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By | July 9, 2020

The highlight of our application was the ‘Auto to SMS’ feature which automatically sends SMS at scheduled times. Google has now banned the use of sending SMS from our app. Therefore, our app will no longer support the Auto SMS feature in the Google Play Store. At that point in time, the messaging app will open with malicious details and the user will have to press the sand SMS button.

Users who still want to continue using the ‘Auto to SMS’ feature can download our Pro version from the Amazon App Store, as there are no restrictions on sending SMS permissions to Amazon.

1) Monthly recurrence; Ability to include multiple dates of the month in a single scheduled SMS

2) Send now; If the user decides to send a scheduled SMS before waiting for the scheduled time, click on the ‘Send’ icon displayed in the Schedule SMS row.

)) Search, choose to easily delete all SMS / Templates / Groups by swiping from left to right or from right to left with AnoPower.

)) If the phone number has a mobile number and a birthday schedule, then an automatic schedule of birthday SMS. This feature needs to be enabled via settings. You can enter your birthday message. You can personalize the birthday message by adding a contact name

5) Select the message text from the pre-installed template. Add, edit, or delete pre-installed templates. The text of the message inserted when scheduling SMS can be saved as a new template for future use. Provides character count for message text

)) Enter the message using speech recognition

)) Add, edit or delete private groups in SMS Scheduler

8) Recipients are selected by direct access or by phone contacts, phone preferences, phone groups, private groups or recently used selections.
UT Auto Message Sender – SMS from SMS sender
An auto Click Reply – Send automatic email

More contacts:
Automated messaging is a defined application. Automate your task by specifying a workable task at the next user’s scheduled time (automatic sending, auto-reply, auto-reply …).

Auto messaging is the easiest way to automate your daily tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Auto-to-message with a simple interface provides an easy way to automate tasks on your device with just a few taps.

Pre-auto messaging helps you automate previously done activities and improve how it works for you.

Busy auto messaging saves you time and helps you stay busy or work while you sleep.

Auto messaging allows you to cloud your work and share your work with others.


SMS Auto Send SMS – Text messaging function (automatic text messaging): SMS is fully implemented by the user. Write the text of your SMS and set the time. So there is no trigger after sending an SMS, it is completely with your prior consent.

R Auto PL Reply SMS Function: SMS Auto Reply – Automatically reply to text / SMS messages when you’re busy …

Rita Reply Phone Catch Function: When you remember / cancel a call from ANTO’s reply feature, the sender of the text message will be promptly answered.

UT Auto E-mail Email Function: You can send your email through this application and it will be automatically sent to more than one recipient.

Wi-Fi and volume turned on / off automatically.

Group alarm task. You can create alarms with complex trigger terms.

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