Must Avoid! Black Hat SEO techniques UPDATED 2020

Must Avoid! Black hat SEO techniques UPDATED 2020

As you have read my previous post about SEO beginner’s guides with easy tutorials, if you are new then fundamental lesson serious are available for you. In this post I will teach that what are black hat SEO techniques in 2020 that teach are very dangerous for your website or blog. You should need to learn that factors which down your website SEO rank in search engine.

Complete guide about On page and Off page SEO

Google update their algorithms named with Google panda and penguin. These two algorithms are very important to understand.

black hat seo techniques

If you want to get real time update from goggle about their algorithm updating news then follow their official blog.

Today, this lessons for my SEO beginner’s students that how they avoid their blog or website from low ranking. When you do SEO for website doing hard working but using black hat SEO techniques then you will get low rank one time and it will be greatest accidents with you high rank website.

Here are Black Hat SEO Techniques important to take action


More people take support from black hat tactics because they cannot do work properly with Google SEO webmaster guidelines. What is cloaking in?

There are two face of website black hat SEO when doing cloaking tech. one face is referring to users and other face is referring to search engine.

It is black tech because your website should be same for both search engine and visitors.

Doing these techniques that peoples create a page for only search engine and ranked that page but other pages are very low quality.

So you did not need to follow this method because it can down your website one day.

Be honestly and work for life time.

Invisible content | Black Hat SEO Techniques

If you are interested to HTML or CSS then to doing invisible content is very easy for you. There is one property of CSS that you can hide some text from users. That hide text is invisible to reader or users but visible to search engine crawler that is why these contains is deducted by Google.

Complete guide about SEO friendly content

It is simple and easy way to follow black hat SEO techniques and but it is illegal way. Your website will destroy after some days when you follow this techniques.

So don’t try to follow illegal way to get SEO rank it will be for some time but if you want to get good rank of website then do white hat SEO technique it will be life time.

Black Hat SEO using Keyword stuffing

To do deception to a one is the bad job. Each and every religious say that it is illegal way to achieve goals.

If you are working with Google then don’t think to stealing or deception.

Google team is very expert and has ability to see your activity when you do.

In article, you use different keyword, when you select best keyword then don’t try repeat again and again time.

When you are writing article for your blog then keep in mind keyword density which should be 1 to 2%.

If your keywords which you want to use in article is “website optimization”. So, its 1% density means is that website optimization should be 1 time per 100 words.

If 1000 words in one article then keyword should be 10 times, which is best for SEO optimization?

When you exceed to its limit then you will be doing black hat SEO techniques.

What is this thing?  If you don’t know then learn for free.

What is keyword density for SEO beginners.

Low quality content is the black hat tactic

It put very bad effect on website good performance. If you want to write SEO Friendly content then you have to learn first about that topic on which you want to write.

Without study or learning you cannot create SEO content.

That is why mostly website penalized by Google due to low quality content.

What means of this?

When your content contains 100 to 200 or 150 words and full of keywords then it is low quality. Or if your content is incomplete information or topic then it is low quality.

How should you have to make a good quality content? If you want to avoid you website from black hat SEO or want to save from Google different penguin or panda algorithm then read before points.

Write an SEO friendly content for beginners.

Article should contain minimum 800 words.

Insert some images using alt tag as target place to insert SEO keyword.

Write article using different headings and paragraphs.

Use of bold, italic and underlines tags and also give some internal link relative to keyword.

Your content will be ranked on the top of the list. But some other techniques you have to follow to boost properly blog post avoiding black hat techniques.

Irrelevant back links (Bad back SEO links)

Website ranking is very slow process when you try to wrk on website optimization with white hat SEO techniques then you has to patient some time to get proper result

In this section you will learn that irrelevant back link is very dangerous for your website. Keep in mind it is the black hat tech when you are creating back links then give fully attention.

If you want to get back link from auditory site then must think about relevancy. If your website niche is technology and backlinks sites is food or other niche then you back link on such niche will not be quality backlink.

If you want to create backlinks which should be quality then must understand quality. If your blog post is like this “What is html” and you create a back link with this keyword “what is food”. It is back link but not a relevant and it is the bed link.

What you learnt about irrelevant back linking 

Your website niche and other website where you want to get link should be same niche or same category or at least relevant to each other.

When you get link as hyper link then target keyword to get link like this one,

What is SEO?

If you have confusion then without any problems or hesitation asks to me, we will discuss on that topic.

Free bonus

When you visit different web pages on the internet surely you will find websites which is best for you. That website which you like is full of useful content that is why you give a importance.

Which things that a site creates importance for uses. Only things are need to engage users.

What is this?

That is satisfying the students or your blog reader, if you have ability to satisfy the users then users and your reader will engage with your blog.

Here is very amazing skill which you have.


What you learnt from this article or SEO Beginners tutorial?

In this lesson I told you, if you want to get high rank in Google search or whole internet then focus two things only.

  1. Users
  2. Search engine

You need to target both factors.

If you want to that it is more beneficial content then please share to Facebook, twitter , pinterest etcit it is beneficial for those who want to learn which techniques of black hat that are not legal way. Must avoid such illegal techniques

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