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How to do SEO images and optimize images for web

If you want to optimize your whole website then give attention to optimize images for web site. It is major SEO ranking factor which Google recommend to use relative pictures in your web page article. Image SEO is become very important today; because users and your reader want to search pictures on Google with same keyword. Because in search engine specially Google, give exact result according to query.

Optimize images for web

So, it become very easy to understand any topic understands pictures if you do properly optimization of images for web site.

More About How Optimize images for WEB

Image optimization is the process in which you do some techniques to get more traffic from search engine. Would you like to get organic rank in search engine then understand how you can do easily index pictures for your website?

If you are blogger then you have to learn! Mostly website which is news sites, ecommerce, tips tricks etc have relative perjures which are indexed in search engine. This indexing of images can help to that website to get real traffic.

Google also recommend including real and relative pictures in your article or content. Because it helps to your follower or reader to understand better that article.

Images are collection of paragraphs which teach in single line. I means when you see images or pictures which give you a concept about any topic that one second glance is better than to read more paragraphs.  

No#:1 Using Title Optimize Images for Web

Title is very important when you want to insert any picture in web content to optimize properly. Basically title is the HTML attributes which use to give title to describe anything in one sentence. Title is the major part or place where you need to include target keyword to get more SEO signal. When any one hover cursor to image it display title text in tool tip which you have given.

Google guide about Website Title

HTML title attribute can be use in inserting image for proper optimization.

<img src=”URL” title=”mention keyword” />

No#:2 Image sitemap to Google search console

Google webmaster tool is the major and comprehensive tool in which webmaster can check each and everything about site performance.

Really want to optimize images for web then follow Google SEO guidelines which have great potential to success. There are some kinds of sitemap as post, vides, news etc but there is image sitemap also work fast for better indexing. So according to google webmaster guidelines we need to insert site map for images for best optimization for website. if you are using WordPress CMS then don’t worry, I want to share some Plugins which are mostly used to submit sitemap for picture. So here is Plug-in.

No#:3 Be Attentive |Don’t copyright

Very bad habit to copy content from others website to past into your own website. Steeling anything’s is not good habit. So be honest while working on internet. There are a lots of images are stored in Google png or jpg etc but don’t copyright directly.

But one way, if you want to copy image from Google then insert into your web content.

First of all save pictures from Google may be beautiful background or relative to article headline.

Then search relative icon in png form then mix with background using Photoshop.

And also good to write headline on pictures, because users can read headline or post title before click on that post.

You can check our thumbnails pictures, which mixture of different pictures and icons.

No#:4 Safety way to copy images without copy right issues

Would you like to improve SEO images optimization for website articles?  Then find best solution if you want to avoid from copy right issues.  It is proved that when you copy pictures from Google you will get copy right issues but there are many platforms you can use to save icons or pictures without any copyright issues.

There are some website you can use without hesitation


Important tip

For best user impression, create unique thumbnails and pictures including relative icons.

No#:5 Image alt tags SEO best practices

Very awesome and magic way to improve search engine optimization for images Alt is the HTML attribute which is used in img tag. According to SEO expert, you have to mention target keyword in alt tag because Google bots give importance to this attribute. Basically it is the alternative attribute which help the users or reader when picture did not display due to some reasons, then this alt tag text display.

How to write SEO-friendly alt-text for your images?

You need to include target key word plus some others text, for example you target key word is “chemistry tutorial”. Then alt tag should be like this one. Alt=”best chemistry tutorials”. I want to say that don’t try to spamming.

Here is HTML code which is use to insert pictures in your article. There are two attributes are given, one of them alt, in place of target keyword you have to write focus keyword which increase website optimization.

<img src=”URL” title=”mention keyword” alt=”target keywords” />

No#:6 SEO images for WordPress users

As I have told you many ways to do optimize images for web site but in this section I want to share some more knowledge with you.

If you interested to do SEO for WordPress website then this is comprehensive guide about it.

If you are using WordPress then there are many ways to do image SEO because WordPress is the SEO friendly CMS system.

There are many features and tools which have more potential to make friendly websites.

So I would like to share some search engine optimization Plugins which will be more helpful for everyone.


Thank to read, I have share all tips and techniques which I have knowledge to optimize images for web site. Now, you have to implement on your blogger images which you want to rank in search engine.

So, to including pictures and icon into post or article have great meaning but it is very necessary to do SEO properly to rank.

If you have any confusion or question then don’t forget to mention your question in comment section.

Optimization for images necessary to do it is not difficult to optimize images for webs site.  Many ways to do image SEO as alt tag, WordPress Plugins, best practice, title etc.

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