100% ! TOP Search Engine Optimization Techniques

By | January 28, 2020

100% TOP Search Engine Optimization Techniques

If you looking for search engine optimization techniques to apply on your website to ranking in google web search engine. Then here i have shared major SEO tactics and tips which you have to follow to optimize your web content. if you are really want to learn digital marketing for your website content in free then must visit our SEO tutorials series which will let in great achievement in learning.

Now i am shearing / discussing complete list with you in which you will get organic search engine optimization techniques that can impact directly on website ranking rapidly.

What is SEO and How it works?

it is true that you know about SEO but you need to remind your self that what is SEO how it work. SEO is the process of refining content from awkward content this process is done by different spider but Google spider work properly in refining content. We have a large and comprehensive series of SEO Tutorials for beginners, they can get tutorials in free of cost.

Now a list of Search engine optimization techniques

searching on google you will get more SEO ranking factors but here we are discussed after analyzing and more searching . Because our aims is to provide organic SEO techniques to our subscriber which help you to success. TOP organic Search Engine Optimization Techniques recommended by Google.

No#1: Organize post or article

As your users like to read article in good order, same like search engine also give importance to that article or content which have organization rule.

It means you need to manage your content. Write some but manage , it is better than to that article which is written but not managed with different small paragraph, heading and sub headings etc.

First of all, write H1 heading which have very importance in SEO, that is recommended search engine optimization techniques that are we discussing. Just need to apply.

Next, write paragraph near to 100 words, not exceed number.

If you write article in single paragraph, it is not good.

But need to write SEO friendly content, which contain proper headings and sub headings.

Use images in each sub headings as possible otherwise very necessary to insert one image including target keyword in alt attribute.

There are more other tips, if you want to more then mention your interest in comment box.

No#2: Longest Content / Content is King

Google spider like long article / content. So as possible merge your article in single big one. Because short written content take more time to rank as compare to long article.

According to my opinion , you have to write article with 1500+ words article with different heading also sub headings.

Not sufficient, but also include more related images which make a post good like. And such post have more chance to rank in search engine.

No#3: Action to Fix 404 pages errors

do you know what are 404 pages? These are pages when user click URL, when users reach to that website it give message like this.

404-pages-error seo tutorials

So, this is the screen-short of my website, as a example, i try to open such URL which you are seeing in the pic. It give message that , such page have not in your directory / website. As this is not SEO friendly URL, but other pages which you created with SEO friendly URL but due to different reason, your page missed in your website. Then such kind of message display to user.

Is it good or bad? We have to clear each and every search engine optimization techniques, so try to understand in proper way. So, such pages are bed because it give bed impression to user, as for which your users want to page but not found in your website, that is wrong way.

So Google also count such bed impression and your SEO website may down due to large number of 404 pages error. So there are different tools and WordPress plugins which help you to find 404 pages, then you have accessibility to remove or fix that pages.

These are wordrpess plugins

If you have any related question then share!

No#4: Mobile friendly pages | Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This open source framework is developed by Google which aim to build web pages that is easily accessed On Mobile phones. Now you will have to notice that , mostly users / subscribers visit your site using mobile phone.

Using AMP , website pages easily accessed by mobile, friendly to user to look up different sections. So more time a visitor can stay on your website. It engage your visitor for more time.

It main purpose is to load web page fast on mobile phone.

At school, Colleges, universities or different other institutes, students and teacher search different things on the internet using mobile phone.

A good website with proper SEO using proper search engine optimization techniques, you can boost your website on mobile phone.

Its aims is that you have to build website or select theme for your website which make easily for mobile to open that theme.

If website theme is not mobile friendly then you are losing more traffic and losing organic and organic audience.

No#5: Build video and optimize your website rapidly

As lots of videos are available about different topic on internet as YouTube. You can also learn our lesson about YouTube Video SEO optimization.

Video is the top source in multimedia for shearing information to others. As it is the collection of different images which play back with 15 – 30 frame a second. At each millisecond image is change.

Building videos and optimize is one of the best search engine optimization techniques factors. It is modern trending way which is mostly used by BIG companies. That companies promotes their NEW products to audience using videos.

So what you have to do ? You have to create your YouTube channel as well as creating website.

Create lesson on your website and also create video about that lesson . Then embed your YouTube video in your website article.

It will promote your YouTube channel, website article also website rank. Then SEO website graph will remain at top gradually. It should be regularly and with planning.

No#6: Convert to from HTTP to HTTPS

Do you know what is http? It is the hyper text transfer protocol, when you search any thing on Google search engine or any else, you got million of websites. Then you click on specific website web page, then page is after loading, displayed on your screen. What mean of http here, is that, you click any web page , a request to go website specific server with protocol (http).

This protocol request to take page which user is requesting, then server give response to user. Then pages is completely display on your screen.

Now, you have understood, in what thing http is relate. Now understand http and https. Look at the end of https , where “s” indicate the security. When your request go to server , then it use the SSL (Secure socked layer). In which your request is security reached to server and coma back.

