Google Search Console Guidelines 2020

Google Search Console Guidelines 2020 | complete Google webmaster tools tutorials

Google webmaster tools is the free tool which is provided by Google to their webmaster. This free tool gives lots of information about website performance. In Google search console we can examine about up and downed of website ranking.

Before using Google search console tool, you need to add your website then you will be given access to using webmaster account.

Notes that google updates its product regularity, therefor, their team changed interface of google search console but don’t worry you have to know about basic functionality in this tool.

In this post you will be cleared each and everything related to this tool. So if you have any questions in updated tool then please mention in the comment box, our team will notes as soon as possible.

In SEO beginner tutorials series today, we have to discus on Google search console that how to use it, how we can get information and much more relative to your website performance reports.

More about Google search console or webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is the collection of different tool, so understand this tool is all in one in which we can check different report relative to website SEO.

 So, let’s start complete Google search console with step by step guide. Keep in mind; in this article you will learn each and every thing about webmaster tools. So we will discuss all menus which are mostly important to understand. Without understanding this menu option you cannot learn more about this tool.

So first all we talk about dashboard.

What is Dashboard in Google webmaster tools?

This is very first owner view of your tool; you cannot access to this section without logging. So login with Gmail account to access webmaster tools. After signing then you need to include your website or application which is very easy to do. So copy your website address and insert in input box. After inserting your website or blog address, then you need to verify your website that you are the owner of that website.

Google cannot index your website or cannot display your website on search engine result page until you verify website ownership.

How to Google Web site Verification

So, here you need to verify your website because google want to clear that your are the owner of website. there are different method for webmaster verification. first of all you need to submit your website clicking on “Add property”. Then box will display as below, now add your site and click on continue.

google search console tutorials


This message part in which Google webmaster tools team send you important message. These messages are relative our website performance reports. There are many some issues with your website which face Google spider or bots then they inform you in message section.


This message may about, country target changing, crawling issues, and 404 pages or not found pages issues etc.

Search Appearance features in Google search console

In this section we can inform to Google about data types which we used in website. There may be different types of data types because there may be different websites like blog, ecommerce or social etc. so we will discuss about structure Structured Data, Rich Cards, Data Highlighter, HTML Improvements,, Accelerated Mobile Pages.

We will learn each feature in search appearance section. It is very important to do because it rank you’re on page or off page SEO.

In Google search console, this section is very important but fundamentally it seem too difficult for beginners but we will learn in easily way.

SEO expert give importance to use this feature, so understand seriously, if you want to index your website properly.

Structured Data

Basically it is the data type which we often used in website content. There are many kind of website which we develop and Google indexed that. There are different kinds of data type we use as articles, videos, images, audios etc. In e commerce website there are different data types are used about products etc.

When you develop any project you must create structure for that project. Structure make easy to Google for proper indexing.

Google webmaster tools display data type which Google crawl is using for your website.

After indexing of page Google search consol display items which you are using. Items are collectively data types as persons, things or hentry etc.

This feature can display error which it found with items.

If you want to learn more about Structured Data then Read this article recommended by Google

Rich Cards

Users search queries on search engine and Google display millions of result showing website snippet.

In snippet, Google use website title, description, date, ratings, etc, we can also say it snippet card. Rich card means you can include more information, you can tell further information about your post to Google.


Would you like to improve search engine optimization for your website? Then use rich card which also increase CTR from search engine.

Rich Card is same like rich snippet but rich card use markup structured. It is the advance way to display content on SERP to user screen. Because Google want to display exact result for which user looking for.

Why we use rich card? It help to user to get more information on SERP( search engine result page).

It increase SEO of website

Data Highlighter

For improving of search engine optimization, it is very importance feature to use became in this tool you have to highlight your content and Google use that content to display on search engine result properly.

Google want to get pattern of your website content because your site content have article in which you mention tags, title, images, author rating, date etc. Google likes such kind of information. Google bots understand easily your type of content in order to display result.

Important screenshort for data Highliter

You can use Google data highlighter tool for those pages which have been crawler already. If you want to highlight your content to Google then first of all index your web page then use this tool.

There are some types of content for which you can use search console feature data highlighter tool.

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Local Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Products
  • Software Applications
  • Movies
  • TV Episodes
  • Books
Want to learn further about data highlighter visit official guide from Google Search console.

HTML Improvements

Google search console included a feature in which webmaster can check HTML issues which is very important to fix. According to Google guidelines to webmasters, to improving HTML have no effect on crawling or indexing process but it can affect your website SEO ranking and best for user experience.

As you know on Google search engine result page, show snippet result of web page in which title, meta description are major parts.

So if you ignore to including title or description for your web page then your page may display on search result page but very bad impression to users.

Therefore, here you are missing something you need to improve your HTML coding. In this Google search console section, you can check your website HTML mistake which you need to fix as possible for better result from users.

If you want to get more organic traffic then improve your HTML because Google dislike and did not give importance to that web page with more HTMLs errors

Accelerated Mobile Pages

As we know that Google search engine is the biggest one search engine. Google search engine engineer work day by day to display exact result for which users looking for. Google introduce new feature in Google search console tool that is AMP.

