What is SEO Backlinks Beginners Proper Guides

What is SEO Backlinks Beginners Proper Guides

Website performance is so matter when you enter in competition field. I think many beginners students did not give attention nto get task seriously which is not good. In this post I will tell you that what is SEO Backlinks , nofollow, dofollow backlinks is. I will share with you best strategy to boost your website on Google properly.

Before this lesson, I shared SEO article that what is robots.txt file. This file is very important to have which increase website ranking also Google impression to spider.


If you want to learn pervious lesson then here is link to get free beginner SEO class.

Robots.txt file for website.

What is Backlink before SEO Backlinks in Real?

It it no thing but a link which can boots and increase website performance. For examples you a website and its domain like this one www.domain.com if you want to insert a link to any other website from where users will come to your website through external link. That links is called backlink.

There are many sources to create such link which I will guide you in this blog.

It has been proved that site which has high quality backlinks will get higher rank in search engine. So you need to get proper SEO for getting good response.

According to my opinion and other expert, there is many ways to improve your website, but this process is helpful and amazing one. But need to get proper knowledge before starting.

When search engine of Google show different result on search engine result page, you examine that there are billion result which you get but these result appeared on your screen passing different process.

In that search engine process, they count quality backlinks for that website. It has been proved that quality is so matter in search engine ranking purpose.

Do follow and no follow SEO Backlinks?

Yes, it may dofollow and some nofollow but you have to make both with suitable ratio. According to my personal and other SEO expert opinion is that, you did not need to create back links only do follow because mostly users give attention to here, but it also need to get nofollow links.

Do follow and nofollow links should be in this ratio 70% to 30%.

If you want to learn more, here is comprehensive guide for SEO beginners that is no follow and do follow

Why these links are important

These both types of linking have great importance because doing this, you can increate website traffic. Because when beginners come to this field they face this problem frequently that “I am getting low traffic to my new website”. So here is best tips for that students which is doing quality and relative backlinks to achieve traffic 

Write some ways to get back links

After reading above article, I hope that you have understood about SEO backlinking. And in this portion I will share some techniques and ways which are used to easily get back links for website performance.

  1. Doing commenting on blog
  2. Submit you’re article to article directly
  3. Submit blog to blog directly
  4. Videos submitting to video shearing websites like YouTube
  5. Share your original photo to photo sharing platforms
  6. And much more, I will share magic and quality ways to get backlinks


Wow my dear students!

I really hope you have got true knowledge that is what is SEO backlinks from this SEO beginner blog tutorial. I want to ask some question, so give me answer in below comment box. If you have really relative to this topic question then ask in commenting portion.

What means of SEO?

Why need website good performance?

Are you wanted to become expert in website optimization?

Have you answer about above question? If yes then do commenting in comment portion.

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