What are SEO Keywords Beginners Tutorials

By | December 26, 2019

What are SEO Keywords Beginners Tutorials

We discussed on different SEO terms but today we have to take under discussion an important topic. You will learn in this lesson that what keywords in SEO are, it may be proximity, prominence or density. It is the collection of different words which used by users or phrases which searched by search engine called SEO keywords. These are those words which relevant to your website niche or topic. It is greatest ranking factors which can improve a website performance properly.

seo keywords tutorials for beginners

According to search engine optimization expert, you did not need to write SEO friendly content if you cannot search proper keyword using different tools.

SEO Keywords : But what are density, proximity and prominence?

These three terms are very important to learn because these are major factors which can use to get high rank for content.

When you write article you need to give attention that how I can controls its density, proximity and prominence.

I will publish lesson more about SEO keywords for you very soon as possible!

As : Keywords density, proximity and prominence.

Also Learn Google SEO Guides about Title

When student try to find some informational data about his / her study, he / she will search on distant search engine. He will try to search different data using different phrase. After researching he get mores results which is reverent to his keywords. It means Google search engine work with users’ key words which he / she search on Google search engine or other.

Why SEO keywords are important

It has been tasted that Google give fully attention to that website in which real and good quality content is stored. There are many sites, that Google did not give really importance. SEO keywords are major ranking factors but beginners did not give attention.

It is important because

  • It increase life time traffic
  • Using properly key words, you can get high rank in search engine
  • You website will remain at top of the search engine result page. 
  • And much more…


Thanks, you have read complete SEO Keywords lesson, I belief that, it can improve website ranking. Surely you will do hard working to get high rank in search engine suing properly keywords. It is my recommendation that don’t try to work with low quality step but become a good professional and high quality content creator. This strategy can success you in SEO fields and other digital process.

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After readying, have you any confusions which you want to ask to me?

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