White Hat SEO Techniques 2020 for website Optimization

By | December 25, 2019

White Hat SEO Techniques 2020 for website Optimization  

Website optimization is the greatest task for SEO beginners but it become very easy to do when students take interest to learn SEO. In this lesson I will teach you that which tips are refer to white hat SEO Techniques in 2020. As you know that this blog SEO Beginners tutorial is best for those students who want to learn free of cost step by step.

White Hat SEO techniques

First of all, for a while think that what you want to do? Are you wanted to learn that how to do properly optimized blog or website?

If you have a good website but have very less traffic then you are at right path to increase blog traffic also.

In really, this post aim to tell you white Hat SEO tactics which are recommend by Google. After applying on your website, you will get organic traffic as well as real rank from search engine.

These are the basic tips you should need to take action to apply on website or blog. Following different whitehat SEO steps are very necessary to take if your blog is new or old one.

Some time we did not give fully attention to do proper SEO, I mean we work with laziness. Due to this we get improper result then we come to proper strategy.   

Google recommended white Hat SEO techniques

Greatest companies make recommendation for their worker and clients. After releasing their rules and regulations, worker is responsible to follow that rules.

Same like this Google is greatest service on the internet, Google recommend their different rules for different tool or product that how we can use.

SEO is one of them tool which is recommend by Google.

Following white hat techniques are Google recommendation

No#1: Proper White Hat SEO description

Description describes any website. It does not contain paragraphs but need to write only two lines in which you tell to search engine crawler about your blog or website.

Description is the main terms and fundamental factors in doing white hat optimization. If you can work with HTML you can write a simple code of description like this one

<meta name=”description” content=”This blog is about to this this this…”>

In the content attribute you can define websites niche, you cannot insert number of keywords. I mean you don’t need to keyword stuffing because it can down website rank.

Make a good decryption for human as well as search engine with 130 characters.

In description don’t forget to include target keywords.

No#2: How you can Optimize Website / Blog title

Title is the tactic to understand website subject. It contains only one line of words or collections of some words. If you want to read details about title guideline of google then follow below link.

What google say about optimized Website title

We can write a SEO optimized title contain 50 characters.

There are major places on the website where you include keywords for white hat SEO ranking in search engine, one of them title is one.

In title you must need to mention title to inform bots of search engine.

No#3: Write quality content using White Hat SEO Techniques

You cannot take part in this competition because you are low quality creator.

In real life as well as internet life, there is only thing which can improve your business as well as other products which you have that is QUALITY.

You did not need to represent quantity because quantity can show that you have great materials but not quality.

It is my own thinking that, I like that teacher and online website which have a good content, easy to understand, easy vocabulary and simple sentence. I like such kind of website.

What you have to do

  1. Focus your audience that may be poor mind and rich mind
  2. Try to use simple words and sentences
  3. Insert relative images and videos
  4. Write article with proper sequence
  5. Think that you are teaching you’re self

No#4: Insert High Quality images

Images have their own importance in ranking or website performance.  Bundles of images without optimization your site may be speed down. Its solution is that, you need to create images in Photoshop and save for web. In that section you have to save as PNG. And keep quality on medium or low (your image should not seem to bluer like low quality face). I mean images size compression which can decrease only size but maintains quality.

If you are using WordPress which is SEO friendly CMS system, you can use SEO WordPress Plugins which can save your lot of time.

For WordPress users, you can install a Plugins which can help you to compress images but quality will remain same.  

No#5: Install Simplest Theme and Design

According to search engine optimization expert, simplest theme is more powerful then complex. I don’t know mostly users give preference to those themes which contain multi colors, very strange layout I think this kind of desired may be of beginner.

Learn about SEO friendly website design

It is awesome one practice when you doing white hat SEO, that you need to select simple themes which are easy to load.

When you install a simple them contains some basic stetting for customization and easy front page.

Are you wanted to download themes? Then download from WordPress official website.

No#6: Crete your Own video and Insert

No matter when you copy HTML embed code from YouTube videos to insert video on your blog post or any where you want but it is not a professional method.

If you want to work properly for life time and want to make a good brand then create your own videos.

When you create videos and upload on YouTube then you have two major benefits.

  1. You can make money from YouTube
  2. Directly get HTML embed code and insert in your website
  3. You are free from copy right issues from video creator because you are the original owner of the YouTube channel.

No#7: Content Length up to 1500

It most importance tips to improve blog post and to do white hat SEO technique. You can do one experiment that search on internet with keywords you will find millions of websites result on search engine rank page (SERP).

In that millions result you will notice that top of the list websites have maximum length and more content than other. It has proved that Google algorithm give importance to that post which contains more original and quality content.

These are the major tips which you are learning from this SEO beginner’s blog with free tutorials.

No#8: Speed Up Your Website

Speed up websites is most friendly one because it saves bundles of time of users. When you search a keyword on search engine. You select that website which opens on one second because you did not want to wait from result or loading page.

Same like this nobody want to delay for loading page more than 2 second. So if your website has speed down then hire expert who work for you.

Doing this method your website traffic will increase as well as Google will give a great importance to your site.

No#9: Share to Social Network

There are more than 90% peoples are using social networks to get different news and updates.  Some of them are doing marketing, learning and teaching etc.

You can get more than thoughts traffic from social sites because on social sites you can target peoples easily.

If you want to target USA students then find USA students groups in facebook, or linkden etc.

First of all you have to find best social sits some of them I want to share. Just you need to open site and create free account. Create a attractive and official profile with good and smiling pictures.

  1. Tumbler
  2. Hi5
  3. Scoop.it
  4. Diigo
  5. Delicious.com
  6. Myspace
  7. Reddit
  8. Technorati
  9. Google plus
  10. Facebook
  11. twitter
  12. Dig


Actually I cleared in this post those ranking factors which are very important for website organic optimization. If you have any confusion when doing white Hat SEO for your blog or website then without any hesitation, mention your problems or issues in discussion forum.

Here is complete and comprehensive guide about Blogger SEO

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