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By | May 13, 2020

The best guide for PUBG Mobile Bullet Ground 2020 on the Play Store
To help you get up early, here are some top tips to give you the best gaming in PUBG Mobile.

Everyone is talking about the Battle Royale Games right now and there are two of them that are really in the headlines: Drake’s favorite Fortnight Battle Royale and Playground.
Pubg Mobile is the most sought after game on mobile devices. Owners of smartphones and tablets with weak or outdated processors may not enjoy “Imperial Warfare” because they cannot play with normal FPS in acceptable graphics settings.

Fortunately, you can still help these users use the PUBG App – Booster 60fps Booster.

Boosters for PUBG mobile apps have been running for a long time, even on weak mobile devices, the number of frames per second has increased significantly. With the booster of the PUBG mobile tool, the FPS signal doubles before our eyes.

To properly operate the booster for PUBG Mobile Light, adjust the instrument settings correctly according to the instructions. After that, start playing with PUBG Booster.
Both are available to mobile gamers on the offer of their brand Buttal Royal.
Any royal game player can customize the resolution, enable HDR graphics, simplify FPS limits, and other options such as shadows, texture quality, MSAA Simple Shadows, potato graphics, and more. .
Please see the screenshot for more information

The guide for PUBG provides everything about the leader’s unknown battlefield.

  • Is it hard to play on the battlefield?
  • Do you want to share and draw the map with friends?
  • Do you want helpful help?

No need to worry, PUBG Guide will help you improve your PUBG knowledge and skills.

This is not a game.
An application that provides information about the game.
Therefore, the purpose is to provide information rather than happiness.

Game information

  • It provides loss calculator
  • Provides information about weapons
  • This item provides information

Provide information

  • Provide a shared map with friends
  • Provides information about where vehicles arrive.
  • Calculate distance, provide route drawing.

Community Post Board

Free postboards, image postboards, video postboards

  • Provides information on PUBG patches
  • To find your tribe / pair / team.

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