Write SEO friendly content – SEO Beginners Guides

How to write SEO friendly content – SEO Beginners Guides

Writing skill is great one if you can. In the market you will see online jobs about content writer. I will not share its importance but I will teach you that how to write SEO friendly content. If you are beginner’s student in SEO then it is best for you. You did not want to ignore any tips or tricks which is related to education or learning. Because you’re educational graph can be high when you learn more things about your fields.

What is SEO before writing Optimized content?  

It is important question if you don’t know. Actually this blog is also about SEO. If you don’t know its definition, function, aims, techniques and specially tips and tricks then here you will learn.

Complete Learn SEO friendly Website Design

SEO is the search engine optimization which has organic techniques to get good rank in search engine. When users search any things which is related to your blog or website, if your blog is appear to first page, then we says that its optimization is good which can be done by Expert.

Why need SEO friendly content

If you want to teach any things to whole world then must learn that how to prepare quality content. Quality is the one technique which can advertise your products or services. Due to this you need to create articles or lessons in such way that users can make a good relationship with your blog or website.


It is also cheeked that users follow that things which is easy to understand for them, so you also need to use easiest languages.  

Can you create high quality and SEO friendly content?

If your answer is yes, then your website or blog will be success for life time. Quality can make good rank then other techniques. It is very amazing one skill if you have, if you have not then try to understand which is not difficult.

No#1. Choose Blog Post Idea to Get High rank

There are numbers of free tool as well as paid which can help every blogger to get real result. But here you need to clear all basic concepts that how to think about post title.

 It is not difficult but need to understand. If you know that how to SEO and content marketing for website then you can think that how to chose title for post.

 Some of them I share some tips which can increase post clicks form search engine rank page.

It is cleared that you are not SEO content machine, but you have to think with your human minds so let’s start to know real tips.

  • Search keywords using differing tools
  • Also search LSI keywords for main keywords
  • Make title combination two good keywords.
  • Be sure you will get positive result.

No#2. How to create SEO Content Searching keywords

Yes, doing searching keywords you can high quality keywords.  It is my own opinion that you must follow any best tools which provide good researching keywords. There are many tools which can provide relative to your topic keywords.

Mostly, I use Google keyword planner to get ideas which is mostly used in the internet world.

I also recommend using this tool but there are many other also free tools, like

  • WordTracker
  • Ninja Search Combination Tool
  • WordPot
  • SEMRush
  • Bing Webmaster Toolbox
  • Keyword Discovery
  • KGen
  • SpyFu

No#3. Give attention to SEO optimized title and description

Description and title is more affective ranking factors in search engine. Mostly beginners did not give attention to these factors. I believe that when you follow these instructions, you will get more benefits from search engine raking.

I am telling you white hat techniques, because black hat can give you more benefits but it will be for some days or some time.

No#4. Check your SEO friendly Content to EXPERT

It is best practice to check your work to expert if you want to become expert from beginners level. Mostly beginner becomes expert doing this technique. If you think that you are complete then you did not become successful expert.

So, before publishing blog content you need to send that that article to any expert who check that article for you.

Expert will give you some instruction which you will follow, that is why you can learn from your mistakes.

No#5. Doing SEO for images and Videos

Yes, you can do video SEO as well as image optimization properly. There are many ways to optimize your media files. I will share some important point which wil be best for you if you follow.

These important points are related to do properly optimization of images and videos.

First of all you have to insert relative and high quality image

If you are using WordPress then use best WordPress SEO Plugins for image optimization

When you insert image, then here is alt tag is also give to image tag. Alt tag is more important place to insert target keyword to get rank. Alt=”here you have to insert target keyword”.

No#6. For videos optimization

It is fundamental step that, you need to select relative videos from YouTube.

It is greater, when you have your own videos on YouTube, but you will not get copyright when you insert videos by inserting embed code.

No#7. User & Search Engine Friendly Fonts and colors styles

Designing of your post can get more traffic best. Here designing means your post setting. If your article fonts are so small in size and bed font family then user will not be able to easily read your post.

According to my opinion that, selecting best fonts and normal size, there will be more benefit of doing this.

You can also use Google font which are most eye catchy but it is good practice that must use normal fonts and size which can be easily read by users.

 No#8. Choose SEO Friendly Content URL

URL is the proper place we insert keyword to get high rank. I think you have listened about permalinks. Which come after your domain name? Here is example of permalink for post.

www.anydomainname/post_name. It is the permalink. Here you need to give some attention that why it is important in creating SEO friendly content. It is due to this that, permalink is the major parts or major factors which is checked by Google spider. When bots of search engine come to crawling or finding pages, it target permalink of website. So we need to make SEO friendly URL.

No#9. Length of SEO Friendly Content

This technique is very amazing to write SEO friendly content or article. It helps search engine bots to crawl fast.

If you don’t know which things are best to get top rank in search engine page? But on this blog you are learning.

Writing more content near 2000 words is not difficult but difficult is to manage content.

In article we need to write some heading, sub heading and inserting relative images and video, when need, add info graphics.

More content length will be ranker in search engine rank page.

No#10 . Checking Grammar and Spelling

Google count small and small error in website performance. I was reading an article in which author was telling that, there are 200 ranking factor which followed by Google.

It also count when you create SEO friendly content for your blog.

One of them it was to checking grammar and spelling of website langue. If your website language is English then must give attention to spelling as well as grammar.

You can sue online tool to get ideas.

If you have ability to access to MA English then he / she will do it for you.

No#11. Linked Previous Lessons

If you have more relevant lesson to new SEO optimized article then must linked. It gives good impression to your reader when you link previous pages.

It is my own experience that when discuss previous post to new post then users come to previous post. Hence bonus rate decrease and page views also increase. This is great benefits for your website ranking.

 No#12. Use Best WordPress SEO Plugins

If you want to do WordPress SEO then use best Plugins which can save a lot of times. Mostly expert use many Plugins but recommend two Plugins which often highly used on WordPress.

All in one SEO

WordPress Yoast

I use both above Plugins for two blogs. You have to use only one Plugins for one blog. SEO friendly article give great impression to users. It increases website life in search engine ranking. When you generate such kind of article then users must find your articles.

To the point, WordPress can also help you to do website optimization properly and in writing SEO friendly content for website.


We have discussed on this topic how to create SEO friendly content. I hope that you have understood properly this topic. If you have any problems relative to today topic, then mention in comment box.

Basically it is very important to learn that how to write SEO friendly article which can increase website traffic. When you do hard work to writing content with search engine optimization rules and regulations then you has to wait to get result. Because SEO search engine optimization is slow process which takes some time to turn result.

Thank to read complete article to get useful ideas.

Improve your writing skills with writing tips

Always share useful tips to your users.

As this article is useful for you and others SEO beginners students then share it to social networks sites.  

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