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By | May 13, 2020

Mr. Shooter is a puzzle game. In the world of darkness, use weapons to eliminate all enemies. Defeat as many enemies to increase your level. Control the shooting when the time comes. You have so many guns to choose from!

According to the description of the app, the game takes place during the first season of the TV show. The premise is that you’ll find a smartphone on the grounds outside the Art Society Arcade on Quincy Island.
As fans of the show know, this is renderzovs for the hacking group, as the villain comes out, the phone you get is one of the main characters of the show and one of the black hat hackers is Darlene. There are plans to commit cybercrime on a large scale.

Through your chat, you will make choices whose results will affect the storyline and story of the game over the course of a week. Choose your own adventure according to modern times, players are offered various feedback patterns that they can use to respond to incoming messages.

Steve Ellison, SVP, Publications, said, “This character has a different style of communicating with all of us that our fans will be familiar with and the show’s fans will be busy all night when they are trying to eliminate immoral behavior. I help. In a statement about the game’s release, Tiltel Games.

You will play the “game” by interacting with various employees of the e-corporation corporation with hacking groups and characters from shows such as the Global Tech Company targeted by Elliott, Darlene and Cisco.

Are you ready to be a hero, a detective and a legend? Solve amazing challenges, demonstrate your lethal accuracy and target enemies. Experience the trend of shooting.

Use your brain in this unique puzzle game. You will need precision and laser focus to fight enemies, ninja and many other bad guys! Use unique weapons such as unique grenade launchers to travel to new lands, rescue hostages and fight your enemies. Start your adventure now! There is one thing to ask yourself: can you do this in one shot?

Game features:

  1. Destroy it all and save the world!

Mr. Goli is on a secret mission. Use your deadly accuracy and precision to expose bad guys! Then even if they are spies, agents, zombies, loggers, strangers, they are here to handle the whole world and only one boss can take them and save the world.

  1. Unlock the Epic Mission

Away from you for many enemies and levels, each with its own turn! How clever are you that you can solve all the puzzles? Aim for bullets that bounce, bounce or go straight! Create a series of reactions and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal!

New. Waiting for new challenges

Rescue hostages, throw grenades at people and carry out covert operations. The situation is nothing, just remember to count every shot!

  1. Engage in physics puzzler

Only the smartest and fastest can solve all the puzzles! All you need is precision to fix this. Speed, time and patience are all things you will need to become a master of Zenist shooting. Can you get three stars on each level?

  1. Spy vs. Spy

Are you the best and most accurate? Battle against other spies in crazy PVP multiplayer scenes.


  • Easy to play
  • Number of missions
  • Easy and lockable cable play

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