Google SEO Friendly Website Design Guidelines

By | December 26, 2019

Google SEO Friendly website Design and development Guidelines

If your website is no SEO friendly website then you cannot get life time users. Because designing play very important rule in decreasing bounce rate. In this post we share some SEO tips and techniques about Google SEO friendly website design. If you are thinking that there is no relation between HTML, CSS, PHP with SEO then it is lie. Because there is more different between search engine optimization process with Web designing.

SEO Friendly website Design

SEO friendly website means you have to design your website which liked by your followers as well as search engine. There is advantage with your website when dislike by users. More attractive and charming designing. If you are not web designer then you need to hire.

When your website is more catchy and attractive then more visitors will remain on your site. When your website display on SERP (search engine result page) then users will click on your site page if site has SEO friendly website design.

Now, learn how you can create website which SEO friendly design.

Now we are sharing some SEO website design tips which are recommend by expert designer. There are some points or technique which you have to follow. These points can create a good structure for your website content. Such architecture of content will be liked by users and search engine. After implement these points on your website you will examine that your website SEO ranking will be high in search engine.

Manage content (Content Silos)  

Content silos are very important if you want to increase website rank and usability in search engine result page. Search engine spider like that content in which relevant keyword are used. Instead, more keyword mentions which are irrelevant this technique is dislike by spider.

This technique can rank your website in search engine fast. After implement this tactic designing of your website will be SEO friendly one and will give more chance in appearing SERPs.

When search engine search web pages which are optimized according to user query, it calculate relevancy in all web pages with that query. After calculating relevancy search engine display billion of result in half of second.

What you have to do?

  • You have to create SEO friendly content for good website.
  • When you hire any web designer then ask him to design your website SEO friendly.
  • Target uses and search engine both.
  • Include high quality images in your content
  • Font size, color, family should be user friendly which make easy to user to read.

Internal Linking

Internal linking more powerful factor to decrease bounce rate. If you want to index your pages fast then use of internal linking.

Internal Link is the link which refers to another web page on same domain. This technique is very use full if you want to get more page views.

When you write an article then linked to previous article on your same website. It helps the reader to read more about that existing topic.

Want to give link to another web page, and then use this HTML tag to insert link.

<a href=”URL” rel=”dofollow”>Keyword</a>

You have to create a link which should a term or specific topic. It is not good practice to insert link to awkward keyword like this:

<a href=”URL”>page32 or click me or click here</a>

Website SEO friendly URL

SEO Friendly URL is the address of website or URL or any web page address which describe website page content. According to Google it should be small in size which easily remembers to users. Its length should be 2 to 4 words containing target keyword also.

Spider or bots of any search engine crawl pages from top to bottom. If web page URL are easily readable then spider will be easy to index that page. So write easy, readable and easy to remember URL.

Examples of bad practice




Examples of good practice




SEO Website Design with Responsive design

What is responsive design of website?

If website is open in all devises like mobile, laptop, tablet desktop etc easily, then we say that site have responsive design.

All technique ant tips have great importance but responsive design for SEO purpose is very necessary. Today it becomes very necessary to have responsive for website. If you want to become successful on blogging or web designing then understand responsive.

Because now a day, everyone in the world use mobile phone to open internet. It is true reports that mobile internet users are more than desktop. So give attention to get responsive design.

 If you are WordPress user as it is more SEO friendly design platform then install responsive theme on your website.

You can download from below any kind of website which will be responsive at all.

Speed up your web page

Doesn’t confusion with site speed because these both word have same meaning. It matter in website ranking purpose. It is best one factor for user experience. Because users cannot delay more than 4, 5 second. Keep in mind Google also give importance to that websites which are speed up.

Google count speed when calculating relevancy to display result on SERPs.

You can increase your web page speed doing some technique which is available below:

  • Minifying HTML, CSS, JS
  • Minimize HTTP request
  • Use CDN(content network delivery)
  • Reduce server response time
  • Purchase best web hosting
  • USE best WordPress Plugins like these

SEO Website design and Layout

Search engine index easily that pages which are so simple and friendly. Search engine become confuse when start to index complicated pages. Keep in mind search engine have their robot which work like human. That robot can understated designing and layout etc. don’t deferent between human and search engine robot.

Another advantage is that your website will be friendly to users and smart one. Web page will load fast in search engine. If you are pages are load fast then it is the successful signal from Google.

Easy navigation bar

Navigation bar is the major part in SEO Friendly Website Design. We can also call it main menu or NAV bar. It should be user friendly and search engine friendly that easily index. When user come to web page, user try to jump to another page on same domain so be attention while creating navigation bar.

You have to think about major keywords which are related to your website niche. If your site is about mobile phone then your navigation bar link should be like this, if you don’t agree to about then you can search on internet for better result. Mobile price, mobile store, new mobile etc….

Publish relevant content

Keep in mind search engine optimization is referring to relevancy. It is true that Google count keyword but relevancy is more power full than target keyword. So upload revenant article and content.

If you want to design your website SEO friendly then create relevant content. Relevant content liked by users and search engine. If you uploaded irrelevant content then users are confuse on your site.

SEO Friendly website check

This website is very nice to check website performance. You can join below link to check website optimization friendly.

SEO Friendly URL check

Avoid to Duplicate Content

Create unique content for every page which is more power full way to rank your website. Google like unique article which are relevant to site niche.

Fresh content are more likely in SEO website designing. Some technique is used to generate unique content which using different tool, that technique is violet Google guidelines for webmaster.

So try your own help to write SEO friendly website content for better result.

Google webmaster tool can create duplicate content issue. You can remove these issues easily.

If you have face such problem then mention in comment section!


We have discussed that how to easily develop SEO friendly website design which increase rank in search engine. After reading this tutorial, I hope that you learnt more about designing a website which friendly to search engine and user also.

Therefore, if you have any question in your mind, then don’t forget to leave your comment.

What you want to do after reading this lesson?

Have you your own website?

Are you Web designer with SEO?

Mention your answer in comment section!

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