What is SEO and how it works step by step Complete Guide

By | December 25, 2019

What is SEO and how it works step by step Complete Guide

Very first lesson on this blog which is related to SEO tutorials for beginners students which are provided in free of cost. In this tutorial you will learn that what is basically SEO and how it does work. Marketing process is often slow because very slowly slowly your business increases to upward. So you need to patient while doing search engine optimization of your new website or blog.


There are many processes which are help full to advertise your new website or application over the whole world.

Actually it achieved with your practice, and how you can good work or how you can take time to do work properly.

Today we have to learn that what is SEO which is search engine optimization and how it work. About it discussion we will discuss that how search engine work because SEO work with search engine. So read this article carefully to get more information.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)

Basically it is the real and original way to get visitors from search engine which is not a difficult job but need of learning that what is this and how it give proper result.

You have heard from online marketer expert that if you want to do online marketing or want to famous your products then think about your products audience that where is your visitors whose fond of your services or anything else.

When you searched on internet with any keyword, then you get billion of result and you select one result from fist page of SERP.

Why you need SEO?

Yes, you need because you want to optimize your website or products that are why you have to work in such way that search engine confirm your website content to index their data base to retrieve result before users.

If you want to do SEO for website or blog what you need to do first of all?

  1. So you have to register a domain name which must include focus keyword which make a good impact for good result and make a good rank.
  2. Then purchase a good hosting company hosting
  3. After doing this then upload your content which should be original one
  4. Upload SEO friendly ready theme to speed up website which is the best on page SEO factor
  5. Then think about a good SEO title, description, keyword for your new website or blog           

If you don’t know that what are keywords then here is link to understand Keywords

Complete guide about keywords in SEO

  • Upload neat and clean content on your new blog or website to do better SEO
  • If you want to create a website then use any good CMS like WordPress. WordPress is the SEO optimized system which can help you to get good traffic and increase pages views also.

Want to learn WordPress from basic to advance then here is free lesson Complete guides WordPress SEO

  • After doing all these process then create SEO Google xml for your website content and then submit to Google webmaster tool to check website performance that how it going to top or down. If you don’t have Google webmaster tool then you need to create first then think about other.
  • Make a robots.txt file and submit to your website root directory to increases SEO level step by step properly.

Guide to Robors.txt File

What means of robots.txt file, basically it gives the restriction or construction to search engine bots that which should be crawl and which not. There will be some page which will be for admin only not for search engine or user then you have to inform search engine that don’t crawl or index this page to database because it contain sensitive information or privacy.

Here is complete guide to understand robots.txt file and how you can do SEO properly for WordPress or blogger with robots.txt file.

 How SEO work with Google search engine

  1. There is great relation with search engine because it is the optimization in search engine so surly there will be close relation with it.
  2. If you don’t know that how search engine work then here is video tutorial in which you will be able to learn it’s all process, in shortly I shared some points which are very basic one.
  3. First of all understand there are some bots or crawler which search different website on the internet which are mostly newest and then index to database to retrieve result
  4. First step of search engine is to crawl a website or blog or web pages
  5. Then they store to huge database
  6. After this when their bots get request from user then they calculate relevancy in the huge categories
  7. After calculating relevancy then next step is come which is last one.
  8. Then retrieve that stored data on request when user make through Google search box

Are you want to learn that what is SEO (Search engine optimization)  in easiest way then follow our experienced staff which have knowledge and skill to teach.

If you understand this post then it is very good for me. After reading this lesson if any question which is arising in your mind then don’t hide your suggestion and share with me via comment.

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