Earn 6000 Pkr Daily

By | July 29, 2020

Make money by playing simple games and inviting your friends!
Make money and convert them into real money!

Compete with your friends for first place on the leaderboards and for more earnings.
You can get cash anytime and anywhere. Easy and convenient

More than the minimum amount on your PayPal account at any time of the day! Payment may be made to your cashout provider 7 days prior to delivery, usually less than 24 hours or immediately.


Official rules and regulations:

Affordable List – Choose an award from our affordable list. Sign up to participate and if you are lucky you can win a prize. Draw the winner soon. It will then come into your balance.

Invite a friend – Invite your friends to join the apps and pay by signing up with them. Additional points will be added to your account as soon as your friend reaches the required number of coins.

2 + 2 =? – Prem Math? This game is just for you. Count 5 math games correctly and you will win coins.

Tic Tac Toe – Classic Monday game gives you the opportunity to compete with other players. You can win coins whenever you beat or draw an opponent.

Memory Game – Check your memory and find 6 pairs of identical cards. To win coins from this game, you have to guess all pairs of cards with less than 3 defective cards.

Survey – Be careful and answer multiple questions correctly. If your answers are correct, you will get a lot of coins.

Stay on the mobile app – Earn coins while you’re on the mobile app.

Daily Calendar – Login to the app to get new coins every day. The more days you enter into the app, the more coins you will earn.

Rating – Compete against other players, win the most coins of the day and add a bonus of 500 coins to your balance.

The app offers two options for withdrawing money deposited by world famous site PayPal and Rebel.

Ways to make money with cows:

  1. Play our game and invite your friends!
  2. Play as much as possible every day.
  3. Convert your currency to your preferred currency.
  4. Cash out!

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