Updated! YouTube SEO | YouTube Search Engine Optimization

By | January 11, 2020

Updated! YouTube SEO | YouTube Search Engine Optimization

As know about Google SEO becomes more in ranking any web pages (websites), indexing, crawling etc. There are different factors which count google to rank any sites. YouTube search engine optimization is the way to rank YouTube videos properly targeting your audience. In the my opinion YouTube SEO is very necessary and important now day. Because mostly your traffic visitors come from YouTube. Each one watching YT from application watching tutorials , movies any thing else. very great / big source of getting positive signals.

But How you do it? that is why we published a new post that how YouTube search engine optimization work and how you can do properly YouTube SEO for videos.

What is YouTube search engine optimization?

in simple ways, as already discussed above discussion. To understand YouTube search engine optimization you have to set your mind for improvement your strategy / ways / methods etc. when you create channel for different purposes, as you have websites or different product to promote that products in videos format to audience any thing else you have reason.

Now, After creating channel, you need to upload / publish original and organic content otherwise you cannot play such game.

After publishing you face some issues and problems? what ? You want that your videos should display on very first number on first page ! but that cannot achieve for beginner level~ but don’t worry, after learning some tips you can achieve!

But one thing is very necessary that is PATIENT !

YouTube Search Engine Optimization strategy VS Video SEO ranking factors

NO#1 Keyword researching

Different tools are available for keyword searching free tool as well as paid one. Google keyword research tool is the best one over all. You are working for YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) that’s need more working plus hard working.

You understand it , that it is the KEY to success. Don’t need to go its bottom but required information to take is very important at this stage. Actually mostly peoples when at beginner level, they start to write content for their blog but don’t search keyword. After some time they worried, that happened to his / her blog. Because without proper searching of keyword you cannot get your audience.

Complete guide about Keywords

NO#2 Best keyword research tools for YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Tools can support to find best and more related keyword which you are targeting. Different tools are available to work on it. In this tutorials i will share some free tools from that you can get help.

In short , use any best keyword research to, which have more searches monthly base. If you select keyword with 10 searches monthly base then tell me how you can do YouTube SEO properly. Think it,

Top Keyword research tool free for YouTube Search engine optimization

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Moz Keyword Explorer
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  5. KeywordTool.io
  6. SECockpit
  7. Soovle
  8. Jaaxys

NO#3 Video title and description

What you want to give title and description to your video? Title is the main thing to ranking YouTube videos on top. Because it is the first / main component which checked and read by crawler.

some tips while creating Title for video in aim of YouTube SEO strategy.

Complete Google guide about title and description Guide

Very very important one thing to include target keyword as you choose from keyword research tool in title. It is best to include keyword in the start of title or according to some expert, no matter you can include middle or last or any position in title. you can add more words to your title. As example below written

Target keyword is “Health tips”

Title “16+ Health Tips today Based on Science”

Description is like this one but it you can write in 150 characters. but in title you write 50 character. If you can define your all video in 150 character then Good.

In description , you have to write about your video, that what you present in video and what about to it.

Besides, this you can ask to your subscriber that subscriber our channel to get related more videos and also mention your profile link to follow.

NO#4 Target audience for YouTube videos

In fact, YouTube channel can grow easily if you know audience. If your channel growing slowly slowly without knowing audience, yet, not good one way.

In my opinion, to know about target peoples that related to your niche, or interest with your video content, then must take attention.

Very important important winch you have to keep in your mind that can grow your brand easily.

before creating channel, select niche on witch you want to create / build content in the video form, then think a while, where is inserted people who take interest in such field or content. If your answer is that “I don’t know!” Then try to know.

In simple, without targeting audience, your can do YouTube search engine optimization accurately

I often ask in previous SEO tutorials that you can find your audience in any point of world using online tool that is Google trend tool.


When you enters keyword then analyze your topic or keyword that is your niche.

You will find, graphical region in that more peoples search that keyword which you entered.

NO#5 Solve issues / problems your subscribers

If you are good teacher and solve different issues which your subscribers face then very good. You can ask to your users asking any question or confusion, doing this your subscriber can share their problem, then you can solve that problems.

In simple, it is extra signals if you could it.

You know when you help any helpless people, automatically they like you. So make plane in which you can help your subscribers.

People like that person that is more corporation like a kind teacher.

NO#5 More comments

Very great one SEO ranking factor in for Y/T videos. Y/T algorithm take action to that video which have more comments. Because comment on video showing that there is any thing important in video content.

So make a video in such way that subscriber must give comment or ask any questions.

Try to give some task at the end of lesson if you are making any tutorials type channel or any other assignment you can give.

Doing this , subscriber can engage with you and they will expand their issues in comments box.

NO#6 Video length

Video length also matter but it depend upon your topic. Mostly which i analyze and i will give you instruction that make smallest duration video. It is not bad to make large duration videos because i have check such video on the top of page.

some videos are top on the page duration is 5 hours. But some videos are also good one and top of the page with 5 minuet. It depends upon your self that how you can expressed your topic.

I suggest you, make small videos as 10 minutes if more complex topic then control in 20 minutes.

In short, users and your subscriber like smallest video

NO#7 Attractive thumbnails  Best factor in YouTube Search engine optimization strategy

Users attract to design and look. Sometime, peoples have quality skills but have no idea to represent their skill. The best one skill is to represent your skills. I am talking about skill, but don’t mind because it is just example to expand topic in simple way. Same like this, video is your original content but how you will represent it to your audience, that is concept of thumbnails.

Mostly videos get more views due to attractive and eye catchy thumbnails. You should try to make thumbnails for your videos this will good for YouTube search engine optimization.

According to me, your thumbnails should be unique to all videos on your channel.

Don’t try to copy from Google or other famous websites

Use any best software like Photoshop to design your thumbnails.

NO#8 Social network signals

Very large community is developed on social network sites. If you really want to get more audience and rank your YouTube videos, you have to use social networks. Social network signals are very important for your videos.  YouTube ranking algorithm check how users give response to your videos, if any subscriber sharing your videos to facebook, twitter etc, why they are sharing, it means videos have good content that is why users sharing to others.

So, you can also mention in description asking that share this video to social sites.

And you have to share some points at the end of video that subscriber share your video.

NO#9 Doing Blogging

Blog is the kind of website on which you can share your own ideas to other on that different reader came to getting knowledge purpose and discuss on that topic. Now we are talking about how you can YouTube SEO for videos creating blog.

Very important techniques to rank your YouTube videos in search engine

So it is free way to build blog, different platform gives facility to create blog as blogger, wix, wordpress etc; you can build your blog. But give attention, if you creating blog for your channel then name your blog as channel name. But if you creating blog for your specific video, then include title in blog name.

Please some points keep in your mind

When create blog, then regularly update writing some article and include your embedded video.

Don’t build blog for just pasting the URL of but need to write some article related to video content.

Doing such strategy you can get more traffic plus more subscribers, then more optimization for your videos.


As you read each point clearly, if you have read then surely you have understood that how YouTube search engine optimization videos created you for different purposes. Now if you face any problems in these videos SEO ranking factors then inform me, we will reach to solve issues. So if like such SEO tutorial then please share with your friend.

What you want to learn mroe about SEO tips and technqiues ?

Mention your choice we will share with you very soon as possible !

Thanks !

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