Recommended for you

It is guideline for webmaster to convert your web page into AMP which is advance technique to index your web page fast.

AMP is the accelerated Mobile Page observation which make easy for crawler to index your web page for mobile phone users also.

Create your AMP (accelerated Mobile Page) web pages

If you are using then I am sharing best WordPress Plugin for AMP.


Functionality automatically added to your website using this Pluign. It helps to load fast your website on Mobile devices.

You can design and customize your website as you want to display on mobile devices.

Search Traffic

This major 2nd part of Google search console tool in which we can check about website traffic. Your website traffic may come from different countries with different queries so we can check each any and every relative to traffic from this section. We can also check back links which are link to your website as well as interlinking for your website.

In this section we will talk comprehensively each section as Search Analytics, Links to Your Site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, International Targeting, Mobile Usability.

Search Analytics

In this part we check all about queries which are searching on Google about our website. Users search queries with different keywords which are relative to you website content.  You can check each and every thing about users query, users century from where come to your site, devise (desktop, mobile or tablet etc) which is used, user impression, clicks, CTR (click through rate), search engine result page (SERP) position etc.

 Important Tips:

  • In this section you can target users from different country.
  • We can check keyword position on SERPs
  • It gives details information about
  • After checking keyword position we can work more on that keyword to get top SEO rank.

Links to Your Site

This section tell us about website backlinks which you made on different platform. it display all backlinks although these are no follow, do follow or may be quality or bed back links etc.

Google search console tool give guide about website performance that how to do SEO for website which friendly to search engine as well as your users or audience.

Therefore, this part is very important to analyze website back links which are major parts in search engine ranking purposes.

There are many free and paid tool which give details about backlinks but Google website master tool also explains your site backlinks.

Important tips

You can check good and bed backlinks checking website authority and relevancy.

If you want to remove link from irrelevant website you can use disslaw tool which inform to Google that this don’t give importance to this link.

(To using this tool is recommended by Google which help to webmaster to avoid bed backinks so use this if you need. If you don’t know how to use this tool then mention your comment in comment section)

We can download all details about website linking.

To understand this section which Google added for webmaster, we can increase site SEO fast.

Internal Links

Would you like to check internal links which you created on site content? It is very good habit to create internal link which increase website on page SEO. It is very help full to your readers when they are reading your article and click to another internal link which is relevant to previous article.

Manual Actions

Google website tools it comprehensive one which explain each and every points. This section inform you about manual action.

What means of this tool?

 As Google introduce its different algorithm as panda, penguin etc. if you work against these algorithm then these panda or penguin will attack on your website. Its major dangerous is that your website rank will be down in some time. So check this tool if you have any issues then try to fix.

security-and-manual-action-in-google webmaster tool

International Targeting

Google team introduced a new feature which helps to webmaster for best website performance on search engine result page for specific country.

Would you like to target any specific country? This feature will help you to target country. This help to search or inform to search engine bots or crawler that where they have to display your site majority.


If your website content is relative to technology then find country in which your audience search technology lesson then target that country. In the point of SEO it is great one tip or feature to improve website ranking in specific country. 

Important Guide

If your website is English language then target USA, UK etc because you can get more benefit from such country,

If your blog is in Urdu or Hindi then target Pakistan or India country.

Are you working on Google adsense? Then it is best for that webmaster who wants to increase their CPC. Because USA, UK, Australia etc give high CPC.

Mobile Usability

Google webmaster tools show mobile issue which their bots face while crawling web pages. Google like that website which are mobile SEO friendly because there are mostly users from different country use mobile phone instead of desktop. So we also need to understand mbile usability section to improve website SEO.   

If you have any kind of error n mobile usability feature then be serious to remove tat issues because it directly effect on your website ranking suddenly.

There are some issues which may your web page face, so try to find error and try to fix fast.

Flash usage

If you have uses flash in your website then mobile browser cannot display such sites.  Today it become deprecate to use flash in your site content to design web page, animations, navigation etc. so you need to learn modern website technologies as CSS3 etc.

Viewport confutation

As different visitors visit your site through different devices so you need to specify Meta viewport tag which is very help full for every device browner. If you are facing such issue then try to fix viewport tag setting.

Google Index feature in Google search console

Very important and major feature in Google search console which explain web pages indexing process. In this tool we can examine that how bots or crawler index your sites pages. This section contains some sub section as index status, Blocked Resources and Remove URLs. We will learn all about indexing process and how we can get advantage from this tool, so we will discuss step by step.

Index Status

In this section, you can check website indexing process because search engine bots crawl different pages and try to index to database. Bots may face some issues and problems while indexing your web pages.

Google webmaster tools display a graph or char in which you can check full reports about indexing pages. If your graph is showing good index status (bottom to top) then it is good and it means crawler is indexing your web pages time to time but if graph is showing top to bottom or downward then be serous to find error and try to fix that issue.

Because your website cannot index, so your site will not display on search engine result page.

Important guide

  • You need to fix issue when sudden your graph downward.
  • Make friendly website for crawler and users
  • Follow Google webmaster guidelines

Blocked Resources

Google bots crawl web page, so due to this it need to index resources pages also. When you create web page it will be linked to another page like JavaScript, JQuery CSS etc which are important to link.

