12+ Tips To Improve Search Engine Optimization |Improve SEO

By | January 4, 2020

How to improve search engine optimization |Improve SEO

Would you like to improve site ranking? Then be serious to learn and understand that methods and techniques which are used to improve search engine optimization for a website. First of all, you need to understand what is SEO? Then you will be able to improve Google search result for your website posts. In my opinion, it is necessary to work on website optimization, if you cannot do it then hire SEO expert from top SEO Company who will work on your website to improve its SEO.

In this beginner tutorial, we have mentioned Google website ranking factors which are important to learn for beginners.

SEO Ranking factors TO Improve search engine optimization

There are website ranking factors are discus below for improvement for Google search result. So understand each factor and apply on your blog or websites. If you cannot understand then mention your question. We will GUIDE you.

No#1. Follow Google webmaster guideline to Improve SEO

Google desire is that, peoples get exact result through our search engine. Google recommended to webmaster that follows our guidelines which are provided by Google expert engineers like Matts Cuts. These guidelines improve your website SEO and usability on search engine result page. Some of them, I have shares some webmaster guidelines points.

Confirm search engine bots

Confirm users

Don’t try to duplicate content

Proper SEO on page and off page

Create sitemap and robots.txt file

Mobile SEO

And much more…

No#2. Mobile SEO friendly website

Now a day, if your website is bad on mobile devices or other small devices, then you cannot take part in blogging or competitions. Because today, you need to focus on Mobile SEO with this reason, that mostly users use mobile phone to open your website. You can check your Google analytic account, you will check a graph in which you will be notice that, how much users come from desktop and mobile or tablet.

Mobile users are 60% more than desktop and time to time, it is increasing gradually.

Google restrict recommend to create Mobile SEO friendly to improve your search engine optimization.

No#3. Speed up website is the Best Practice

Website speed up is the website ranking factor. You have to control site speed. Mostly site will be penalized which speed is down. There are some online software or tools, using that you can check speed test. Google included this factor in its ranking algorithm.

Google update its algorithm in July 2018 for speed up.

Check your website speed


Google insight Speed

No#4. High Quality content to improve Site Ranking fast

Producing high quality content is good job and Google give rank such kind of content. Google also recommend publishing quality content. It is also true that, publishing low quality content, Google can penalize your website. Good content is the king which liked by users. High quality content means you need to write article in which you explain each and every thing about that topic which you selected and include additional information with images, external links or videos etc.

Complete guide about SEO friendly content

Doing this, you can improve SEO time to time.

No#5. Build Backlinks for individually pages and root domain

From Google 200 SEO website ranking factor, we checked that it is necessary to build backlinks for website which give backend support. Backlinks provide high quality SEO signals for website ranking.

What is Backlinks in SEO

You have habit to create backlinks for root domain, it is good but also need to create individually pages backlinks.

Create 50 backlinks per day, after some month you will get unlimited links, this Search engine optimization strategy can improve website ranking gradually.

Some sources you can use for life time to get backlinks which are given below:

Blog commenting

Article submission

Guest posting

Blog submission

Videos sharing

No#6. Google webmaster tool to improve search engine optimization

Very amazing tool of Google for webmaster which is totally free of cost. It provides different tools and features to webmaster which are necessary to know. It provides information about backlinks, search appearance, crawling errors, sitemap, robot tester, and much more features.

We have discussed Google search console features on this blog. If you want to get comprehensive lesson then here is guide for you.

Google search console tutorials

No#7. Relative content to your website niche

If you want to improve your website search engine optimization then upload relative content. Relative content is liked by users and search engine bots also. I have told you in previous classes that search engine optimization understand relevancy and irrelevancy. Therefore, SEO give more good signals to that website which contain relative content.

No#8. Share to social Networking Sites to improve SEO

Mostly webmaster get more traffic from social media website like facebook, twitter, raddit etc. very important to create social profile to engage users to your website. You can find your website content audience from social sites. For example you blog is about technology tricks, now you can find technology related group from facebook, and publish post about technology you will get more interested users.

You can improve search engine optimization when you share old and new post to social website.

Google also count social signals to rank website. So it is ranking factor for site.

No#9. Use of images with alt tag

Google robot rank images fast in image search engine.  The point which you need to learn is alt tag. Alt tag is so important which is alternative tag of images. For examples your image on website page cannot display due to wrong address or others issues, so here image will not display but that text will be display which you mention in alt tag.

Learn to do Optimization of Images

Its format is alt=”user defined words”

In the place of user define word; you must need to mention primer or secondary keyword. So including keyword in alt tag can improve search engine optimization. So don’t forget do this.


Don’t steel images from Google image search engine

Use these sites to get free of cost image.

It is good habit to edit image in Photoshop if you want to prevent your website or blog from copyright issues.

No#10. Meta tags like title, description, keyword

Meta tags are more important to describe for web page because it’s directly relation with SEO. Title and description define web page content. Google say that we don’t know about your content. That is why you have to tell our robot about content. Due to this reason, need to describe some robot tag like description, keywords etc. but keep in mind now a day Google not mention keyword in its ranking factors. But you can mention keyword for your web page for other search engines.

So don’t forget title and description for your web pages. 

No#11. SEO friendly Permalinks

Would you like to improve Google search result for your website post? Then create SEO friendly URL for post. Basically it is your web page link which should be different to each other. Google mention website URL structure in it algorithm and say that it should be shorter.

If you want to write Google friendly permalinks then keep some techniques in your mind

Include primary keyword

As possible, secondary keyword also

Make shorter link as 3 to 4 words

Unique to others

No#12. Hire SEO expert if you NEED !

Are SEO expert? Then don’t need to hire. If you want to commute your competitor then do some investment to hire SEO expert. Mostly peoples hire expert who do work for them.  We are also suggesting to beginner who doesn’t know what SEO is, and want to success in search engine optimization competition then hire.


I hope you are familiar with our easy tutorials, if you have any confusion then mention in comment section. I have mentioned different techniques and SEO improvement methods.

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