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Make Best Search engine optimization Strategies

Search engine optimization technique to improve website ranking through ranking factors which are recommended by Google. We are sharing major search engine optimization strategies legally to all my students. There is not allowed to violet Google webmaster guidelines otherwise you will be penalized. Somebody wants to get more clicks from search engine result page (SERP) but don’t know how to get such success.

SEO Strategy

There are few methods and tips which fulfill your this dream to get more organic traffic from directly search engine. In the opinion of expert, there should be regularity in doing SEO for your website; otherwise your website ranking will be down gradually.  You need to follow SEO strategy to improve your website.

Website Ranking Factors |Best Search engine optimization Strategies For Webmasters

No#1: Don’t forget to Building backlinks

Back links fully support your website SEO ranking and improvement. We have checked many ways to create backlinks through different sources but some cool and major ways, I will share with you. We discuss search engine optimization strategies methods. In that strategy we included building backlink for your website main domain name and also for individually pages. Don’t limited for some time but creating backlinks should be life time with website.

Complete Guide for SEO Backlinks

Some cool and main methods for building backlinks are given below:

  • Commenting on relative blog for life but don’t make spam. Do comment on only 30 blog per day.
  • Create amazing and relative with your web content article, and publish to specific article directly, here you can earn more authority LINK.
  • Create blog and publish some post on blogger, WordPress, weebly or wix etc.
  • Social bookmarking
  • Keywords for life time

We are talking about keywords which are main words for your website using that words users can find your web content. Keywords for life time means, you are targeting keyword for life time. When you create a post and publish it. Then next step is come to promote that post using different SEO strategy. As backlinking, sharing to social websites, get commenting; get social signals or shares etc.

Complete guide about SEO keyword

For finding keywords, you have to use some keyword research tools like Google keyword planner to find out more searchable keywords on the internet but understand keyword relevancy with your website articles.

Search engine strategy tells us just understand process and then do small work and get more result. This can be done for that time when you work with planning. As we are telling you different SEO strategies which you should know and to apply on your site.

Conclusion: Target more relevant and friendly keyword for your website article.  

No#2: Readable Website / Post / Page Title is the best Search engine optimization Strategies

As you know, we have taught in previous class about Google SEO title for web pages. But in this we share some points about its important and why we include it in search engine optimization strategies. It is because of Google guidelines. Without title, Google cannot crawl your webpage properly and will not display on search engine result page.

In fact, title is the HTML tag with this format <title>………</title>

In opinion of expert, title is defining website content. There are some places and portion in which Google include title tag.

In web snippet on SERP, Google needs web page title.

It display on browser window bar top side.

When you are sharing your post on social media sites, there is title which display on social website.

Conclusion: don’t forget to mentioning title and include focus keyword in your SEO friendly title.

No#3: Think Proper Descriptions for your website / post

It is HTML Meta tags with this format:

<meta name=”description” content=”here you have to define article description”>

Google announced about optimized description which responsible for organic rank. You should know about Google ranking algorithm then you can follow better search engine optimization strategies. In short, I want to say you that define your article in some lines as 100 to 200 characters. Because Google want to collect information about web content, in order to calculate relevancy.

Complete guide about SEO description

There are some tools or WordPress Plugins like all in one SEO or Yoast SEO Plugin. These Plugins give you facility to write proper description for individually pages or post.

Description is the ranking factor which is recommended by Google to use.

If you write properly description for your post also including primary and secondary keywords.

No#4: SEO friend URL very Important

Friendly means you need to write or create link for your web page in such way that easy to read for every your readers. It also put impression to spider like Googlebot in crawling web pages. We are sharing important Search engine optimization strategies with our student. After reading these also points your website will be improve gradually. So learn to understand how you can make URL which friendly accepted by reader or crawler.

Complete guide about Image optimization

There are some techniques or tricks you need to fallow. That is not difficult but need to understand.


  • Always create small and small URL because Google guides that use three to four words in URL.
  • Don’t forget to include primary keyword.
  • As possible, use secondary also.
  • Pictures

Usually that web page ranked quickly which contain more images or info graphics but care of some things. To insert images which give information to reader more about topic to understand easily is good habit. But keep in mind don’t forget to get benefit of inserting images. You know that we insert image using HTML tag like this:

<img src=”image.jpg” alt=”say spider using keyword”>

Nice, you are seeing that there are two attributes which I used src and alt. Both are necessary to use. But you should know importance of alt tag which increase website ranking. Mostly expert include this methods in top SEO ranking factors. So understand its benefit.

You can include primary or as possible secondary keyword as value in alt tag. If you want to free search engine marketing then use of images because image can rank fast then your post in Google image search engine.

No#5: Make your own Videos

To improve your website SEO you have to find methods, tricks and effectively techniques which are recommended by Google, then apply on your website to get organic result.

We are discussing about videos, users or your blog reader take interest to watch relative videos. Mostly you have seen often, animate videos are more watched by users. So it depend upon your working that you can investment for creating animated video or simple copy from YouTube.

Don’t worry about video copy right issues, still no updates about copy right issues for videos from Google algorithm.

To developing SEO marketing strategy is easy but work regularly is difficult. Google also count regularity of webmaster. After creating website, you need to give specific time to update. When you update your site content then Google give extra signals for ranking. So make SEO plan to follow Google guidelines and also for improvement website.

No#6: Use of Social networks is the Best SEO Strategy

Using social sites for long time regularly you will get treasure of knowledge, relative field friends, audience and much more. Very abundance use of facebook in all over the word. SEO strategy tell us do little work and get more result. But you have to develop SEO plan for strategy then you will be success.

What you have to do:

  • You need to create profile on facebook, twitter, linkden, Google plus etc only 5 to 10.
  • Complete your social profile
  • And start to publish posting
  • Increases numbers of follower and friends
  • More your follower you will get more traffic
  • Quality content

Google recommended and mention in its guidelines that produce quality content. Now a day Google works properly and provides 100% exact result to users.  SEO marketing strategy tell us don’t try to publishes weak content which contain only keywords.  Google dislike that web page content which have no quality content.

Important tips for you:

You are allowed to publish content with min 500 words controlling keyword density, proximity and prominence.

Users will give importance to your content when they get help from your article.

No#7: Mobile friendly is the best SEO Strategy

After researching on internet and reading Google guidelines about Mobile SEO we concluded that Google will block website which are bad layout for mobile devices. Google did not want to lose its users, because 60% users are using mobile phone to open Google search engine to find anything.

Complete guide about Mobile SEO

There are free methods and techniques available; you can convert your website into Mobile friendly with very simple ways.

Upload responsive theme, WordPress users? Very easy to find such them, visit official website

Use AMP Mobile accelerated page recommended by Google, you can check website amp integration in Google search consol tool.

Website search engine optimization is very necessary to do; otherwise your all important data will be lost. Because Google did not include low quality data in its database.


We have SEO Company named JafriSEO, you can help us or can ask question relative to SEO marketing. We have shared top search engine optimization strategies which we used for our website improvement. You cannot achieve top rank in one day but it will take more and more time so learn to be patient. After reading this SEO beginners tutorials, I hope that it will be cleared everything to you, yet, you have confines or question, allow you to mention question in comment box.

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