10+ Recommended Methods | How to Increase Blog Traffic

By | February 2, 2020

10+ Recommended Methods | How to Increase Blog Traffic

very common problem which new blogger face when they created new blog in purpose of getting traffic to blog. But they don’t know any tactic to do. We discuss here How to increase blog traffic to new website / blog which created right now. In this article we have explained each and everything that is related to you to learn tips / tricks. Besides these, we have different kind of SEO tutorials which you can follow to get your target.

But you have to keep in your mind that how to use SEO to increase traffic properly.

Don’t worry, we will discuss every point motioned in this SEO tutorials, just read and make your concept. If confusion create, then share your thoughts with us, we will take action as soon possible.

Techniques How to Increase Blog Traffic

Here is complete guidelines that is provided by me. That is great one techniques which should be followed by beginner blogger. Each point is taken briefly discussed with possible examples for more understanding. Your all questions will cover in this section I sure. As mostly asked sir hoe to drive more traffic to my website? Different questions will be solved here, you further question may in comment section.

No#1: Produce quality / comprehensive / original content

Do you know which thing that is mostly searched by students / users / anyone? That is quality..! Quality is one of the major factors as you want to do SEO for your website then must think about quality.

What means of producing quality content?

It means you have to focus on your topic

Your aim should be focus to your user, understand user a beginner students

You are teacher, your blog / website readers are student, and then think whether, your written material will teach properly to your reader?

Don’t know which answer you have!

As we are discussing taking topic How to increase blog traffic to new website using different search engine optimization techniques. And explained each factors. So, continue your reading ..!

But you need to something in your content

As proper definition about topic which you select. It is not sufficient but need to give some examples to explain topic. Students can learn / understand topic easily with examples, so take it must

Design images related to your topic which gives real meaning as your writing in text form.

So reader will take more interest with your content, and will follow you!

I have experienced in above mentioned points,  

No#2: Use of images, graph, diagram, infogrpahy

As you have to focus users, that which things that is mostly liked by users. Then must know, user like images / diagram than text form written material. Images / diagram have more knowledge than text form. It is one of the sources of storing information for user.

People observe different things than reading only text that is why people can get more knowledge by analyzing / focusing an image.

If you want to increase blog traffic then must give attention to inserting images / graph / diagram in your content. Your content must become quality one and will have more importance than those content without images.

No#3 Paid traffic to new website/ blog

Paid? Yes you have to some investment, to get target goals otherwise you cannot get audience. It is true that Google dislike to get paid traffic from different sources if your website have google ads. Google dislike , that you get more clicks from user through paid traffic.

If you crated blog / website that is new one then you have to get some paid traffic.

When you run ad from facebook sponsored or from google adward, you can get more traffic from targeted locations.

I think it is best way to get more traffic to your new blog.

No#4: Understating SEO and others marketing techniques

Search engine optimization is the way to rank website web pages in search engines. Do you know SEO? then you can get more advantage from such techniques. Mostly BLOGGER are expert in SEO that is why, they success to increase blog traffic.

If you have knowledge about SEO then you can drive more traffic to your website properly

how to increase blog traffic right! then understand which kind of website content you have and which content you want to provide to your users.

actually, design website in such way that easily accessible to google search engine bots / crawler as well as your user take easy to read article / content etc.

Different techniques can help you to increase blog traffic. But some of them i want to share with you according to search engine optimization techniques , as these are taken from SEO tutorials

Focus on keyword

Your domain name must have your target keyword

User and search engine friendly website theme / design look / layout (Good design)

Create backlinks that should be quality and natural one

And much more….

No#5: Understating your users / users engagements / user interaction  

That is very best point from all, important one FACTOR.

Mostly blogger miss this point and did not take attention to cover such!
Actually your duty is to understand user thinking ! how they response your content and what they give different feedback on your content as you are providing

How to increase blog traffic to understanding reader’s thoughts / thinking and desire. As which kind of topics / things users want to get knowledge ! Then focus on that ! but related to website’s niche

When you share your content on website / facebook or other social site then you get different feedback / reviews from your friend / users etc.

What you conclude from comments / facebook as you received ? your will take action concluding result !

So, same like this, it is webmaster responsibility to check user interaction with your website content. if they want to improve in your content or want to read related to new technology then must update !

Publish content according to user wishes and desired but should be related to your website niche!

No#6: SEO friendly design / themes

Very nice one! you are learning how to increase blog traffic as you developed new but lack of traffic! don’t worry! Different techniques / tactics / tips & tricks are used to do this!

