Z Reward

By | July 27, 2020

zReward is an application that offers free credits on top of your game currency.

Amazing features
In daily checkups

  • Daily spin
    Invite friends to reward friends. Invite more friends to win more prizes.
  • Complete work
    Easy to use

The way of reward
Vibration works
And much more

In short, zReward is a game coin and cash app.

Is it legal or official sports currency? Will my game ID / account be banned?
Application Yes, this application provides game currency facial currency. We only buy and transfer coins from the official websites of game providers.

Is this game currency supporting my country?
Games Yes, the game currencies operate internationally.

How to get and redeem the game coin?
Collect coins by completing tasks, completing surveys and completing tasks.
Exporting coins by spending money.

This application does not provide any fake way of hacking game technology.

Any games listed in your gamer account will not be banned / suspended using our Z Rewards app.

All copyrights and all rights are reserved by the respective game owners.
Google or Game Agency is allowed with the sponsors of this application.
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The app has some good features.

  • Delete browsers now and set them as your app tone!
  • Weekly organizer will set different tunes for different days!
  • Share daily prices using social networks and other messaging tools
  • Listen to background music to create a comfortable atmosphere
  • Set alarm to receive daily referral notifications
  • Add your desired value
  • Copy clipboard context
  • In-app purchases (to make the app ad-free)
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Download Z Reward

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