Amazing Discussion about On Page & Off Page SEO techniques

What are on page and off page SEO techniques?

We are providing SEO step by step guide to beginners student with easiest tutorials. So in this class we will talk about that what are on page and off page SEO techniques and how we can understand these two terms in properly way.

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What is SEO and how it work

After learning and clearing basis concepts about search engine optimization then next step is come to learn further terms which are necessary to learn.

Think a while before getting actually training class. When you open a new shop on physical. I did not mean that which kind of shop you opened but tell me what you do to ask people that I opened a new shop?

on page seo and off page seo

You can learn on page and off page seo better after reading this best example or to clear mind when you work on physical life.

Your answer will be like this that “I advertise my shop in legal way, it mean, I share with people about my shop products which I have in real way. I did not want to hide any things to my clients. In other word I will not give deception”.

Above discussion Conclusion & Off Page SEO

Conclusion of above discussion is that, when you work on physical, then you did not want to deception the clients so same like this on internet you also need to work with honestly. When you think about illegal then you cannot success on internet.

What is SEO? It is real and organic way to advertise your online shop or product or website blog. It is pure digital marketing factors which is totally free to all users.   

So now I will compare both types of search engine optimization (SEO ) which are very necessary to take serious. If you not take serious then you can get failure.

So following are the points which are related to doing complete SEO for a website. These points are just in heading form but very soon I will define one by one.

So let’s start to read carefully!  

Off page SEO techniques

These are 12 off page factors which can improve website rank and performance in search engine. Basically off page is related to techniques which support your website in backend. Your links (called back link) are existing on other website which has high page rank, due to high page rank; your site also gets good rank.

  If you don’t know that what are backlinks then here is complete guide

Backlinks in Search engine optimization 

  1. Creating backlinks
  2. Quality back links
  3. Bad backlinks
  4. Social bookmarking
  5. Blog commenting
  6. Article submission
  7. Video sharing
  8. Photo sharing
  9. Forum submission
  10. Blog directory
  11. Directory submission
  12. Question answer submission

What is on page SEO TECHNIQUES?

So after offsite optimization, next step topic come to on page techniques to make good page rank in eye of Google. Because Google check your site performance every time through their algorithm like Google panda and penguin so be carefully when your work on SEO.

These are the beginners points which have good importance when you stand to write an article then must keep in mind following best on page factors. These are the thinks which make website rank.

  1. Meta title Complete Guide about Google Meta Title
  2. Post title
  3. Meta description Complete Guide about Google Meta Description
  4. Post description
  5. Internal linking
  6. Image alt attributes
  7. Font
  8. Design and layout

Above distinct ways to promote your website from beginners level, therefore I decided to explain each topic in separate post for your better understanding.

So lest see you in next coming series of lesson  

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