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By | February 12, 2020

How to Use SEO Keywords Best Practices

In this SEO tutorials blog we are teaching to beginners students who wish to learn Google SEO with recommendations. So , in this tutorial we have to discuss how to use SEO keywords best practices for beginners when they want to write SEO friendly content for their audience. Therefor, we published post that help to blog posts for search engine optimization ranking  in search engines.

In this i will share search engine optimization ranking factors related to right placement of SEO keywords which you want to rank in google search engine or others.

Different factors are discuses below this paragraph with suitable examples as possible. You will get proper guide as possible i hope. So you have to read carefully each point in detail, beside this, if you have any confusion then share to us.

No#:1 SEO Keywords in Blog Post Title

That is first POINT in which you will get answer of this question, How to use SEO keywords ?

What means of blog post title? You searched different queries on google search engine getting more result. When analyze on search engine result page you will look up post title showing boded and big size.

That is blog post title or main website title. But i means, how you can write blog post title properly which is easy to readable for search engine crawler as well as users.

But what you have to do for best search engine optimization practice? Dear, you have to include your SEO keyword in title . It is also recommended that place your keyword in the beginning of the title. It give more SEO signals.

No#2: Target First Paragraph |How to use SEO Keywords

Before some years, when i was reading SEO tutorials through someone source, in which author said that, it is very necessary to place target keyword in first paragraph within 100 words first. That is very important to know, but as i analyzed, mostly beginners students cannot give importance here.

Now you have informed, then must follow it if you want to do SEO for Website properly.

Why it is important to include keyword in first 100 words of first paragraph? It is because, when google crawler or other web search engine crawler, they read your website from start to end but they find relevancy in different section of website article or content. you have to target that places, on of them, it was first paragraph, which i have shared with you!

No#3: SEO Optimized Description

Learning to proper use of keywords, and understanding how to use SEO keywords best practice? one of them is description in which you can place keyword. More details is mention in below discussion.

Do you know about description for website or blog or may blog post. Actually description means define your website in some sentences. Mostly popular expert like yaost , moz says that when you writing description for your website or blog individual post then must close within 145 to 150 characters that is very important.

Mostly beginners students copy some sentence from original content and past into description box, so don’t do like this.

You have to write for each post fresh description and important thing is that, you have to place target keyword.

No#4: Main Heading & Sub Heading

No doubt, we are teaching / sharing guide with you that How to Use SEO Keywords Best Practices which you have to make. In fact, that is good practice to do work regularly anything else.

So, in this section , we will share some search engine optimization techniques that how to use SEO keyword in your main headings and sub headings that you write for your SEO friendly content website.

Exactly we are going to our goal that is optimized website content which easy for your reader as well as easy to access search engine bots or crawler.

Now, i would like to share some techniques which you have to follow to use keywords in headings with possible to good examples

Examples : As you selected keyword “Web Designing” and you made blog post title like this “Web Designing tutorials for beginners” then different headings may be like this

  1. Why you want to learn Web Designing ?
  2. Learn HTML & CSS with web Designing

No#5: SEO Optimized Permalinks

As you have website which have different web pages or post that are blog post which you have created. Each blog post have unique URL (Uniform Resources Locator) which uniquely identify your website specific blog post.

Search engine optimization friendly URL

So, what means of telling you in this post about permalinks?

Our aim is to confirm to you , that you have to include your SEO keyword in Permalinks.

I would like to mention some permalinks as a examples.

Examples of permalinks :

seo tutorials beginner

These are two permalinks of my website in which i have included keyword , you can identify also.

So, it is also recommended in Google SEO to set proper permalinks structure

No#6: Image alt attribute

If you familiar with HTML and CSS then you will be familiar with alt attributes of image. When google or other search engine bots crawling any website web page, it get data from image also or get information from images / pictures because they have more information than text form.

Learn About Image Optimization

That is why, google give more importance to have image in any website or website content or in article. But if you are using images in website content then must study about alt attribute. Not learn only use of alt attribute but also learn proper use of it.

What is proper use of alt attribute? proper use of alt attribute is to include your SEO KEYWORD in alt attribute that is very important, some beginner ignore its alt attribute which is very necessary to take.


<img src=”imge.jpg” alt=”your keyword”/>

No#:7 Middle of the content & End of the content

As we have discussed in first paragraph section, that must include key word in first paragraph before 100 words. It is very important to implement which improve your website content on page SEO.

We are going to end for this SEO tutorials that How to Use SEO Keywords for best performance for your website article.

Now, we are notify you that, focus on middle of the content, because it is central portion of your article that is dependent. So include primary keyword or related or secondary keyword in your middle section.

An not enough, but also need to write your key word to end of the article.

As you know, we have to create relevancy in your article that is why we have to use keyword in different places as i mentioned. It was last point which i shared with you.

No#:8 Overall density of keyword

Do you know about density ? you have learned it in school / collage , but here it means same but some is different. It means how much time you used your focus keyword in article / content? if your keyword density is high then it may create issues and Google SEO algorithm may penalize you in any way.

So, need to very attention here to understand how much time you have to use your focus keyword?

Some expert says that your keyword density should be 2% to 3%.

But some EXPERT says that it should be 1% to 2% (I also recommended to you )



Thanks to read this SEO tutorials that was very important to beginners students which don’t attention that How to Use SEO Keywords in your new article which you have to publish. So after complete reading your concept will be clear all about.

Yet, you have any confusion / issues then please share to us!

As possible, i shared different points that are related in improvement of website content.

With time to time, i update my old article, this post, i will update as possible to me. If you have any extra information then you can inform to or contact to me, i will give you offer to write for this post or any other as you wish!

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