What benefit to use https instead of http? Benefit is that Google SEO guidelines, and its 200 ranking factor say that we must check website secure protocol. They give SEO signal to that website which have secure protocol.

No#7: Google Search Console Tool | Search Engine Optimization Techniques

It itself not rank your website. But you can analyze website performance. It is google webmaster tool which is offered by Google for their webmaster. This tool give comprehensive detail about website working. You can set your mind how to proper working on site after analyzing such tool.

There are different issues, with your site, it give details.

It is more helpful, which pages and how much pages are indexed. And also tell how our crawler, crawl your website web pages.

You can also submit google xml sitemap. Beside all these activity you can get more knowledge about your website visitor, tracking keyword, BackLinks information, internal linking etc

Here is complete details about google webmaster tool

No#8: Develop BackLinks |Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Backlinks , Backlinks , Backlinks…..! as shearing best and organic search engine optimization techniques to our readers article. Why different webmaster / blogger find on different platform SEO expert, who do SEO for their website building backlinks for their website.

They invest thousands dollars in hiring SEO expert that work for their website backlinking.

Why they invest more ? It means that it have some potential which we don’t know? But we have to know about such game.

You should know that ,Google give importance to that website which have more quality / natural / relevant backlinks not all kind of links. All links are not same to each.

You also should have to know that , Google 200 SEO ranking factors say that, quality and natural SEO Backlinks are very important in purposes of website ranking in Google.

What you need to do? Find top ranking website with high page rank, and get backlinks.

If you have any questions or arsing any confusion then share in comment box.We will take action to solve your issues / problems

It may do follow and no follow links. We have described it in details in seperate SEO tutorials , you can get that lesson in free as:

No follow links and do follow links in SEO tutorials

No#9: WordPress SEO friendly Plugins

Lots of search engine optimization techniques are used to do SEO for your website. But here you can set your mind how to properly make your website in search engine. For this reason, another one tip that we are learning, that is WordPress SEO friendly plugins, it means you have WordPress website. And want to optimize your content but how can you do it.

Learn WordPress SEO complete

There are lot of WordPress SEO plugin you can follow freely , some of them are paid. But free version have more option to set your website optimization.

In below this paragraph, i am sharing some plugin, just click as you wish, then you directed to WordPress official website page where you can download easily.

Then you have to do its setting as you want.

It is not difficult, for you i am sharing best website link, where you can learn how to setting WordPress SEO plugins in details.

Complete guide to All in one SEO Pack

No#10: Update post regularly

Very GOOD habit to update your previous content. In Google SEO rules regulations, it give ranking signal to your website, but you dont know.

Update means you want to add extra materials to your content, because day by day, there are more variation occur in the content. On daily base, if you analyze contents are changed. As new technology arise, then you need to update your post if you have already written about that technology.

If you make website on search engine optimization techniques or tips etc then you have to update with google algorithm, other SEO website / blog from where you will get information,

What is my aim ? my aim is that you dont left your post, you need to more work on previous article.

How you can do it

Open your old article, read carefully, be sure you will find more errors and weak points which you need to correct.

After reading some article you will think that i need to write more about this topic, then write more

Also best to add more pictures / images with including keyword in alt tags.

Then share to social websites..

No#11: Focus long tail keywords

Mostly people did not hit search box with single word or two. They explain their query in combination of 4 to 5 words. That phrase become long tail keyword. In SEO point of view it is very better to target long tail keyword, if your website is new one. Because using long tail keyword, your ranking improve day by day gradually.


So, keep some points in your mind

Select any best tool for keyword research tool, as google keyword planner

Search your selective keyword with selecting country / city etc as you wish

Find long tail keyword, then copy that keyword and search that in keyword planner search box

Then you will get more keywords

You can also find such keyword, at the bottom of search engine result page.

google-serp Search engine optimization techniques

Very lucky one!

No#12: Speed up WEBSITE |Top SEO Tips

Tell me, if any website taking more time although it have quality one content, what your opinion about that site? My answer is that, i will jump to next website, because millions of website are available to get same information.

Important thing is that nobody, did not want to wait for a while, because, every one want to receive information in milliseconds, but how you can do it? Very important point is that your website should have relevant and quality content, other is that your site load speed will be minimum as possible.

If you not attention to site speed then you losing more organic traffic

Conclusion | Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Why we follow search engine optimization tips ! The beginners have little knowledge to learn complete SEO. Thy don’t need to get complete course but knowing its basic you can work properly because we shared selective tips which can stand you in optimizing content.

As SEO becomes very advance, we need to learn more about it. But it more complicated to beginners when go in depth. But what you have to do? You need to learn basic not need to go in depth. That is why i shared basic and profitable Search engine optimization techniques which have great potential to rank website.

Have you any others SEO techniques then must sharer in comment box, i will include it into content with your reference!

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