Google Heading tags SEO Guidelines 2020

By | December 26, 2019

Google SEO Guidelines about Heading tags | Heading tags SEO

Today we have to talk about heading tags SEO benefits. Would you like to create awesome content and SEO friendly content for search engine then learn how to use different heading in article or web page? Google SEO (search engine optimization) guidelines about heading are very important to understand for every webmasters.


If you did not want to learn then you will make some mistakes while writing articles.

How to give Heading Tags

In this article we will discuss about heading tags which is very impression to uses when reading article. So, you have read this complete article to understand complete topic then apply on your own blog content to improve search engine optimization.

So, let’s start lesson step by step!

What is H1 TAGS?

Basically it is the html major tag which is use to give headlines while writing article. Its basic syntax like this:

<h1>You content here!</h1>

There are some headings categories as h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 which depend upon size. Largest heading according to size is h1 and smallest heading is the h6.

Include keyword in H1 tags for SEO benefits

As we have discussed about different place where you can include target keyword. One of them, first heading is the major place where you have to mention your focus keyword. If you want to get more benefit of search engine optimization then create friendly headlines including primary keyword.

Is it important to use H1 tag for SEO BENEFITS?

As we have mentioned, there are many h tag which use to make headlines in your article but first h or h1 is very important because it is biggest one which give impression to user and it should be written top of the page.

Google Use Heading Tags SEO ranking purposes

Google want to give guideline to their webmaster to improve their website. Because Google want that user get correct and exact result from search engine result page.

 So we have to organize our website article in such way that GoogleBot like that content.

 So what have to do? We have to follow Google webmaster guideline. One of them, it is also major guide to use properly Heading tags SEO to improve rank.

When GoogleBot calculate web pages relevancy in order to display on user screen then here Google must check heading tags.

In other word, Google give importance to h1 tags which is main web page title describing whole page content.

 H1 tags per page

How Many H1 Tags Can be Use On a single Page to improve SEO Benefits?

It’s simple answer is that you can use h1 tags as you want. Because it depends upon your content length also. According to my opinion you have to use h1 headlines after every 100 to 150 words paragraph (but it should be top of the page also which is the main headlines).

You should not ignore others tags like h2, h3, h4, h5 or h6 because these all tags have their own importance in search engine ranking.

SEO h1 tags best practices

  • Don’t forget such headlines tag
  • Would you like to organize your content then uses different h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 or h6 tags.
  • Include primary and secondary keyword in h1 tag
  • You also need to include keyword in 2nd h or h2.
  • Don’t need to keyword stuffing which cause spamming.
  • You can write 70 to 100 words in headlines but did not good to make h1 like paragraph.


I have told you best practice to use heading tags SEO improvement purposes. Now it is you’re responsible to implement on your website content or article. You did not need to focus on only this article, but you can sear h on internet, you can get more and more knowledge. I collected information from different websites (expert webmaster), so learn to improve your blog in search engine.

Have you any question about h1 tags?

Any confusion, after reading article?

Any weak point in this article, please mention?

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