How do Search Engines Work |SEO Tutorials

By | January 5, 2020

How do Search Engines Work |SEO Tutorials

Before understanding search engine learn what is SEO? SEO search engine optimization is the algorithm which defines pages rank of different websites. Basically it is the collections of techniques and tactics which support website in SERP. In this beginner lesson we are talking about that how do search engines work. You will learn how does Google search engine work when users put query (word or collection of word also called keyword).


I will share top search engines list which is mostly used by users to find information.

What and How do Search Engines Work ?

Basically it is the collection of software which provides any kind of information to users. Its result display on users screen matching with your query. Basically it open on any web browser like Google chrome, Mozilla etc. if you want to learn more then continue reading.

It turns result accruing to user’s keyword. This keyword called generally query which go to their data base and start to matching result which should be more relevant; hence you get billions of result.

Now ! Difference steps discussed for Search Engines Working

In this section, we are ready to teach you how do search engine works. All methods and process we will share with you. You need to understand line by line, yet, you don’t understand then mention your question typing in comment box. I sure that you will learn perfectly after reading this beginner guides. Everyone have android mobile phone in which Google chrome is default installed.

Complete Learn Google SEO guidelines

Google chrome is also Google product and set default Google search engine. Due to this and other reasons Google search engine is mostly used than other. We are teaching working of Google search engine.

Because Google is different to other search engines but don’t worry we will clear each and every confusions.

Crawling by crawler

In terms of SEO, crawling is the process of finding web pages for indexing to huge data storage. This process of crawling is done by web crawler. In Google search console we can check crawl state on website. We are talking about search engine working. So, first of all, your web pages are crawl by someone software, we say that spider or robot. This robot can understand web pages kind or content nature. If you include duplicate content on your website, then robot can understand that you published duplicate content, you may penalize by Google.

So, you have understood, first process is to crawling web page. Your website pages may have some errors or issues which are detected by robots, so you can check such errors or warnings during crawling in Google webmaster tool.

Indexing your Web pages

As you know that Google and other companies like yahoo bing become advanced. They want to store records of websites. For this reasons they use huge database which can stored more than billions results. Its main purpose is to provide exact result to users at TIME. So, different company store web pages with locations also. It has great importance in SEO. If you want to improve your search engine optimization for new website then understand how Google index your web page properly. During indexing process search engine software can face issues which can be checked by Google search console tool.

So, 2nd step is to index website’s different page to data storage.

If I tell you some importance of indexing website. When you have indexed website, then your site SEO will be increasing gradually (but should follow others SEO techniques).

If you did not allow search engine crawler that index your website, then your website will not display on Search engine result page (SERP). So, if your site did not display on serp then don’t need to hard work because you are wasting your time.

Calculating Relevancy with Keyword

I know, I have mentioned that SEO is alternate name is the relevancy. Don’t understand? Need to learn more. Basically, we don’t that how does SEO work. After understating search engine optimization working, you will notice that it check only relevancy on website content with users queries. Keep in mind 200 SEO factors are checked by Google on webmaster website.

3rd step is to calculating relevancy of keywords with web page content in database. You know better, there are millions categories will be in Google data storage. And your website will be storage in specific category. Users put only keyword but don’t know how do search engine work. In the backend many process are done, then you get exact result. There are famous and expert engineer are working in the backend of Google, yahoo bing etc.

Therefore, it is the third step!

The web page which are more relevant to users query, then search engine provide that website first rank on first page, and other 2nd ,3rd and so on.

Ranking your website

As we have told in different beginner’s tutorials that Google analyze 200 SEO factors in website and compere to other site. Web page which nearest to Google confirmation will have good rank. In this process Google give ranking number to different page. It may be thousand, lack or millions etc.

Displaying result

Now, at last, Google display result on search engine result page. Top ten result on first page of Google will be more relevant result but next page others will have low priority to user keyword.

You have learned about how do search engines work which is important to student to understand. In case of relative questions you can ask to me.

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