Amazing Guide to SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Amazing Guide to SEO content marketing strategy

Search engine optimization is the techniques as which helping the users in getting proper and accurate result from google. To follow SEO content marketing strategy is very necessary if you want to deliver / send your original and organic content to whole world targeting your audience. Digital marketing is best source or way to optimize any thing else you want. You know that publishing digital content or products to audience is tricky one work but not difficult to do ! it can do with doing hard working.


in this SEO tutorials, we are going to understand SEO content marketing strategy how can you implement in your blog / website content. if you have real and organic content. in my opinion, most senior expert success due to obeying rules of SEO content strategy. there is close relationship between search engine optimization and SEO content marketing

What is SEO content marketing Strategy

we can say that it is the way of deliver optimized content or organic content to right people. that peoples may be your audience of your products or content which you have. i analyzed more expert do SEO content marketing to get selected goals and they achieved easily doing marketing.

Complete guide about SEO Friendly content

But how you can do it!

Answer of this question, you can get, but you have to read complete SEO tutorials because i have mentioned different points which can improve website content and can reach to your target audience.

What is SEO | Search engine optimization ?

SEO is the search engine optimization is way of providing real and organic result to user. When users hit query, then google spider work on that query in providing accurate result to search engine result page SERP. On SERP , millions of websites are obtained but first 10 websites are very important, i mean first page is very important because every one want to get his / her site on this page.

Without getting knowledge of search engine optimization you can SEO content marketing strategy because it will do when you know such techniques and tips.

If you want to learn SEO completely then follow best Tutorials series, as this blog is also provide Free SEO tutorials to their students, you can also learn.

Why you want to learn SEO content marketing strategy

Simply answer is that, you want to populate your content to your audience because of getting right audience and buyer if you have any products digital or physical, e-books etc. Different answer may come from different persons, because there are different needs of different peoples. So you can get anythings else if you can SEO content marketing strategy properly

Now, how you can do SEO content marketing strategy to improve your website content which have written. There are some things that need to take attention for right way. Difference techniques and tactics are follow to get such goals. As possible, i am sharing complete list which will demonstrate each points in details.

if you want to do SEO content marketing strategy then here is complete list which i am shearing with you . All body know, without hard working and doing some thing you cannot get success.

NO#1 SEO content marketing strategy is Keyword

In real it is very awesome one technique if you have proper guide that how to use keyword in your content. There are different techniques and guides you have to follow for accurate work.

Select proper keyword using keyword research tool as google keyword planner. That tool give you very comprehensive related information. As its competitions (Low, Medium, High) , CPC , searches etc.

SEO Google-keyword-planner

In simple way, select more searches keyword and high cpc (cost per click).

If you don’t know about basically what is keyword in fact. I have published a post which will you guide in details about keyword. Below this paragraph you can find that SEO tutorials.

Complete guide What is Keywords in search engine optimization

NO#2 Target your content Audience

it is not myth, but very impotent to find your content audience first, where you will go to find? if you want to really market your content properly then find your audience? where you find ? there are different ways to find some of them i want to share!

every one use Social network sites as facebook, twitter, etc but mostly used is facebook all over the world. There are different group related to every field. But you have to join the group which is related t your field, After joining related group you can find your audience, because that groups are related your field and group members are also related.

There are different online tools as google trend tool. It is very important one in SEO.

SEO content marketing

NO#3 Content length

if you analyzed from google you will find that on SERP ranked websites are those which have more content in single page. they used images videos and more text content with headings and sub headings. So if you are SEO marketing content they must increase your website article content length. Don’t publish article with 200 to 300 words.

search-engine-optimization  Content

if you have published already then don’t worry, you can update that article just adding more related content to old post to improve search engine optimization ranking.

NO#4 Create relevance Content

Relevance is very important to understand ! Google SEO becomes very advance. Not enough to publish post with 2000+ words but also need to publish more articles related to other post which you have published.

In simple words, when user is reading article on your website thee he / she should get relevant topic. if you have targeted keyword is used but not used related keyword it is bad practice.
Produce Quality Content

NO#5 Write For Users

it is true that search engine rank your website when good one. But not for all, it will done when you focus your audience their thinking, interest. Also you have to know that what problems which faced your subscribers. If you don’t know what problem your subscribers face, then make a interaction with audience to get reviews on different topic.

In each post/ article, you must ask question to your reader about discussed topic. You should get different reviews it may positive or negative!

If you target only search engine then you are using black hat SEO which is strictly by Google webmaster guidelines.


What you say about SEO content marketing strategy ! Your reviews can take you success in every fields!

Are you want to do content marketing ?

Thanks to all ! These are some points which you take and implement. With time to time, as i get knowledge then surely i will update content to make it useful for you if really want to learn.

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