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By | July 22, 2020

Calls and texts from your new free phone number (original phone calls and SMS)
Use minutes without a plan – free texting and free calling on US and Canadian numbers
Change your number and add another number and switch between multiple numbers

One account and many numbers

Use your email with text-up smart numbers like your phone. Keep many parts of your life in one account, add numbers of your choice and switch between them without interruption.

Free text and calling gender and
Enjoy free text (real SMS) for any number in USA, Canada and 40 countries.
Make HD voice and video calls with users in text from your Android device
Share your new phone number with friends and invite them for free calling sex and messaging!
U.S. Unlimited classes and U.S. And Canada unlocks 9999 dollars every month!

Smart number for your smartphone
Switch between multiple numbers on the screen
Change any number and choose a different number
You can burn or delete any number you want
Use US, Canada, UK and France numbers
View and manage your conversations from the Inbox

Additional featured text
Free text (original SMS) in USA, Canada and 40 countries
All Credits 200 Send a message using your own credits
HD voice and video calling gender and text message text with users
Tax group messages with free communication, photo and video sharing
Login to Google Fast from your Google or Facebook accounts

The best communication application
Unlike other text-free apps, you can add new local and international numbers to your account.
Unlike other text-free apps, you can send SMS abroad and make international calls independently.
Unlike other free text apps, you can read for free without purchase.

Application subscription details:

  1. 2.99 or CA 3. 3.49 Monthly subscription for unlimited calling gender and texting on US and Canadian phone numbers
  • Payment will be credited to your Google Play account after the purchase is confirmed
  • Purchases will be automatically renewed until the renewal stops at least 24 hours before your current expiration.
  • For the renewal of the account a fee will be charged at the purchase price listed above before the current expiration date
  • You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by visiting the “Subscriptions” page in Google+
  • You are not allowed to unsubscribe from active subscriptions
  • See also Terms and Privacy Policy
  • Restrictions apply:
  • Free SMS SMS offers are limited to users in the United States and Canada
  • This proposal may not include specific carriers or territories from 200 countries
  • We do not support

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