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By | July 30, 2020

Use the Shaheen Toolkit application to provide access to all Pakistanis
E-service and number tracker

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Use the Shaheen Toolkit application to provide access to all Pakistanis
Using your application saves you time searching e-websites.
It makes you feel free.

Use the Live Tracker and Person Tracker section to get details of any number of Pakistan in 2020.
In this application you can enter any details and CNIC. Details can be checked 100% free.

In this application we combine Person Tracker and Live Tracker to get free and fast data.
The SIM database application is the most popular application in Pakistan

This app gives you ownership of numbers and other mobile numbers and the best thing about this app is that you are the unique name of the owner name, CNIC number and address.

It finds details of mobile phone numbers in Data Finder, Android app, Pakistan. These details include location, location, language area, etc.
This applies to all Pakistani networks.

Pakistan Electric Bill Service:
Now you can easily track all power supply of Pakistan
Bill online in one click!
Photo Frames – Photo Collage – Photo Editor – Frames
Photo Frames is a great photo editor that can give your photos beautiful frames.

Choose a photo from the album, select a frame, create your own photo frame and enjoy the best photo frames in the App Store.
Photo Frames lets you add new frames to the photo of your choice

Photo Frame Editor includes templates, funny fonts, photo effects, backgrounds, stickers, grid and layout options, emoji and text with love photo editor tools to make your photos special and really beautiful. You can spice up your photos using stickers, or get creative using photo frames!
Online Photo Frames: Lots of online photo frames for you to download, including many themes like Love, Flowers, Family, Halloween, Christmas … (over 500 photos). Photo frames are often updated to give you more options.

Photo Frames is a powerful collage maker for creating amazing collages using your photos, text, great fonts and frames.

Photo Frame Editor has a very simple user interface that anyone can use. With a powerful image editor, Photo Frame gives you everything you need to create amazing collages of your photos.

Create a photo collage with a few layouts in seconds. Creating a beautiful photo collage is easy.

Take 15 photos to create a Summit College.

Download Application Free


  • Launch the Photo Frame app, then tap on Grid, Background or Photo Effects, etc.
  • Select a photo from the gallery or take a photo using your phone’s camera
  • Save your collage or edit photos.
  • View your photos in the gallery
  • Share photos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, IG, WhatsApp, Beatles, etc.


  • Create professional photo frames now.
    Multiple flower frames
    Online frames online, over 500 frames
  • The photo frames are all very well made and suitable for all users
  • Free Style Image Creation: You can customize the shape of your images and develop your creativity. This is so funny!
  • Allows you to combine multiple images with different image formats.
  • Choose the option you like;
  • Create professional photo frames now.
    Multiple layouts for photo grids as well as college layouts.
  • Add text, emoticons, smiles, emojis, clip art, stickers and text to your photos and collages.
  • Select images from your gallery
  • See them in a great college
  • Edit it to make the collage more unique!
  • The rate and extent of college conversion.
  • Create photo collages with freestyle or grid style.
  • Lots of backgrounds and stickers are available to choose from!
  • Plenty of magazine templates suitable for any occasion.
  • You can add multiple images with different photo layouts.
  • Easy to add text or stickers!
  • Color filters can be applied directly to your image format.
    Multiple layouts for photo grid as well as collage layout.
  • Add emoji, smiles, clip art, text, stickers and text to your photos and collages.
  • Dynamic grid size adjustment
  • Add text with funny fonts

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