If you have blocked resources page like designing page (JQuery, CSS) or JavaScript then try to unblock. Because blocking of such page can down website ranking in search engine.

Such pages are blocked in robots.txt file. You need to find one line which causes this issue. If you have any confusion while unlocking resource then asks to my team to fix such issues.

Google needs resources page in order to index pages properly.

Remove URLs

This tool is very help full when you want to block any web page on from website on temporary basis. Google search console tool give a facility to webmaster to hide some page on search result page. There   may be some pages which will be awkward and you want to block that don’t show on SERP then use this tool. This tool will hide those pages temporary.

If you want to block web pages then open this section and click on temporary hide link, a input box will open so paste URL which you have copied. Then click on continue button.

After submitting URL it will be on pending but after some days or time, that web page will be removed.

So don’t try to continue blank input box, because your main domain will be hide.

Crawl feature in Google search console

Google search console is best tool for webmaster which helps to web master to create friendly website. Due to this, it inform different issue or problems and also provide solution that how to fix that issues. So don’t ignore such Search tools Google.

More about search console we will share knowledge with you in this section. When bots crawl your web page then bots face different kind of issues due to this you has to inform from webmaster tools about crawl errors report, stats of crawling etc.

It not enough guide but also provide some sub tool which help us to increase SEO and good website performance. Let’s start

We can use fetch as Google feature which crawl your web page fast.

You can submit sitemap to inform Google bots that your website is developed.

You can also check different URL in robots.txt tester in order to find that your webpage is blog or not. Very helpful tool!

Crawl Errors

In this section, Googlebot show error which come during crawling web pages.  When GoogleBot try to index page it may face some HTTP error like 404. There may be some problems or issues with your website pages which give errors.

Crawl error show that our bots cannot successfully to crawl your web page so remove that issues which becomes reason of error.

This tool show result past 90 days, so be patient GoogleBot take time to crawling web pages and then give confirm result.

As 404 pages which cannot found on the internet, it down your website SEO ranks in search engine. Not found pages bad impression to users. So try to fix such kind of error pages which Google search console tool inform in your account.

Want to more learn about webmaster crawl error?

Guidelines for you!

Crawl Stats

This webmaster tools explains robots different activities on your website.  Such actively on your website may be crawling pages, downloading pages or time spends on downloading. This tool shows stats for past 90 day’s reports.

crwal-states-in-google-search console -tool

This crawl activity show three categories stats as high, average and low.

It also display report with graph, you can understand easily.

This webmaster tools is for only verified website.

Fetch as Google

This tool is very useful if you want to check how Google bots crawl your web pages. We can also use fetch as Google to check that whether bots can access your web page or not. It is also useful when yu want to debugging.

This feature awesome if you want to index your web page fast in Google search result page.

If you want to fetch any web page then copy that URL and past into fetch box. Keep in mind you have to past only permalink without domain name. if you want to leave blank it mean you want to fetch entire domain.

 After submitting URL Google will send its bots to crawl that page, in case of error, it will show in crawl error tool.

robots.txt Tester

Robots file is the special file for GoogleBot which is very important to have. Every webmaster gives importance to this file because such file can prevent your site from copy right issues or security issues.

We did not want to learn that how to create or generate robot file but we have to learn how to use robots tester tool and how we can get advantage of such tool.

Basically in this file, you need to give some guidelines or instruction to GoogleBot about that page or directory which you did not want to index.  After reading that instruction which you provide, GoogleBot will not crawl that pages or directly hence will not be indexed.

How to test your webpages in this tool?

Copy URL and past into input box below the robot file and click on Test. After testing you will check that it is block or allowed to GoogleBot. It is not enough you can select different Google bots as for images, videos, news, mobile etc.

It helps to webmaster, whether your robots file is working fine or not. That is why Google search console tool is very friendly to webmaster. Very help full!


Sitemap is complete map for your website content. According to SEO expert, submitting sitemap to Google webmaster tools is very important if you want to index your all web pages properly.

sitemap in webmaster tool

Google also recommended submitting site map because it make easy for bots to crawl website all pages.

There are online tools and WordPress Plugins which create sitemap for your pages, posts, categories, tags, images, videos etc sitemap, only you need to submit.

If you create a new website, then upload some original content or publish post then create sitemap and submit.

As I have told you about sitemap generating Plugins and tools which Google recommended, I want to share that Plugins.

URL Parameters

Security Issues

This feature helps to check any security issues on your website. Google search console is the helpful one tool which inform to webmaster about security problems. If anyone trying to hack your website then Google search console will inform you in your webmaster account. Then you have to remove those issues.

If you are using WordPress then there are many security Plugins which secure your website from hacker. Search engine optimization like that website which is secure one. So it is SEO signal which you have to get.

In search console tool, Google will display issues reports about malware virus which is very dangerous for your website content. If you informed about malware then you need to remove that virus using Plugins or ask to Expert.

Thanks to read complete tutorials on google search console, i hope it will help you to understanding that how to use properly such account. yet if you have any confusions / problems then dont forget to comment.

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