So SEO friendly design means, you have to develop or deign your website look which is recommended by SEO rules and regulations. As Google recommended website design that should be simple one and easily accessible to google crawler / boots.

Actually when users want to search anything else from google search engine. At last, user click any good website from search engine result page, when user reading / watching / analyzing on website, user should not face any problem related to website deigns. So design and layout can create confusion / problems in website if you did not give attention to create good design and layout.

No#7: Backlinks is the backbone of website

Backlinks is the real and organic way to improve website on the TOP level and it also have ability to increase blog traffic.

But creating backlinks for your website is take more time , so you need to make backlinks with time to time following proper strategy.

You can investment to get quality backlinks from different sources.

But one thing you have to remember! related backlinks can improve your website but irrelevant backlinks down your website ranking.

So , when give project to someone that create backlinks for your website then must ensure that she / he understand Google SEO guidelines and also should know about backlinking strategy

If you want to get further information then mention your thoughts in comment section

No#8: Collect emails for your audience

How to increase blog traffic using collecting different users’s emails address? That is easiest way to get more traffic to new website but need to proper planning.

How you can collect email from your audience when they visit your website.

There may be different techniques to collect emails addresses , if you are on WordPress then different wp plugins can help in this task.

When you received different emails from users then you can interact to that user that is your audience

Hence you will get more traffic to your website that will be organic one

No#9: Tracking website / keywords to increase blog traffic

Where your website is going ? to right path or wrong ! Right path is the way which you want to achieve and wrong path is also one way ,toward you don’t want to go but you have to understand both!

In short, you need to track your website keyword using different online SEO tools which give briefly explanation about keyword .

Trakcing keyword is more benefit one way to get traffic to blog.

For example, your target keyword is SEO tutorials, after publishing content related to this keyword and after developing quality backlinks, then what to do next step. Next step is to track your keyword that is SEO tutorials.

What means of tracking keyword ? It means you need analyze keyword, weather user properly coming to your website using target keyword or not. And also analyze that which position your keyword have on search engine result page.

If your tracking is according to your goal then that is right path which increase website ranking also traffic.

No#10: Proper use of social network sites / creating groups

If your questions is very short as How to increase blog traffic then its answer also very shot that is “Focus on social website”

How you can do it? It is very simple one way to increase blog traffic.

Now a day, major websites are taking traffic from social website as facebook etc. But they can do it? Simply answer, they work hard and follow proper strategy to do this ?

But can do it ? Yes you can also, but need to get proper guide that is mentioned below:

First of all you have to create fresh account for your website name / company name / brand name

And then create page for your website / service / product etc

Then complete your profile and present your page like a professional one

Upload professional profile picture that should be your bran logo, if possible designed from designer

Share your content on that page

Try to increase page like using legal different techniques

Send invitation to all your friend that like your page

If possible some investment in paid advertisement as sponsored ad in facebook

Then gradually, you will get positive result !

No#11: Properly use of Google webmaster tool

We also called it Google search console. So, webmaster tool which give detailed information about website related performance information reports. It provide different activities happening with your website.

What means of proper use of google webmaster tool? It means if you know how to track your website working then you can get more tips and can set your mind how to improve website!

Our goals is How to increase blog traffic that is why, you have to analyze in this webmaster tool that from where your website traffic is coming to website.

It can provide detailed information about your visitors as country, which pages is visited, impression, average position, etc.

Anther best feature is to focus / target any country for website. As you created website publishing related content, then must think about audience location. Therefor, best feature to target specific country which you have targeted audience.

No#12: Website speed / website load time

Dear brother and sister ! It is last FACTOR which help you to get answer that How to increase blog traffic ! .

Heading indicate that we will share some important of website speed / website load time which matter in increasing blog traffic.

For a while think some thing, if you are looking for any thing else and you have got on internet. If your selected website which you are visiting is very down in speed. That taking more time to load complete web page to your screen. Now tell will you wait for that website or try to other website that is very fast one website. And give result in millisecond !

If you have knowledge ! you will say that website is GOOD one with minimum load time.

So keep some point in your mind !

First of all you have to minimize website load time

Then remove complex kind of theme

If your website on WordPress CMS system then install best WordPress speed up plugins

And if you don’t know then must hire EXPERT who will do work for you!


Thanks !

It was SEO tutorials related lesson for your beginners students who want to properly work on search engine optimization. As we have discussed search engine optimization techniques on this blog, you can get that tutorial but in this tutorials we discussed about how to increase blog traffic easily.

So , if you have any kind of confusion then please mention below comment section

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