Edge Lightning

By | July 7, 2020

Edge Lighting has a nice user interface for any Android phone app and makes your mobile screen fully respectable with soft lighting.
This app does not require much battery and will include a live light with smooth and beautiful rounded corners on your screen.
Edge Lighting provides a number of settings that allow you to change the color, width and wallpaper of the edge lighting.

This can be frustrating when used in low light conditions with minor keyboard applications. Think about not using the keyboard clearly, imagine using the keyboard in the dark and it can slow down your typing and cause frustration. This common problem can be solved with a color keyboard
Get a color keyboard to refresh your boring default keyboard.
My Christmas 2019 Keyboard Theme Makes Your Tool Great! It will take you into a great world of articles.
Merry Christmas 2019 Keyboard is a Christmas keyboard theme with Merry Christmas 2019 backgrounds. If you like Christmas and Merry Christmas 2019 style, don’t miss it!

  • Color Keyboard is a simple and easy to use keyboard application. There are no hard and fast conditions.
  • You’ll be better off with different colored keyboards, color keyboards, neon keyboards and more to beautify your smartphone’s regular default keyboard.
  • Quick Typing Keyboard: All effects match your typing and your typing is done without any delay.
    Multi-color light with RGB keyboard.
  • Color keyboard will show cool 3D effects
    Change the color of the keyboard to make your device look colorful!
    The wave really paints all the colors in the uninterrupted waves of rainbow light with a powerful and dynamic display.
  • Other key features: Check spelling and correct automatically, show yourself with emojis
  • Our color keyboard will be highlighted with bright red, green, yellow, blue colors and you can type in the dark without any hassle.

If you like our app, please share it with your friends and family.
Also, please give us a five star rating to help the developer and you can ask us any questions. If they are suitable, we will consider future updates on them.
Thank you very much for using this application.

-> Can be edited on multiple screens: unlimited U, unlimited V, great for screen light, unlimited display, …
-> Edge Light Color
-> Edge light width
-> Customize effects: heart, dot, …
-> Edge Light Wallpaper
-> Allows you to customize on all devices: Galaxy S10, Plus, Note 10, …
Edge Lighting Features:

  1. Set multiple color screen edges directly in the wallpaper.
    2 Adjust the width and height to your liking.
  2. Adjust the thickness of the border screen.
    4 Adjust the edge curve according to your phone screen.
  3. Customize the best settings to best configure your device.
  4. Many cool formats and frame and border colors are available.
  5. Make your photo on the screen as a photo wrapper at the end of the light.
  6. Glue scale adjuster with border style in distinctive option.
    If you like my Edge Lighting app, please share it with your friends and family and give us a 5 star rating, a great review.
    And if you think something is wrong, please contact us. We will consider them for future updates.
    Thank you very much for using this application.

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