What is Google algorithm for SEO

By | January 5, 2020

What is Google Algorithm for SEO

Every one want to get Google SEO updates because Google change its algorithm approximately 400 to 600 times per year. You can examine that how Google team is working on its search engine. In this SEO tutorials series, we have to discuss on Google algorithm for SEO. That what say google about website ranking and how we can improve search engine optimization. After learning or understanding Google algorithm about website ranking we will be able to know that how we can do proper SEO for websites which easily accepted by GoogleBot or crawler.

Google Pagerank Algorithm in SEO

You should know that Google page rank is the algorithm which counts website standers. After calculating website importance Google announce and give a number (naming page rank 1,2,3,..10) to that website which have valuable content, relative bakclinks, proper white hat SEO etc.

In this post you will be able to understand that how Google algorithm works and how we can success to get top rank on search engine.

It’s all policies and algorithm aim is to provide exact result to users or people why they search any things on Google search engine. Some years ago, it was very difficult to find correct result after searching queries but now days we get correct and most relative result on first page and first number. That is great working which their team doing for us.

Understand Google algorithm for SEO (search engine optimization).

There two Google algorithm for SEO are very important to understand. If you did not want to understand you will be lose your website ranking one time. That are Google penguin and panda, these two algorithms are fully attentive with your website. We will learn these two both in separate SEO tutorials but in short, I want to say that you have to focus some points which I am sharing with you.

Lest start to know about SEO algorithm of Google.

No#1: Google Algorithm focus on keyword

Basically keywords are very important, when search engine bots display result, it calculate relevancy with users queries. After matching so nearest relevancy, result is display on users screen on SERP. So if you want to improve relevancy in your website, then use of keywords which are relative to your website content and niche.

Google did not focus on keyword which you give in meta tags, i am talking about the keyword which you select and for which you write a post and publish your website then rank that keyword in search engine result page. On that keyword google focus

No#2: Keyword density is very important to control

It means, you did not permission to use one keyword more time. But you have to use target keyword in particular manner. Google algorithm about SEO says that you have to use target keyword 1 to 3 %. If your content length is 500 words then you have to 5 to 15 times target keyword.

No#3: Make Relevancy in your website & Relevant content

Relevancy so matter when crawler crawl web pages.  For example you are writing post about Web designing then you have to use different keyword which is relative to web design as HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver designing etc.

So think about relevancy!

If you don’t know that how Google algorithm works then don’t need to know but you should know that what Google count when calculate relevancy of different web pages.

Some of them I have discussed with you, but creating relevant content is also matter. When you create one post about web design and other post is about foods or health tips on same domain then you are against Google content polices. Because Google give important to that website which have relative content.

No#4: Don’t copy content & Don’t follow illegal

It is also recommended guidelines that don’t copy content from others websites for your own website. It is illegal way and Google dislike such ways. When Google crawler fined same content on different web pages then Google informed you about copy right issue. So, be attentive!

GoogleBot like unique content

No#5: Make Relative Backlinks

It is part of off page SEO because Google algorithm also works on backend and fronted website also. You have to work legally on page and off page both. If you are creating back links for your website then keep in mind that doesn’t try to create back links on irrelevant websites. You have to find relative to your content website then try to get backlinks.

You can get backlink from authority website no matter relative or irrelative as from news websites or educational sites.

Want to more learn about Google algorithm about SEO search engine optimization? Then follow us to get more tips, SEO updates and techniques to success in Search Engine Optimization.


I have shared some techniques which are mentioned in Google ranking algorithm, so you need to apply on your blog or website if you want to get organic rank.

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