How To Apply For Insaf Imdad Package

By | April 29, 2020

After The Registration Complete Process

The program includes 12 million families. 12,000 per family, total budget Rs. 144 billion. An SMS campaign will be the entry point for identifying these beneficiaries. People can send their CNIC number to 8171 to confirm eligibility for emergency cash.

Grace Ration Program

Justice Emad – Justice Emergency Government Punjabi Emergency Emergencies .pk – http //
In view of the rising Corona virus epidemic and the economic condition of the people, Prime Minister Imran Khan has raised the government’s funding for Punjab’s “Judge Emad Package” to Rs 500. 4,000 to Rs. Is the General Chat Lounge

He added that the eligible persons will be paid a unit amount of Rs 12,000 after the verification of the documents.

Those in need can submit applications by April 7, he added. He said those who have already submitted the applications do not need to resubmit.

Both the federal government and the Punjab government are on the same page to provide assistance to people with difficulties. He quoted Chief Minister Bazdar as saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan is absolutely passionate and passionate and wants to help everyone affected by the current Lockdown-infected Corona virus.

A spokesman for the Punjab government said that the Prime Minister made this decision at the request of Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar. He said that the Punjab government has so far identified 25 lakh eligible persons in the state, who will get financial assistance under the “Justice Aid Package” and not every eligible person will get Rs 12,000 now.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

He said that both the federal government and the Punjab government are trying to provide financial assistance to the needy people under the federal government’s ‘Ihasa program’ and the Punjab government’s subsidy package.
Meanwhile, a delegation of Chinese doctors and specialists, headed by Health Minister Punjab Yasmin Rashid, met with Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar at his office on Sunday and jointly and jointly tried to deal with the Corona virus. Are contributing Discussion took place.

According to a statement

Chinese doctors expressed satisfaction over the precautionary measures taken by the Punjab government and treating them in government facilities. During the meeting, Chinese doctors and chief nurses shared their experiences and experiences on how to spread the virus and prevent the outbreak.

He assured the government to provide all possible help to prevent and end the outbreak.

Chief Minister Usman Bazdar and Health Minister Yasmin Rashid questioned Chinese doctors on various issues related to the virus. Bizdar said at the meeting, “We will fully work on the suggestions and recommendations of Chinese doctors in this regard.

We deeply appreciate China’s cooperation and assistance in dealing with this epidemic effectively,” the Chief Minister said.

Meanwhile, Chinese doctor Qatar Memong Hui said the possibility of the Corona virus spreading in hot weather cannot be ruled out. The Chinese delegation suggested strict adherence to social distance, which could save many people.

He proposed a further 28 days to observe the lockdown, and ease the ban after that period. “It would be better to transfer Covid 19 positive patients to hospitals or quarantine centers instead of having them at home,” he said, and the use of anti-viral three drugs has also proven to be effective and effective.

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