How to Write a Blog Post Fast | Google SEO Tutorials

By | February 11, 2020

How to Write a Blog Post Fast | Google SEO Tutorials

As you we are providing SEO Tutorials to our beginners students , and more about search engine optimization techniques FREE. But in this SEO tutorials we are learning How to Write a Blog Post Fast . It is true that you can write a blog post but in FAST how you can do that will be more profitable as recommended Google in Google SEO recommendation.

So, in this Lesson, you can get different ideas, opinion which i am shearing with, read carefully and focus on you learning. If you have any confusion in this topic as discussed below then must share to us.

No#1: GET Idea As How to Write a Blog Post Fast

If you looking of this questions How to Write a Blog Post Fast then i have shared comprehensive guide in all factors but Getting idea before writing is very Important to READ.

Firs of all you have to know about what idea you want on which you want to write a blog post. Different sources are discuss with you in this lesson, you need to touch each ideas.

Mostly expert update their blog publishing new post in a week, where they get different ideas about they published different post regularly.

So, read carefully , that which sources are best, you can get idea to write a blog post fast.

Searching different queries on Google

Find which problems your audience is facing

Ask / suggestion to social network friends as facebook, share your post in related group asking them to give idea, you will get lots of ideas


If your topic is related to SEO

Then different ideas may be like this one

And you selected No.1 Idea from the given list!

No#2: Then Search on Google

It is not enough to get idea from different source and sit down on your chair. But you have to work on that idea that is very important.

Best for You : Google webmaster tool

One thing i will share with you, “You don’t need to create any confusion or boring “ Don’t worry it will be cleared that How to Write a Blog Post Fast.

What is NEXT, which you have to do?

So selected topic is


What is SEO?

You have to search that topic on Google search engine taking more ideas about that topic.

what is seo

You will get more related topic and keyword as you searched.

In this step, you idea will clear more and you will be able to define your idea but here is some problem in this step which will be solved in next step.

In this step just searching your selected topic that got from different source and select only ONE topic or idea about which you want to write a blog post.

No#3: Take Ideas From Related Field Friends Related

As mostly people success when they take interest in doing work, but some people did not take and make concept that it is boring one task.

But the people who make their goal setting to success then, that people never bore in any one.

So, we discussing about How to Write a Blog Post Fast , that is really simple way, but need to give some attention.

What is NEXT?

So, take your selected topic, and discuss with your related friend who know about this. It is my experience, you will get more and more knowledge when you do this activity. You will get new words, sentences and related more concepts etc.

After discussing to that Friends or Person who have experienced and knowledge

Then what next you have to take!

No#4: Share Your Idea in Facebook Groups

One thing take in your mind, it is true that you can get more related community through different techniques and method. But online social networking website give more and more rated community which you want in free of cost. Some body don’t know about it, but who know, they work properly and get success.

Different activity you have to perform to achieve your goals that is How to Write a Blog Post Fast. We learning to writing blog post when you don’t have information or knowledge about topic that is related to your website

So, you need to understand how to create your community and take part in other community in social website

Mostly used social batiste is facebook as you know

So, join related groups according to your ideas then share you selected topic or publish your post in that group.

How to Write a Blog Post Fast

After publishing you will get more comments receiving different description, links, suggestions etc.

After reading that comments etc your mind will clear each and emery things

No#5: Now! Start to Write a Blog Post

What platform you are using don’t matter! it may be WordPress, blogger, weebly etc. But what to do now!

So, you have to come to your website backend and select new post for write. Then open your text editor for creating post.

First of all you have to write title on your blog post then start to writing as you get more knowledge through different sources.

If you want to learn that how to write SEO friendly article then i have published SEO Tutorials related to SEO friendly content you can get Free of cost.

Whey you need to get this Free tutorials? Because in that tutorial i have cleared each and everything which is necessary while writing a blog post.

Then read below important guide which can help you to write better and SEO optimized content! So, lets start to read !

No#6: Design image in Photoshop | Simple just Text Based

That is very important one point which you have to take, as you have selected your idea then related images you have to design

Why need to design your own image? Because image fall best impression to your reader for better understanding the topic. Your reader analyze the image and get information related to reading text.

There are different tools / software which help you to design attractive image for your website article images.

Not enough ! You have to insert that images that should be related to your content that you are publishing. And also very important to insert your target keyword in image alt attribute. That is very important SEO signal

No#7: Make Structure for Article

It is our experience which i am shearing with you students. That is to create structure for your new article which you want to publish on your blog.

First of all think about topic, from where you will start (Starting wording) ? And discuss some previous lesson.

Then think about different heading and sub heading that is very important.

After creating article structure there will easy for you to write from starting to ending point

I sure that you will follow it as i am shearing! If you have any confusion then share!

No#7: Include Your Experience

It is also recommended to include your experience. There may be different skills in which you have experience. One thing you have to take, user impress mostly with your own experience. So don’t mention or represent your experience if you have not.

If you represent your self as you are in real then you will sucess.

In the world, mostly person become expert one in their field just taking ideas from experienced exert person

If you really want to engage your users then must share you own experience or you can share any other one just taking examples for their better understanding.

No#8: SEO Friendly Content

SEO is the search engine optimization process of indexing your website web pages easily to search engine for better performance. It means easy to any kind of web search engine bots / crawler to read your website content. And then make it easy for that bots to index quickly into their database.

Not enough, it is also refer to users also which search your website on web search engine. And want to get accurate result and got in milliseconds.

So, You need to focus on writing post which should be SEO friendly content. If you want to learn complete then i have comprehensive lesson for you!


Thanks to read lesson about How to Write a Blog Post Fast and i hope you will get more knowledge about writing a blog post. About this SEO tutorials if you have any problems or related issues then mention your problems / issues in comment section or contact to us directly.

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