Guide: SEO Google Sitemap guidelines for beginners?

What is SEO Google Sitemap guidelines for beginners?

If you have listened about map then it is very easy to understand today topic. Today lesson is about SEO Google sitemap how it affects your website or blog. After reading this complete article you will be able to understand properly sitemap. If you are beginners then this blog is only for you to understand all basics and advance SEO terms.


That terms and factors are really important to understand for beginners. Because if you have knowledge of search engine optimization but you don’t know different terms definition and their work that how they work then you are in bed room.

What is sitemap?

As we make different map for home, schools, college and other are building. Map gives us all information about that things for which you created.

If we talk about school map or college map or any buildings map, it is developed any engineers. You don’t know to become engineers but you need to become only SEO expert from beginner levels.

What Google Say about robots.txt file

Now, if you give some concentration to learning topic, that name also indicates that this map is referring to site which is your websites.

It is also awesome one practice to update your blog regularly because it increases SEO (search engine optimization) of website.

According to biggest SEO online tools, sitemap is major factor in ranking purposes.

What means of full information’s?

Websites contain different articles, content, images, videos, audios even each and every things.

This map is necessary to share with Google webmaster tool, if you want to submit any other search engine like yahoo & Bing then you can do it.

Why need Google your sitemap

It is thinkable questions which can arise in your mind that why need to creating a sitemap for a website.

Think that Google have different software that software performs different work because that jobs and task are given by Google system.

Some of them spiders and bots are the software who works of crawling the websites different pages. After creating and submit to Google webmaster tool then spiders visits your websites upto 500 posts approximately with indexing process.

Spiders did not visits sites only but also index pages to Google database. 

How to create sitemap

Actually your website map is located at this URL, In the place of my domain name you need to mention your own domain name. There are many others useful and easy to handle tools and website to get properly map for your website.

You can generate sitemap using different tools which I am sharing with you.

How to submit sitemap to Googele webmaster tool

Easiest process everyone can do it but just need to clear your concepts. Basically your webmaster tools is more power full and also very useful tools which give you amazing information about websites up down ranking.

So just copy the link and submit to follow section which is showing below image. There are two buttons you will see; you can click on test button to check errors and issue. Or you can submit directly.

It will be pending first but very soon after some hour will approve. 

WordPress Plugins for Google Sitemap generating

If you are working on wp (WordPress) then everything is okay with you. Because WordPress is SEO friendly CMS system. There are lots of free Plugins available on (official website) relative to website optimization. That Plugins can help in websites optimization properly on the Google. Like all in one SEO Pack & WordPress yoast Plugins

I am sharing some Plugins; you need to just click on desired Plugins, after installing you will be able to use without any issue. (When you face any issues or problems then join my discussion forms to share your questions

Have you learned from this SEO beginner tutorial?

Why you don’t learn after reading lesson?

Have you confusion or relative questions?

Will you create or generate Google sitemap and submit to webmaster tool?

During confusion or working, will you discuss to our team?

We will help you free of cost when you share your problems here.

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