What is 301 Redirect in SEO | Jafri SEO Tutorials Beginners

What is 301 redirect in SEO | JafriSEO Tutorials Beginners

You are learning SEO tutorials from beginner level, we will demonstrate each and every term that used in search engine optimization. Now today we have to discuss about redirection which is mostly used!

Redirecting is the method to send users and search engines bots to new URL instead of existing URL. It is 301 redirect example that, you have a link as domain.com/page1 (A) and you want to send your visitors or search engine spider to new to URL as may be like this one domain.com.page2 (B) .

There are two types of redirect here, one is temporary and other is permanent. These number are hyper text transfer protocol response code

For Permanent Redirection it is 301 & For Temporary Redirection it is 302

When any user or bots of search engine reached to such URL “A” it will be send to another page. Users or search engine will not be able to access URL “A”. This process is called redirection. And this redirection will be permanent that is why 301.

When you want to redirect any page to another page permanently you have to use 301 redirect. Basically you want to give exact result to users which they looking for. So, we did not want to display irrelevant result to users.

301 Redirection is Must | SEO tutorials

We know that SEO is the search engine optimization which has great power full techniques to optimize content on the internet world. But doing this we have to follow some instructions and regulation which become responsible for our success. I often say that you must have to follow smallest SEO ranking factor because it can increase website SEO ranking in search engine. Never ignore any light ranking factor. So doing this we can increase our wbeite organic traffic.

 301 Redirect example

You will have noticed that when you try to access any website with this URL domain.com you redirect to www.domain.com address or http://www.domain .com why it happens?

If you want to purchase new domain and want to link to old domain? How you will do it? It very simple way, you need to do 301 redirect permanently. Users will shift from old domain to new domain. There are a lots of famous website example like moz, upwork etc. these sites were with different domain name but now they change to new domain name. You cannot access with old domain name.  

How to 301 redirect | WordPress Plugins

There are some ways to do but I will share some methods which are mostly used and easy to do. If you are suing WordPress CMS system then doesn’t worry, you can use free Plugins to do redirection any pages to another page. Some important and most used Plugins, I would like to share with you. Check below:

Complete learn WordPress SEO

301 redirect .htaccess | Generate Code

If you want to add code in your website then there are some online tools which generate redirection code for your website. You can include that code to your website .htaccess file uploaded to website root folder.

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