Complete Google Guideline on Mobile SEO Friendly website

By | December 26, 2019

Complete Google Guideline on Mobile SEO Friendly website Designing and development.

In this lesson we have to talk about mobile optimization according to Google guidelines 2019 to 2020. It becomes very necessary to do Mobile SEO because now a day mobile users are increasing than desktop users. You will get more knowledge about optimization for website. Would you like to rank your website in search engine for life time? Then give attention to mobile SEO (search engine optimization). Why?

Complete Google Guidelines about SEO

Because Google is giving importance to mobile version of a website. If you did not give attention here, you will lose 50 to 60% organic traffic. There are many others technique which you will have to do like pge speed, responsive designing, separate version for mobile phone, to using WordPress Plugins etc, we will discuss each technique.


Mobile SEO Definition

Mobile SEO is a technique to optimization your website according to Google guideline that accept website pages by Google robot or spider. It is also a way to create website in such way that when user come from mobile or tablet they will get a good design of your website. Search engine optimization process is will for mobile devices, but we need to do work for better performance.

Mobile SEO vs desktop SEO

There are bundle of SEO beginner tutorials are available on this website which are basic level to advance one. Desktop means your website when open on desktop system or PC. When an developer create a theme or website like WordPress theme it well for desktop but that theme did not open friendly on mobile phone or tablet devices, so here si some missing with that theme. Now we have to do add some things or some technique which become SEO friendly theme for your mobile phone. That designing is called responsive design which complete fit for mobile devices and tablet.

Both are important for your website because uses come from different source. You have to collect all users which are coming to your site. You did not ignore any single user. Because sing user cans convert too many users.

1#: Google’s mobile-first index

Google guide to webmaster that you have to use two versions for your website. Desktop version and other is mobile version. Because users search different queries from mobile devices. Google also use mobile version of a web page to index and for ranking purpose.

When we go to back ground of Google indexing process, Google was indexed web pages for desktop version but now day Google index mobile version web page for web content.

If you want to learn more about Google’s mobile-first index then read this guideline from Google.

2#: Use responsive design

If you want to optimize your website for all devices as mobile phone, tablet etc then use responsive design. Very great one tactic to increase organic traffic from search engine. if you are web designer then you know about responsive design otherwise you need to understand. If you are not web designer then you must hire web designer, who will create your website in responsive design.

What means of responsive?

The design which adjust in all devices (Laptop, mobile phone, tablet) easily. If bottom scroll is appearing then it is not responsive. Bottom scroll is not user friendly. Implementation of such design make search engine friendly website. User takes interest to visit that website which adjusts properly in their devices.

Form where you can get responsive design website?

If you are using WordPress which is SEO friendly CMS system then you don’t need worry because there are lots of themes and templates are available which are totally responsive. You can download from official website.

Why responsive design is important?

It is important because it is necessary for Mobile SEO because it adjust in different devices including mobile phone or tablet. So using responsive design you can optimize your website for mobile.

3#:  WordPress users? Use mobile SEO Plugins

WordPress is the user friendly content management system which allows user to install and active any kind of Plugins. Plugins are the couple of code which is written in programming languages like PHP. These Plugins can help to beginner because all beginners are not expert to write code with hand.

wordpress-seo-tutorials 2020

So for that users there are many free wp Plugins are available on the internet market. That plugins or software which increases website Mobile optimization.

Complete Guide on WordPress SEO

Here is complete list for Mobile SEO Plugins


WordPress mobile pack

WPMobile Edition

4#: Site Design for Mobile

Web designing for desktop website is quite different as on mobile devices. I told you that mobile users are more than desktop.

How you can design your website which optimized for mobile? There are some tips which I want to share with you; these techniques are recommended by Google.

First all create awesome look and simple one. Heavy theme can speed down your site. So install simple and light theme.

Be sure that your mobile version website have good navigation bar. That navigation bar should be different form desktop version. Keep in mind mobile user did not wait for a long time to find any things. So make easy to easy as you can do!

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Google Guide for Mobile Designing 

5#: What to Avoid When Designing for Mobile

It has been proved that numbers of mobile users are more than desktop users. So, to get more traffic from search engine you need to work hard if you want to really website. There is some mistake which often beginners make while doing SEO for Mobile phone you should be avoid. 

Using Table Layout: 

Mostly web designer use Div tag to create website layout which is simple way. But it is possible to create layout using Table tag but not recommend.

Some designer use table tag to create layout. If you want to design your website for Mobile phone for best performance then don’t use table tag. Because mobile browner difficult to understand such structure. 

Create Long Paragraph

To write Long paragraph is not friendly technique but it bad impression to user. You need to divide your long paragraph into small.

Because user cannot bore while reading your post and it is best method for optimization on small devices.

Use of Flash

Today very few web designer us flash technology to design site. Because there are alternate method are available which work more than flash beautiful like CSS3.

Mobile browser did not support flash technology so avoid if you want to do properly optimization.


Fonts are very important during designing a website because it is the main parts due to which users engage. Font size should be normal size, it should not make difficult for users to read your articles. Especially for mobile web page, it should be friendly font size and style.

Mobile SEO Techniques for best practices

  • You should have to use responsive website theme, if you are using WordPress then download from official website.
  • Google Accelerating Mobile Page (AMP) is the technology which is use to publish website. It is the open source. Your website fast load on different browsers due to AMP. You should know about AMP.
  • If your site have more images with high quality then optimize properly for better result in small devices browsers searches
  • Google page insight speed tool is very awesome one which gives an idea about web page speed. You have to use this tool to get idea about website speed.
  • USE Best WordPress Plugins which increase website performance
  • Minify of CSS or JS files
  • Avoid to displaying pop up box on small devices.
  • Mostly Expert says that you have to use different URL for small devices and PC, Laptop etc


 We have discussed how to do SEO for website which confirmed all devices. After reading above article you need to implement on your website and share with your friends also.

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