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By | July 24, 2020

One shade app addition to new personal experiences it brings additional benefits that can make your life easier.

You need to go through each step to configure the application and run it at any time, so that you can quickly change the area of your settings and gain full control. You do not need a custom ROM or root to adjust this setting.

The main feature
Color Full Color Customization: Take the base layout and color all the elements according to your choice.
S.N. Advanced Instruction: Get it, read it, snooze it, or dismiss it.
Advanced Music: Dynamic colors based on the current album art work. You can go to any part of the track from the notification progress bar.
Quick reply to messages: You will see your message or reply immediately. For all Android devices.
Automatic bundle: This was revealed by an application and spammed your notifications? Now they have all come together for easy control.
Background custom image: Select the image you want to display in the shadows.
Card Info Card Theme: Android 10 Infected.

  • Highlights: Your general information
  • Color: Dynamic notification color is used as the background of the card.
  • Dark: Combine all your notifications with pure black backgrounds (great on AMOLED screens).
    Settings Quick settings panel
  • Quickly choose a different color for the background or preview (icon) of the settings panel.
  • Change the color of the same slider.
  • Useful icons with information about your current device
  • Choose your profile picture to appear in the shadows.
  • Choose between multiple tile icon sizes (circle, square, tear, gradient and more).
  • Quickly change the grid layout of (Pro) settings (such as cumns and number of rows).
  • Adaptive icon pack
    Choose from some popular icon packs to customize your home screen. Icon packs with adaptive icons are also helpful.
  • Smart Read
    The first page widget will display the most important notifications on your phone.
    You can control it by tapping the widget while the music is playing. Tap once to stop, twice to run, three times to turn on again.
  • Themes
    Choose between light or dark mode or fix it with vapor wrapper. Then choose accents for a modern look personalized in popular shades of shades for the look.
  • Events
    Swipe right to open the selected feed in Settings. Can feed any application.
    You need a rootless pixel bridge from my Got Hub to show a Google News feed:
  • Grid section
    Choose whether you want 4, 5 or 6 cumns on your home screen. Or let launch determine the size of your phone.
  • Small
    To quickly show the shortcut, hold down the application icon. Sign in to the app.
  • Hide apps
    Hide the app by dragging it to the Hide icon, then scroll through the app drawer to find it again.
  • Tap to go home
    Android Q users can add a tap to go to Home Action in the gestures bar. To enable this feature, enable the Drawer application permissions and services access services.

Any phone running Android .0.0 or higher is supported.
No unexpected fees, no ads. No data is collected.

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