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By | August 9, 2020

Easily install the app and add mode MCP and ink machine BCPy for your Minecraft Patty.
He will move very slowly, you don’t want to fight him, he is immortal, he wants to meet you, he will not do this little movement to meet you.
It will then move towards you very fast and cause blindness, massive damage.

If you’re a fan of the horror game Bandy and the Ink Machine and Minecraft, this add-on is a collection of 2 games that will add a new set of custom animations to your world.

Ink Monster:
Explorer is a hostile group that will attack players and villagers, an investigative human-based creature made entirely of ink ink and resembling the size of a player.
The projectionist is an unknown crowd, due to his human form and projector head being the incarnation of Norman Pok.
You don’t want to fight him, he’s totally immortal, once he sees you he’ll do this little animation to pick you up.
After that, it will move towards you very fast and affect the blindness, which will cause massive damage.
Galaxy Sky Shooting Best Sky Shooting Game!
If you are a fan of space shooting then you will love this! There are even more spacecraft to choose from in cool looking places, different planes have unique barrages, the spaceship is upgraded with strong power.

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Our beautiful galaxies are invading, control your ship and protect our home. Rotate your fighter left or right to avoid bullets, control regular exercises to learn how to shoot. Level, bass and endless mode: different ways to choose.

The most interesting thing is that challenging the boss, firepower was central and there was only a touch screen to escape and shoot, including a barrage of different bullets to attack you. Are Effective operation is essential, keep your ship safe and avoid damage. It’s not just about shooting in the sky, it’s also about your leisure time

In the distant future, humanity has spread and strengthened in the galaxy. One day, a mysterious alien force from a different direction invaded the frontier planets, launching a war for the survival of humanity. As an experienced pilot, you are asked to defend the galaxy against invading enemies!

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter is a classic shoot-em-up game with a combination of feel and mechanization. Featured:

  • A wide range of enemies: from low-level ordinary soldiers to foreign powerful elite and humano masters. Everyone’s shape and behavior is different.
  • Campaign Method: Feel increasing difficulty with unique challenges along the way. Permanently updated for new content.
  • Improve your ship and gain new strength
  • A wide array of spacecraft to combine with unique skills and style of play.

Choose your spaceship, eliminate alien invaders and protect the galaxy. Show them how capable you are!

Galaxy Assault: As an extended version of Alien Shooter, this version has better graphic design. We’ve changed basic game mechanics, such as weapons skills, item skills, ship parts and development types. Different types of spacecraft allow you to build a strong air force and join the battle of the galaxy. The old-fashioned way of shooting an up-and-coming MK game is now modernized with an imaginary theme. We use retro shooting game mechanics to help builders with waves, but to add more interesting content. You’ll find other retro shooting games like Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. However, it can be brand new

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