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By | July 28, 2020

With our app you can:
People see the real-time location of people who have given you permission to track
See all your kids on the map
It is possible to use all possible location methods: GPS, cell tower triangle and Wi-Fi. Provides the best possible balance between accuracy and reliability
Borders works anywhere in the world, including free texting on the border
One, install all Android devices, including all purchases, under your Google Play Family Library
Use our web service to see the location of your children on your computer
Minimum battery effect of the battery

Pro features include:
Ability to view historical location data (in breadcrumbs) for people who allow you to track
Bread Quickly find out if your child was given bread crumbs from the list view at the time
. Export GP Breadcrum data in GPX and .KML file formats. This allows you to share or store this information
Geofencing – Set up multiple locations and get real-time notifications when entering or leaving a device in a geographic area

*** Pro Features A must have for any affiliate to promote any program!

Family Tracker requires the explicit consent of the person you want to track.

The app is clearly visible on their device.

Family Tracker is also available on other platforms – visit our website for more information.

The cup not only tells you exactly what it is, but it also shows you the symbols that appear on your target!
Turkey’s first cup of coffee that ignores the future of an app and image analytics. It not only shows you the shapes but it also shows you.

With the help of our image analysis technology, it recognizes all the shapes and themes of your destiny and tells you about your future and your destiny.

Strange about your future? Upload the cup now and be aware of the events of your life!

You can’t leave it after you try the cup. Let’s install the cup! We look forward to seeing your luck

How does the cup work?
Take 3 pictures of the cup and upload it.
Enter your personal information and select the topic you would like to explain to our lucky ones.
Send it and wait for your luck!
Click on the notification you have soon and read your comments!
Listen to the two main symbols that appear on your base and see what your destiny looks like in terms of telling our destiny!
Daily Free Luck 1, you can buy more credits to tell fortunes

How does Prop Prop work?
The Prophet always told you the truth. You write weird questions, pay attention and answer yes and no and shake your phone. The answer to the story will appear on your screen after 15 seconds. You can ask for a story all day at no cost! The Prophet is eagerly awaiting your question. Install it now and start posting your questions!

How it works?
Are you one of those people who thinks about spending time at home? Let the hero decide what you have to say! Add your favorites to your favorites list with your guide. Full list of minimum 3 people and maximum 20 people. Then shake your phone. The Prophet told you who he chose to call, you can call your friend by choosing the voice mail or video call shown below. Prophet. Don’t call anyone without your permission. If you want to call someone else, press your back button and shake your phone again.

Family Tracker does not need to know your phone’s cell number to work because it does not send SMS messages for notifications. It sends free push notifications to track the device. These instructions work for free and anywhere in the world, as long as the device is tracked, the Internet will be accessed via cellular network or Wi-Fi.


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