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By | December 26, 2019

What is SEO website meaning & Understand and improve SEO?

Are you finding properly answer about SEO website meaning? Before understand optimized website meaning, you have to understand what is SEO? Its definition is that it is the tactics to derive traffic or to improve your web site in all over the world especially among your audience. Or to optimize your website in such a way, Google search engine give importance.

Complete guide about SEO friendly Content

Basically search engine optimization technique to create friendly website for search engine and your audience. Search engine


Optimization means you have done each any every technique which should to have for a website.

What is meaning of SEO website

SEO website meaning is the optimized website which has great potential for search engine bots or spider. It is such site; in which webmaster do SEO to get quality rank in search engine. There are many confusion and question in your mind, so don’t worry, we will try to remove and clear that issues. 

1#: Optimized Content  

Content is the main part of a site, without content your site is dead and will be panelized by Google. But it is not enough to be content but should be optimized content.

The content in which you define your topic and title is better content than content in which you write article which are irrelevant and bad content.

Google search engine also important to that content in which you mention key point of your topic. Because users want to find that article which satisfy him all about.

So need to create awesome and friendly content analyzing users mind and needs.

2#: Good Quality Content Producer

Main feature of SEO website is that, it produces quality content which confirmed to search engine and readers of your blog. it means that site will have to SEO friendly content. If your site contains quality article and content so you did not need to more advertize because your audience will find your website. Keep in mind users did not give important to attractive and lovely website designing but they give important to that site which contains quality content.

If user gets help or you help your reader, then users did not have meaning with your web layout or designing etc.

So, try to write quality and user and search engine friendly content which help the helpless.

Important tips:

  • Keep in your mind users issues and problems which they face.
  • Try to solve user’s problems and write solution for those issues.
  • Search on internet to clear your own concept then write article friendly.
  • Don’t try to write article which contains awkward guide and irrelevant to heading and title.

3#: Confirmed search engine

It means you have done SEO for website which confirmed search engine. Search engine bots like that content or site which follows search engine optimization rules and guideline which provide by Google.

When search engine confirm your website?

  • First of all you have to create Google search consol tool which is very important to have for all webmaster
  • Submit your website link as property then confirm that you are the owner of that site which you submitted. There are many ways to confirm but one method is mostly used, you have to download file and upload to your domain root folder. Then click on verify.
  • After site verification, upload content and Create sitemap then submit to Google webmaster tool to confirm search engine that your site have been launched so index it.
  • Don’t deception to search engine, only follow white hat techniques.
  • It is illegal way to create content in which you included more keywords; it means you did not need to do keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t spamming
  • Upload fresh content

There may be some issues after confirmation your site, as crawl error, not found page etc, so don’t worry here; there are many solutions for that issues.

4#: Confirmed users and readers

SEO website meaning you are creating content or article for your readers not only for search engine. If you want to create friendly site then you need to focus two major factors which are readers (users) and search engine.

These two factors improve your SEO website. Its meaning is that you have to write content in such way that reader can read easily and can understand properly.

User dislikes and ignores that site which have not solution for him for which they looking for.

So find issues and problem which often user face, then try to fix that issue and also write a post in which you teach your reader that how to fix that issues etc.

When you solve problems and issues of user then automatically users will engage to your content or blog. Because people like that site which contain quality and valuable content.

 5#: Legally on page optimization

Keep in mind there two ways to do optimizing your SEO website that is white hat and black hat. White hat is the best practices but black hat is the death for your ranked website also. Its means that you have to concentration white doing SEO for your website.

If you want to create SEO website then you need to understand on page optimization. Basically on page referring to on website SEO which is very necessary to do. There are factor which you have to confirm that you have done.

Some on page factors I would like to share for you!

  • Domain name and web hosting should be quality one
  • Use SEO friendly website theme
  • Target keywords
  • Care of keyword density, proximity, prominence.
  • Crate quality content and link to other pages on same domain (internal linking)
  • And much more…!

6#: Legally off page optimization

As I have told you that, there are two ways to do optimization of site, one of them there is off page techniques which are mostly used to do rank for a new website. According to some one Expert, off page is more important than on page because it is back bone for your site. Would you like to create awesome rank in search engine? Then give attention to do off page. In off page you have to create backlinks, more backlinks, your site rank will be high. But keep in mind, only quality backlink have great meaning.

Learn Complete on page and off page SEO

There are many methods, often expert recommend, I also want to share that method to get backlink which means to doing off page SEO.

  • Commenting to relative blogs
  • Submitting articles to directories of article
  • Bookmarking on social network sites
  • Make backlinks on authority website like edu and gov sites
  • SEO website has meaning when you crate high quality back links so get link from .edu and .gov sites. Because Google give important to governments and educational sites.
  • And much more..!


We have discussed that what means of SEO website and how to create such kind of website. If you have any confusion or relative question then do comment in comment section to get proper answer.

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