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By | July 14, 2020

Although tested on the OP6, it can work for most Android Orio and later phones.

So I got annoyed that the OnePlus 6 doesn’t have an LED notification light, so I tried to make one.
When the OP6TA app is displayed as needed, the app comes with a black screen with LED lock animation notification.


  1. Disable coverage performance and any battery optimization for application.
    2 Allow access to notifications.
    3 Choose the color you want the notification from
    Note: After successfully selecting the color for the application, the color of the text should change where the application name is written

Dev devices for MIUI 11 ensure that Toast Start application data is enabled. Also check the “Show on screen” permissions in other settings.
Settings image:

Additional features:

  1. Change the LED animation time.
  2. Change the LED color.
  3. Change the status of the LEDs.
    Notify me of missed calls.
  4. LED size (premium required!)
    Add downtime below (premium required!)

Premium version can be purchased in the app to unlock all features!
True Amps | When the edge light is turned on, it becomes inactive when charging and plugging in your device. No intrusive ads, no nonsense, just a uniquely charged animation experience. Our application is free and is built using 0 پی CPU and less system resources.

This will give you information such as notifications, clocks and controlling your music while charging the device. It supports fast charging, slow USB charging and wireless battery charging.

. Excellent feature

Always on display (AOD)
Unlock fingerprint
Battery edge light, vibration, pulse or inactivity to notify you when the battery is full

  • Battery charge animation
    Works on any Android device
    Demonstrate battery status
    The battery displays battery details such as voltage, temperature, health and type
    USB charging speed display via USB, AC or wireless
    Release play, pause and music controls
    Support smugglers
    Wave animation
    system resources are depleted
    Active notifications from IP swipe, swipe left to delete, right swipe to hide
    Show weather
    Also include application shortcuts and on-screen access
    Clickable instructions with action buttons
    Adjust bright screen brightness
  • Reply to SMS directly from AOD screen
    Ork Dark and Light Theme
    40+ plus 40+ language support

Show navigation bar 7


If you receive this after “Touch Input Block” is activated on the touch screen, please show your device settings -> and disable / check “Error paused”. This allows the application to work deliberately and will not show the navigation bar below you or warn you again. WQHD + resolution setting suggested.


If you always see the navigation buttons that appear on the display, please go to your device settings and look for ACC and passive fog and resistance.

The P application does not work

Sometimes your Android device will accidentally decide to terminate the apps service. To prevent this, please check that your device has a battery manager and disable battery optimization for real AMP.

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