Complete
  • Free
  • Guide
  • Guidelines
  • Introducing
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Magic
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  • Miracle
  • Offer
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Wanted
  • Challenge
  • Compare
  • Bargain
  • Hurry

Google SEO page title and homepage difference

Very simple question! Page title defines only that page but home page defines complete website content in singe line.


What you need to do for best Google SEO title which accepted Google spider to index? I have mentioned all techniques which are mostly used by expert, so you can implement on your blog or website for better result.

If you have another question then doesn’t forget to leave comment!

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