Latest WordPress SEO Optimization Guide for Beginners

Complete WordPress SEO Optimization Guide for Beginners

WordPress is the content management system which is free and open source. Everyone can use it to create SEO friendly website. Today we have to discuss what means of WordPress SEO is and how we can do properly WordPress SEO optimization. In this article you will learn with our WordPress SEO tutorial which has more benefits to beginners students.

If you search on Google that which platform is best to create website, you will get at the top of list WP. It is cleared that wp is more popular in the world which used majority. So it is also important to learn that how we can do its proper optimization.

Why we need WordPress SEO

It is due to this that we want to get orgasmic traffic. When we create SEO friendly website and want to get more traffic to new blog or website, so achieving this dream we have to do hard work.

Another reason is that, we want to populate our website to audience who interested to our services, products etc.

Another reason, we want to teach to whole world students.

Other reason, we want to convey message or want to share important news to whole world users.

For this purpose, SEO is the free tool and techniques which help to increase organic traffic from any country we want.

What is SEO?

Its real name is search engine optimization it is process of getting real and organic visitors to blog or website. We want organic and real time traffic to website. Our aims are to get users which are interested to our content.

Now we are starting series in which you will pick up more knowledge because I will explain in details WordPress SEO tips. If you follow pursue of these tips you will get more advantages.

SEO Friendly Theme

When you installed WordPress on new domain hosting then a step is come to uploading proper and user friendly theme. It is major point which can increase rank in search engine. Because there are same theme are available which can down website performance and ranking due its awkward layout.

Here is link you can download WordPress SEO friendly theme

Manage Categories and Tags

You can organize post or lesson which you published on your blog. It becomes very easy to users or your reader to find specific lesson which they want to read. These both have amazing importance because it helps search engine bots or crawler to crawl contents easily if you index categories or tags. But it is not good to index categories and tags.

But you can use these two things in your WordPress website. if you have any confusion about tags and categories then ask to me.

It is major features in WordPress if you want to do SEO then follow this technique properly. You can use different Plugins but some features without plugin can work perfectly. I am not telling that you did not need plugn, I recommend to suing plugin because without this you can do WordPress SEO properly.

SEO Friendly URL

When we create a post in WordPress we have to create permalinks for that post. WordPress permalinks setting can be set from dashboard->setting section. Keep in mind, post permalink structure should be readable to everyone for human and also for search engine bots.

I want to share some example which can clear tour concepts for SEO friendly URL.

As you are seeing, after root domain there is target keyword which can be easily read by users. If I create link like this*234;

I think human cannot understand that which about this post or link as well as bots also cannot understand this link.

So, give attention while creating permalinks for website.

Generating Google XML sitemap

This feature can increase website ranking faster. Google search engine bots need website map which is called sitemap. It increases website visibility faster in search engine result page. Bots index those pages faster for which you submit sitemap to webmaster tool.

Complete discussion on Google xml sitemap

For this purpose you need to install and active Plugins, one of them I want to share with you.

Make Robots.txt file

It is another WordPress SEO tips to increase website performance in search engine. It is simples file which created by notepad. This file contains some information which we give to crawler. If you want to no index some page or directories then create robots.txt file. This file can be submitted to website root folder, if you cannot do this then ask to me I will help you.

Complete Discussion on SEO robots.txt file

WordPress SEO Optimization Doing Internal Linking

If you have this habit then you can get more page views. When you give a internal link to previous post then must use this attribute in link tag rel=”dofollow” if you did not use then don’t worry, it is default same like this.

Another confusion to internal ink is that, is it best to give target=”_blank” or same tab? This question also save on SEO top website like Moz, according to that expert there is not really benefits to give blank attribute but you can use same tab.

Website Speed Performance

WP is friendly CMS but there is some weak point with it. Some of them it often slow due to installing more Plugins, highly themes etc. it is true that sluggish website can down website rank but you can recover it efficiently but there is need to understand well.

There are majority used tools links are available to this article below this paragraph.

These tools can guide you about your website performance. After getting ideas about website speed you need to remove those issues because it can increase website SEO ranking.

Follow these free online tools to check website speed.


Google insight speed page

Give Attention to Advancement of WordPress Security

If you website have real and original content then you need to secure your website.  There are numbers of black hat hacker who can hack your website easily. It is responsible of you to secure website which become cause of SEO improvement. Because Google also give important to that website which is secure.

There are free and paid plugin are available in the internet market, you can download. Just you have to install and active plugin.

It will be more benefit for your website performance.

 Understating WordPress SEO with Nofollow external Links

It is very important to understand back linking types as no follow and do follow. If you don’t know then we have published a post same this topic. You will get proper guide that what is nofollow and dofollow backlinks in SEO. If you want to get complete knowledge about this topic then click above lesson.

In this section I will tell you that you have to give no follow attribute link to untrusted websites. If website is SEO friendly and Google like that website then you can give do follow attribute otherwise give no follow.

Understanding SSL and HTTPS

I have listened about HTTP which stands for hyper text transfer protocol but today you are learning about HTTPS which means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.  There is no need to explain different between them but I will clear why HTTPS is important while dong WordPress SEO.

It secures your WP website and it encrypts connection between user’s browser and their server.  It is the additional SEO signal which Google give importance. When Google share 200 SEO ranking factors which checked by Google for a website while they rank a website. One of them there is HTTPS factor also exists in those 200 factors.

SSL is stand secure socket layer which secure uses data. These two factors are more useful when your website in like eCommerce which secure uses data and payment system. It standard protocol which encrypt communications between the browser and server.

Top WordPress SEO Plugins

It is greatest way to rank WordPress website or increase performance to use Plugins. If you don’t that how to install or active plugin then don’t need to worry I will clear each and everything in this section.

First of all your job is to find best WordPress SEO Plugins, so you don’t need to find I will share before these lines, you need to just click and download, active and install.

WordPress Yoast

All in One SEO Pack


Doing WordPress SEO With Images optimization

I don’t why beginner did not insert image to their post to get SEO friendly rank. They use images in post but low quality and bed design.

If you want to get more engagement of users then must learn how to do SEO image optimization in WordPress.

First of all, I share some technique while inserting image in SEO friendly content. Some things you need to remember that are given below.

Choose image name and include target keyword

Insert high quality image with attractive design

Use any wp image optimization Plugins which compress images to load faster

Don’t forget alt attribute in <img/> tag. You need to include focus SEO keyword in alt attribute.

<img src=”name of image, include keyword” alt=”focus keyword”/>

If you have any confusion then don’t forget to ask question to me.


Thanks to God.

I sure that this lesson is useful to SEO beginners students. If you are looking best tips which increase wp website SEO then this above lesson is best for you. I have told you each factors which are important. With time to time, I will add this lesson and will try to make better to better this article for beginners.

Now, this section is related to Question and Answer section

Can you do proper WordPress SEO optimization?

So, after learning about articel i sure you have cleared your concep that how to do Proper optimzatio nfo rwordpresss website. now tell me can you able to do SEO for wp?

Do you have WordPress website?This is question is for you!,You need to give me answer in comment section.

Is it important to install WordPress Plugins to do SEO?

Yes, it is quite easy to do SEO for WordPress but you need learn that how to do this.

Isit useful content?

If No, then please give suggestion to me to improve..!

Thank you!

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