What is Search Engine Optimization Ranking or SEO RANKING?

By | January 5, 2020

What is search engine optimization ranking or SEO RANKING?  

Search engine optimization is the process of share your knowledge to users and search engine in awesome ways that liked by reader and spider (search engine). We have to discuss about what is search engine optimization ranking? Because mostly SEO beginner students ask about how can I improve SEO for my website? But they don’t what is ranking first! So understand this term and some techniques how you can you apply on your website

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What is SEO and how it does work

What is RANKING First ! in SEO ranking?

Ranking is the given number or any position of your website from million of website on SERP we can say that it is authority which provided by Google (Google search engine) on its search engine result page (SERP). When you entered any query in search box, in millisecond you received billions of result with pagination. Very important result of Google is the first 10 result. Because mostly users click on first 1 to 5 or 10, they did not want to go to next page, because they received their required information in first page.

search engine optimization ranking

If you are thinking about on first page search engine optimization ranking and your website is new one don’t worry for getting such rank because you can get slowly slowly depend upon your SEO strategy which you are following.

As Google did not give easily top position in SERP but you can get it applying top SEO ranking factors on your website. I will share recommended by Google factors which you have to follow.

What are SEO ranking factors ?

but here is complete list which you can check and understand ! another post i will briefly discuss each factors for you ! then apply your blog to improve gradually

  1. Optimized Content
  2. Backlinks But Relevant
  3. Get Social Signals
  4. Make your content Crawl able to bots
  5. Website Load Speed
  6. User Interaction
  7. Domain Age
  8. Optimized Friendly Good Quality Content
  9. Properly Target Keywords
  10. Regular & Content Updating
  11. Canonical tag
  12. Relevancy in Content
  13. Sitemap
  14. Including Images

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