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By | December 26, 2019

SEO Beginners Guide | No follow link and do follow Link :Backlinks

As you this blog is about to get SEO basic term to advance level for beginners. Today we have to discuss on important SEO link which are no follow link and do follow link that what this is. Mostly beginner is confused about these terms but cannot understand due to proper guidelines. In this post I will tell you properly with examples guidelines that how we can differentiate both link to each other.


It becomes very difficult to new students in SEO when they did not give proper attention. When you study search engine optimization then there are many terms which make you confuse but don’t worry this blog is very helpful to understand terms.

Links are bridge between two web pages; we can jump from one page to another using Link. That links may be no follow and some are do follow. So we have to under disuses these terms.

Why need No follow link OR do follow link

No follow link and do follow link are both backlinks for website to improve its search engine visibility. We can make a high rank using these links but need to get proper idea to use them.

Learn complete guide about SEO Backlinks

Surely, you know that how search engine is work, search engine work with its spider or bots. That bots work of finding different website pages and have to enter to huge database. Keep in mind, bots or spider can find page which is linked to one page. For example page “A” have a link for another page “B”, so here bots will crawl both page A and B.

But there is condition when you can instruct to Google search engine crawler or bots that don’t try to find or crawl page which is linked to current page.

How you can understand these links

You need to learn that how to give a link in HTML.

This tag of HTML is used to give hyper link <a href=”url”>Any Text</a>

After this, you have to give simple HTML attribute like this rel=”nofollow”

<a href=”#” rel=”nofollow”>Link</a>

Above link have attribute with no follow attribute which  will be save from spider of search engine crawling process.

When same link come to this format

<a href=”#” rel=”dofollow”>Link</a> or without rel attribute, both have same meanings <a href=”#” >Link</a>,, it is showing that your given link is visible to crawler. That linked page must read by bosts of search engie.

Which is best back links?

Are you want to really rank in search engine then must learn that tips and tricks which can help your blog in high ranking. We can teach you amazing way to boost blog. Those techniques are magic and hidden to beginners. But we will share when you ask to me.

So heading is showing that which links are best for website? Its answer is that both are important. But you need to take care of particular ration which is that 20 to 80% no follow link and do follow link respectively.

How to check link that is no follow or do follow backlinks?

If you know this question then give me answer in commenting section otherwise you can ask to me this question I will tell you?


Thank to read SEO Beginner tutorial to get more knowledge about search engine optimization. If you want to learn completely SEO or want to clear any kinds of confusion to this field then attach to this blog.

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