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By | December 27, 2019

Search engine optimization starter Google Guidelines 2020 | Google SEO Guide

Google team like Matts Cutts engineer who work with Google team in Search engine optimization department. In this lesson we have to discuss on Google SEO guide which we have to follow. Google SEO guidelines are very helpful to every webmaster. Because their team want to become a good search engine which help users properly. Now a day it is very difficult to get high rank in search engine but not impossible. It is difficult to that people who did not want to learn SEO from the basics.

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More About Search Engine Optimization Guides by Google

SEO tutorials for beginners are available on this blog to get free lesson. Google update and give guides to their webmaster about content. Mostly blogger penalized due to violation of Google SEO guide. When we create content, we have to give attention on Google content guidelines for SEO. We have to write article according to Search engine bots rules and we have to target user’s level also. So let’s start to discuss on this topic.

What is search engine optimization Before Google SEO Guide?

Basically SEO is referring to phrase search engine optimization. Would you like to improve your website on Google first rank page?, then be serious to learn SEO according to Google guide. If you want to get organic traffic from direct search engine then give time to learn search engine optimization from the first step.

In this lesson we will share Google SEO guide to every webmaster which will be more helping full to get real and organic rank from Google search engine. After reading this lesson, surely you will convert your website content from low quality to high, if your website has low quality content. Keep in mind Google give real importance to that content which satisfy the users, peoples and search engine spider also.

Google SEO Basics Guideline

SEO is the art, techniques, way, or method to rank legally your website in search engine. You did not need to get paid rank using different tactic like sponsored or adwards etc. always think about organic traffic from search engine.

There are some points which I would like to share with you about SEO basics Google guide.

1#: What Google say about Website / Blog / Post Title

When we search any query on Google search engine or other search engine we check that on search engine result page appear your website with title. That is why it is very important to learn.

google seo guidelines tutorials
  • Basically title should be unique to others title.
  • Title should describe your website homepage content in one line.
  • In title you have to tell about your website to search engine and users so be attentive.
  • When you write website homepage or individually post title it should be included in <head> <title>Title will be here</title> </head> tag.
  • You did need to write more than one line but should be 50 characters.
  • In title, you have to include target keyword to inform search engine bots.
  • Include your website name, business name, your business location etc in title to properly inform search engine.

2#: Google SEO Guide about Website / Blog / Post Description

Search engine optimization becomes more advanced, now a day you can give deception to search engine or users. In this section we will share Google SEO guide about writing unique description about each page or post. Keep in mind your website, posts, or pages description display on search engine result page when your website appears.

Google SEO Description tutorials Guides

Key Points in Details

  • When you have written article then think about description
  • There are two kind of description, one is homepage description which describes whole website content but in individually post description is only describing individually post content.
  • In description you have to include focus SEO keyword only one time.
  • You did not need to explain your content in paragraphs but it should contain 140 characters.
  • You have to give unique description for each posts or pages.
  • It should be relative to your content.
  • Irrelevant description will not be accepted by Google bots.
  • Don’t use same description for all pages or posts.
  • Define your content accurately in description.
  • It should be user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

3#: Google SEO Guide about site Structure Improvement /Layout/ theme/ templates

Google SEO guides is free of cost to every webmaster but we need to understand.  We are sharing each tips or techniques which are recommended by Google. In this section we have to discuss about website structure.

You have often checked website layout or structure which seem to every simple and users friendly one structure but on other hand there will be some templates which give bed impression to users and search engine.

So upload template or theme which seems to simple, responsive and user’s friendly one, because it increase search engine optimization rank. And Google give important to that website which are responsive and user friendly.

4#: Google SEO guide about Friendly URL Structure

We have discussed on previous classes about permalinks which have great importance in search engine optimization ranking. If you have no knowledge about permalink then need to understand.

First of all you have to understand what is permalink in search engine optimization?

It is the URL which shows in the top bar below the window bar as show in the figure.

As you can see in the figures, permalink is the link of your website pages or post which indicate the domain name, slug, category, and page name or post name.

We can change permalink easily and we also need to create SEO friendly permalink URL.

More about permalink according to Google guidelines we discuss below headings

What Google say about permalinks?

Keep in mind it display on the search engine result page so be attentive to write permalinks.

  • Always choose 3 to 4 words in permalink after domain name
  • As you know that it may file name which you have uploaded, so it should contain focus keyword also. (file may be like .html, .css, .php or images videos etc.).
  • In permalinks w you have to mention target keyword for which you want to get rank.
  • If you are using WordPress then there will be setting for permalink in WordPress dashboard you can set easily. But keep in mind there will be more option for seating these link. Only chose post name permalinks.
  • When your permalink contain focus keyword or user’s friendly words then search engine bots or spider will be easy to crawl your website or post.
  • It should be descriptive and unique to others
  • Don’t mention post number or strange text which is irrelevant to post content.
  • Did not need to increase its length.
  • Don’t need to nest deeply directory like ./direc1/direc/direc/direc4/post.html”

5#: Optimize content according to Google SEO Guide

SEO beginner students cannot spend time to learn Google guideline which given to webmaster. If we understand webmaster guidelines then we can success in blogging and can become top of the list blogger. Because it have high potential to success.

