Ehsas Labour Program

Send to CNIC number and phone number 8171. The federal government of Pakistan has launched a pro-ration program to qualify people in these difficult times due to coronavirus lockdown.
How to apply for the Favor Ration Program (complete guide) in both English and Urdu. How to apply for Favor Ration Program, Favor Ration Program (complete guide).
Recipients of the message will send a message to the number from which the ID card was sent, so it is your duty to send the message to the people in your neighborhood. There will be money in the name, there will be no money without his biometric thumb

Second, when the money message arrives, you will be told the date and the date on which you can receive the money. To reduce congestion, people can be given a date at the union council level. Even if you look at the history it will reach the shops and banks, so share this message so that our mothers and sisters are not insulted, because when you get the message they get paid. Will

Favor Ration Program
In addition, you can also apply for the Emergency Cash Program, which provides 12,000 eligible families. 12,000 The complete application guide can be found in our post below. Favor Ration Program. Favor Ration Program.
Each family will be given Rs 12,000 through the Favor Emergency Cash Program. SMS service 8171 was launched for the benefit of families benefiting from the Favor Emergency Cash Program. Advocate Emergency Cash Program 2020 – SMS Service 8171 How to apply full information. Prime Minister’s Emergency Cash Program 2020

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan will today (May 2, 2020) inaugurate the Employment Program 2020 for Pakistan’s (needy) unemployed people who are battling a lockdown crisis due to the novel Corona virus.

The Prime Minister will launch an employment program portal from where all the unemployed can register themselves. Rs. In times of crisis in the country, 12,000 people who leave their jobs will be assisted by emergency cash.
Launch of SMS service under Favorite Emergency Cash Program.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched an SMS service. Eligible person will be notified under SMS service. The Prime Minister has launched this scheme to help the poor and dalits. He thinks he should send an SMS to 8171. Under the Favor Emergency Program, Rs. 12 thousand will be given for 4 months. Public interest projects will continue under the Prime Minister.

To enroll in the favor program, send an SMS to 8171 without mentioning your ID card number. Family Security Rs. You will get one thousand rupees. Is 12,000.
It is recalled that the women who received money from the Benazir Bhutto aid program have been receiving this money from the pro-money program for the last 9 months, so their families should not send SMS.
If a person or his wife or children easily takes Rs.1000 / – per month or the vehicle is registered in the name of one of them, he will not be registered in the EHSA program.
If her ex-husband has a passport, divorced women will not be included in the favor program.
The pro-life program will not name anyone who is himself or his wife or children
If a person has a passport or the passport of his parents, wife and children, he cannot be registered in the favor program.
The names of monthly pensioners will not be included in the favor program
No one with a bank account of 25,000 or more will participate in the Favorites program
Who will receive this message?
Please contact your respective district administration to register for the Favor Emergency Program.
This feeling cannot be included in the program
Who will receive this message?
Suitable for your parents emergency management program. You will be notified via SMS shortly.
The family is eligible for the program and earns Rs. Is 12,000.

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