What is Google Bounce Rate | SEO Tutorials

By | January 5, 2020

What is Google Bounce Rate | SEO Tutorials

Bounce rate is the average time of visitor when stay or remain on your website as reading articles, watching videos, interacting to different things, tools, games etc. Actually B/R is learned when you are learning web traffic analysis.

User visit website in order to finding required topics etc. But some reader when enter to website then in millisecond they return, there are more reason on this behavior.

Surly you are webmaster or SEO expert then you have knowledge about Google web analytic account which gives accurate details about website tracking. We did not want to explain web analytics tool in this SEO tutorials but it is very important to explain some it’s working.

Learn about Google webmaster tool

In simple word, you need to understand, that B/R is the average time calculated by Google for user which spend on your website. We build website in such way that user remain our website for more time to analyze something, reading tutorials, watch videos, educational games, dictionaries, online tools etc

What is a good bounce rate

When I was learning SEO search engine optimization from my teacher. He told to me that if your website have low bounce rate near 40 then it is good. Otherwise you need to work on it that how to reduce B/R.  Some new website have high bounce rate, so don’t worry about it, because with time to time it will be go on increasing. Website B/R should be low as possible according to SEO expert.

In this post, i am not teaching you about which factor impact on low bounce rate. But very soon i will publish an post in which i discussed each factors with details.

Any question about B/R ? very short SEO tutorial but I don’t mention here how to reduce B/R. Don’t worry I will demonstrate on this topic in more details.

What you learn new in this post?

Any confusion or questions or suggestion ?

In which SEO topic you have confusion then i will publish tutorials about that !

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