So, in this part we are discussing to creating SEO friendly content according to google guideless about content.

Can we create useful and quality content for the users? If yes, then you can earn more organic traffic for life time!

Let’s start that what Google say about content.

Content is the main thing on the website which we create. Users did not give value to that content which contain worthless. As you know that you also did not open that iste which have no benfit for you. This believes have been proved that, users give importance and value to that content which have useful materials.

There is Google content guideline which are mention below:

  • First of all create page and write content according to users’ needs which they looking for.
  • In content you have to target users problems which they face and try to solve.
  • Never deception to users.
  • Write content according to title which you wrote.
  • You have to describe your topic accurately which help to user.
  • Some webmaster did not help to users through content they want only traffic or visitor so don’t try to get ONLY visitors.
  • Don’t repeat keyword in page but use a specific limit of keyword which is 1-3%. That is called keyword density.
  • When you use image for best performance then add alt attribute to inform search engines spider.
  • Don’t make fool to search engine because search engine spider can understand your activity and can panelized your website.
  • Don’t create doorway pages.
  • Don’t try to copy content from other website to past in your website pages.
  • Always rel=”canonical” attribute to pages or post to avoid duplicate content in your website. Because in entire website there will be pages or post which will be similar to each other so use this relation.
  • So be caring full and follow Google content guidelines to prevent your website plenty..

6#: Google SEO Guide about Dealing with Crawler 

According to Google SEO guide, we can block certain pages or posts which we did not want to display on search result page. There will be some pages or posts which are not useful to search engine as well as users. Google give you a facility to block pages from spider. After blocking pages or posts, it will not crawled by spider.

In the section, we will talk about Google guidelines about crawling websites pages. I mean we will share some techniques about robotx.txt file.

  • If you want to block some pages, you need to create robots.txt file.
  • This file extension is .txt file which is simple notepad file.
  • If some pages are not useful then block theme.
  • You can give NOINDEX attribute to that page which you want to block from spider.
  • This file contain webmaster instruction in which spider be attentive in crawling pages.
  • There is another term which is nofollow. It is the HTML attribute which is used to give any page in which you did not want to allow to spider to follow link in that page.
  • If you have any question about above discussion then leaves your thoughts in comment section.

7#: Mobile SEO Google Guidelines

After reading and researching and understand Google SEO guide lines about mobile SEO, I will share result of Google guides that what Google desire.

Complete guide about Mobile SEO

It is cleared that today mobile users are more that desktop users. There are 60% above are mobile users which are increasing day by day. So it is very important to understand Google guideline about Mobile SEO which is very important implement.

Implementation of mobile SEO on website is not difficult but difficult is that we don’t know that how to implementing. So don’t worry I will share important points which can help you to implement mobile SEO on your website.

Search engine optimization process is run on both desktop and mobile. When we search on Google from desktop and mobile phone we get different result. It is due to fact that there is some ranking factor which Google give important. Those factors we will discuss!

Learn and Understand Mobile SEO Techniques

Google mobile SEO 2018 techniques are available on https://backlinko.com/mobile-seo-guide. Brian Dean explain that how to create fully responsive website which open easily on mobile derives and other all small and lard devise.

First of all check your website theme or template is it responsive or net. You can check your site on http://responsivedesignchecker.com. Now let’s to understand different points which are used to make mobile friendly website.

Use responsive theme or template if you are WordPress user then there are bundles of theme on wordpress.org you can download free.

Mostly webmaster uses the same URL for both mobile and desktop version that is not good. Webmaster should use different version of URL for mobile and desktop.

When users try to open your site from mobile it should be redirect from desktop version to mobile version.

Google spider for crawling pages for mobile version like Google-Bot-Mobile tries to crawl pages of your website. If those pages are for desktop version then you need to redirect to mobile URL.

In some cases, there is same URL, will not be redirect but there will be different in content format. Here, mobile users and desktop user will get same URL but different will be in content format.

 Now what you need to do to optimize your website for mobile?

For WordPress users


In this post we have discussed on Google SEO guide, in that I told you if you want to confirm your website in search engine specially Google then follow Google SEO guidelines.

If you want to become a good blogger as well as expert in web development or designing then follow webmaster guideline. These guidelines are very helpful to success in blogging field.

Now, it is your responsibility to implement on your blog or website. As I mentioned Google guides about SEO deeply but you can learn each guide individually also.

If you have further question or confusion then don’t forget to leave your comment.

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