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From the makers of Farm Hero Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Bubble Dine 3 Saga!

Rankids are a type of animal that is trying to destroy valuable land and steal more crops along the way. Join forces with Farm Heroes and help the crop to save the day! Play by collecting, harvesting, switching, matching and solving hundreds of levels of the farm.

Get fit with healthy and easy heart surgery. With a crazy game, this heart drug free game is a real heart transplant and final procedure. Some heart attack patients go to the doctor and some are brought to the hospital by ambulance. The hospital has its own ambulance. The ambulance reached the hospital on time, otherwise the patient would have died. The new patient needs to have heart surgery by a cardiologist. The ambulance doctor noted the patient’s heart condition. While he was on his way to the hospital. The check-up ward specialist doctor will make sure that his blood pressure is in the desired condition, that his breathing rate is normal and that his heart rate is normal with the help of heart rate monitoring. Heart patients are at risk of heart surgery.

New Surgery Doctor Games Free Operation Games 2020:
Get ready for mega heart surgery in this heart transplant game. Enjoy these amazing doctor games with real doctor cutter tools and crazy surgeon treatments. The surgeon will tell you if you have a fever before starting any type of heart operation operation; Physicians must make sure that the patient does not suffer from any other disease. Which permanently stops the flow of blood. Prepare your devices for the treatment of this surgeon. This patient is suffering from a chest disease like heart attack. If the heart does not pump blood properly, the problem can affect the movement of its hands, fingers and toes. In this game of heart surgeon you will be able to work as a surgeon. The doctor should have all the medical records of the patient having a heart attack.
Then monitor the heart rate of the heart patient in this game. The hospital nurse will provide you with all the medical equipment you need for open heart surgery. Clogged arteries and veins in heart patients. Submit

Match to collect 3 or more crops, plan to take your big steps into more and better matches to achieve this big score! Explore official adventures in various game modes and puzzles, including Rescue Bose Battle!

Farm Heroes Saga has plenty of booster and power ups to help you. Maximize Hero Mode When you have an escape strategy, Hero Mode lets you earn extra points, making these big matches more fruitful!

Farm Hero Saga Features:
Collect all kinds of crops to win at the strategy level before you complete the step.
Match Match 3 has gameplay
Hero Mode: Earn extra points as you progress!
Play levels and get magic beans to help activate the farm club
Reach the stars in the Rect Tractor Dash, challenging them to collect for friends’ prizes.
To help you conquer these difficult levels, booster, recharge special energy reza and farm club animals.
Easy to play but master is a challenge
Exciting levels and puzzles – more are added every 2 weeks!

Walk alone in this epic or play with friends who can get the highest score!

Easily sync between devices when connected to the Internet and access the full features of the game

Farm Hero Saga is free to play, but requires payment for sporting devices. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device settings.

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