10+ Recommended! Google SEO Ranking Factors 2019 -2020

By | January 8, 2020

Google SEO Ranking Factors 2019 -2020

Basically google becomes more advance to provide accurate result to their users. Now we are talking about SEO ranking factors 2020 for beginners as well as all. Actually, when we received millions result on SERP ? How it come and where our data is stored ? and in what order they displayed on search engine result page. there are different SEO ranking factors but today, we will discuss main and important one SEO techniques.


Today, we have to focus on organic search engine ranking not illegally way to do this. Somebody opinion is says not about organic way to optimize but they tried to get traffic or boost their website using black hat SEO techniques . That is 100% wrong way to get target goals. Using such ways you will be unable to interaction with audience.

There are different online tools, in that, some are paid and free to use. Tools help you find weak points in site. So properly use tool for SEO ranking checker in free of cost. just typing this keyword in google search box..

No#1: Domain name / Website Age

it is the actual name of your service or website name from which you are providing SEO optimized content. One time i was reading a SEO tutorials from someone , he discussed google 200 factors which SEO algorithm chek when ranking any website page etc. one of them, it domain age, if your site domain is not enough old then you can compete easily, you have to be patient and work properly using white techniques.

My Tip: if you have desired to compete your competitor then you have to work hard as proper do on page and off page optimization. Don’t worry, it is not only one factor, there are more others also. Therefor, be patient and continuous your struggle

No#2: SEO ranking Factors Web hosting and Domain name

also SEO expert count it in SEO ranking factors, when you thought of creating new website then please take attention for a while to make some plane. As you have to purchase domain name web hosting, you should keep in your mind some points which i am shearing with you!
if you want to purchase hosting from any company then must check customer reviews on that.

Also check up-time, some companies up time is very low, so it should be 99%. it means your site should not be down anytime. there may be some issues which is not matter but mostly time your site should live.

it also need to check their customer support, when you face issue, how they help and solve your problems / you face

No#3: Keyword density

As you know what is density? it have that meaning as you know. you did not allow to repeat your same / target keyword in specific content.

In simple way, when you select any keyword and try to target that one. So keep in mind some thing, that don’t try to use that keyword more than recommended ! what is recommended? For example you content length is 100 words you can use 1 to 2 time which is very best. so in case of 100 words density should be 1 % to 2% so care of it.

Google ranking algorithm did not allow to keyword stuffing. There are thousands of free online tools using that you can check keyword stuffing for specific keyword.

About this you also learn about Keyword prominence and Keyword proximate if you dont know inform me i will demonstrate it another post with examples.

No#4: Proper placement of keywords

Different places are allowed to you to place keyword but every place is not. Google bots focus on that places, so be attentive to understand. it is not sufficient to target keyword then place in the content as you wish. Never ! you have to use your keyword in specific placement, as recommended. I am shearing some placement , on which you can place keyword.

  • Title place
  • First heading i mean H1
  • 2nd heading i mean h2
  • In first paragraph, within 100 words
  • Place in Permalinks
  • Description
  • Middle of the content
  • In alt tag of images

No#5: Must think about SEO Title

Website title is directly impact on SEO ranking. Not only search engine but very first thing which user make interaction is the TITLE. but if you not give attention here or simple you make a title which is not attractive one then you are losing your traffic.

seo beginner tutorials

Your title smut contain target keyword and also extra words which catch users.

Website ranking is more tough work when competitors are at high level. but not impossible with proper search engine optimization strategy you can make it possible.

Complete guide about SEO title

No#6: Define post in SEO Description

can you define your content which you have written with your hands? if you can then search engine will also able to define it. Write content in such way that easy to describe it with in 2 to 3 lines. Description should be with in 150 characters.

When you look at search engine result page you look different website with title and below it some lines describing that title called description. If you did not gives any description in description section then google will take up some content from your article which is not good way.

Here is complete guide about Google SEO description

No#7: SEO Friendly URL

URL is the uniform resource locator which is main address of your web page or content. In SEO ranking factors, URL is very important because google spider fist go to your web page to crawl whole content. Be attentive while creating URL because you have to place target keyword with 3 to 4 words depends upon your length of keyword. But very short is awesome.

Here is complete guide about SEO friendly URL

No#8: Image and videos

These two source of multimedia, have more importance. But somebody don’t know how to use properly it in your post. we included it SEO ranking factors because moistly websites ranked through optimizing images and videos. When searched any things else in google you find one first page, there are website and also Videos also displayed. Not enough, another search engine is developed for images searching. It is very important to know about this how to optimize images in content.

First of all create your own picture in Photoshop in simple then include it in to your post but remember that your target keyword must include in alt tag attribute of img

Publish your video in YouTube and get embedded code in your content to show your video content on website

No#9: Quality Backlinks

Create Backlinks but should be quality one. Mostly people give order to their expert and did not ask about what what strategy they used for building Backlinks . There may be thousands of Backlinks you can get more according to google SEO it is strictly rules that don’t use irrelevant Backlinks or low quality one.

Complete guide about Backlinks

Always thing big and focus high page rank site to get backlinks.

Did not matter, you have to do some invest, without investment you can do it but don’t worry if you do struggle you can do it own self.

In short, relevant backlinks have more authority to thousands links which are build using illegal ways or irrelevant

No#10: Content Length is the King in SEO ranking factors

we have searched and properly analyzed that mostly top ranked websites content have content which contain more than 2000 words which is king content.

We are discussing most important and recommended SEO ranking factors on of them content length.

You have to make planning for writing new content , don’t thing that you can create SEO optimized content for google ranking in one hour. Never, it will take time for if you are beginner but make only large content if possible.

No#11: Updating post is TOP point in SEO ranking factors

In Google recommended SEO ranking factors When you publish new content / post then don’t forget to update ! google bots want new content and updated content to crawl. So after someday depend upon your users / subscribers you have to add some extra knowledge in old post. After updating, crawler came to crawls again deeply your web pages which you update!

you are learning Google SEO, so you need to follow google webmaster guidelines how to optimize your website that make easy for bots to crawl and find your content easily.


For your website search engine ranking need more struggle and more time consuming but you will take it one time. In my own opinion, for new blog need more SEO strategy to get traffic from target country otherwise you will be under warm water. Great and top techniques is that regularity ! Very important one tips from all, you have to do every work related to your website ranking is to update do work regularly. Take less but regular make it more.

Your questions /problems / issues should be in comment section, our team will take action to your problems / issues.

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